Buyers and Cellars

Difficulty: Novice Requirements: Medium Length: Short

Start location: Speak with Darren Lightfinger, located under the trapdoor north of Lumbridge's furnace. Note that this quest is broken into a main quest and three subquests, each begun by speaking with Darren after completion of the previous subquest.


For requirements, refer to the individual section of each subquest.


Again, refer to the individual section of each subquest.

NPCs: Chief Thief Robin, Father Urhney, Guildmaster Darren Lightfinger, Registrar, Urist Loric

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Buyers and Cellars
Skills Required: Level 5 Thieving
Items Required: Any Logs and a Tinderbox

1. Speak with Darren about his proposed thieving assignment. He wants you to steal a golden chalice from Lumbridge bank, but first you must practice your thieving skill. Pickpocket from the dummy next to you, and continue the conversation with Darren.

Chief Thief Robin

2. Head over to the Lumbridge Castle courtyard and speak with Chief Thief Robin who can be found standing along the south wall of Lumbridge castle. Oh no! The owner of the chalice has withdrawn it and wandered off into Lumbridge swamp. Enter the swamp (the quickest way is through the graveyard) and find the shack near the southern side, where Father Urhney lives.

3. You must pickpocket father Urhney, but he is very alert and won't let you get away that easily. Talk to him about the chalice. To distract him, light a fire under one of his windows, ask him about the chalice again, and then say "Fire! Fire!" Pickpocket him, and use the key to obtain the chalice.

Buyers And Cellars House Fire

4. Return the chalice to Darren. Quest complete! But more to come...

Reward: 1 Quest point, 3 Thieves guild pamphlets (each giving 175 thieving xp), access to expanded Thieves guild, 2 Treasure Hunter keys, and ability to collect Hanky points; in addition, you can continue to assist the Thieves guild in three additional subquests, which grant rewards, but no quest points.

Subquest 1: From Tiny Acorns
Skills Required: Level 24 Thieving
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: Teleports to Varrock and Lumbridge

1. Darren Lightfinger has another task for you. Now you must steal a Ruby dragon from a craftsman in Varrock! Head to varrock and speak with Urist Loric on the east side of the main square. You'll need to distract him in order to obtain the Ruby dragon.

2. Speak with the nearby guard to find out that Urist keeps a special talisman in his back pocket. Pickpocket Urist and place the talisman a few steps north of his stall, quickly distract the guard while Urist is picking up his talisman, and steal the Ruby dragon from the stall.

Buyers And Sellers Urist

3. Speak again with Urist, and he will discover that his dragon is gone, and he must repay Darren for the dragon that was lost. He will give you a Banker's note.

4. Take the Ruby dragon and Banker's note and return to Darren.

Reward: 1000 Thieving xp, 2 Treasure Hunter keys, further access to the Thieves guild, and the ability to begin the next subquest.

Subquest 2: Lost Her Marbles
Skills Required: Level 41 Thieving
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: Teleports to Varrock and Ardougne

1. Darren's next task for you is to collect 32 lost pieces of a solitaire set that has been lit ablaze and scattered throughout the area. To obtain the pieces, you will have to pickpocket nearby inhabitants.

2. There are 7 different inhabitants who hold up to 6 pieces each, so not all pieces must be obtained from every inhabitant. They are:

  • Citizens (Man/Woman)
  • Farmers
  • Master Farmers
  • H.A.M. Members
  • Al-Kharid Warriors
  • Guards
  • Rogues (located in Rogue's Castle in Wilderness - not required)

All fragments can actually be obtained without stealing from a certain type of inhabitant, so it is possible to skip Rogues altogether. If you do decide to pickpocket Rogues, be very careful for the Chaos Elemental and the occasional PKer.

3. After stealing 32 total fragments, return to Darren and claim your reward.

Reward: 9800 Thieving xp, various raw materials from Robin, Advanced pickpocketing (better loot from NPCs up to level 40), 2 Treasure Hunter keys, and the ability to begin the next subquest.

Subquest 3: A Guild of Our Own
Quests Required:The Feud
Skills Required:Level 62 Thieving (note that you cannot boost to this level to start), Level 46 Herblore, Level 40 Agility
Items Required: Any Blackjack, Lockpick, Vial of water, Clean irit, Chopped onion (made with a Bowl, Knife, and Onion)
Items Suggested: Teleports to Ardougne and Lumbridge

1. Darren has one final task. In order for the Thieves' guild to become official, it must pay exorbitant fees to the head office in Ardougne. It's your job to break into their vault, steal the funds, and pay the registration fees with their own money. You will need a Blackjack, a Lockpick, and a disguise to get into the vault.

2. Speak with Robin about getting into the vault. As a disguise, you will just need to make the guards' eyes water so much that they cannot see you. For this, you need an Irit leaf, a Vial of water, and a Bowl of chopped onion.

3. After concocting the potion, take the vial to Robin, who will fix it up so that it will not affect you. Now it's time to break into the guild registry. Head over to East Ardougne. The registry is near the docks, on the south-eastern side.

4. Once inside, the woman and the guard will be too blinded by their tears to effectively recognise you. Pickpocket the registrar for the clock key, and wind the clock in the other room. The registrar, distracted by the clock, will go in to fix it. Next, lure and knock out the guard, steal a key from the guard, pull the vault access lever, and climb down the trapdoor. Note that this must all be done rather quickly, and if you are caught in the process, you will simply be thrown out, and you can try as many times as you like.

Buyers And Cellars Registrar

5. Once you climb down, pick the lock on the gate, and CHECK the chest before opening it. You will disable a trap, and then open it to find the registry bonds. To leave, inspect the boxes near the ladder.

6. Now, bank the Vial of stench and enter the registry normally to pay the guild dues. Afterward, return to Darren to claim your final reward. The Guild is complete, thanks to you!

Reward: 30,000 Thieving xp, 4,000 Herblore xp, Ability to mix Vials of stench, 2 Treasure Hunter keys.


Note that this is simply the sum of the rewards from all of the subquests.

  • 41,325 Thieving xp
  • 4,000 Herblore xp
  • 8 Treasure Hunter keys
  • Access to the Thieves guild and the ability to collect Hanky points
  • Various raw materials from Robin
  • Advanced pickpocketing (better loot from NPCs up to level 40)
  • Ability to mix Vials of stench

Quest points: 1

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • After the first subquest, speak with Urist Loric ask him about his Talisman, you'll then steal a Craftman's Monocle from his back-pocket; this is an additional, cosmetic reward.
  • In the second subquest, avoid Rogues if at all possible. You don't even need to pickpocket from them if you can pickpocket the other six inhabitants!
  • In the second subquest, when handing in the fragments wear any exp modifying items such as Black ibis gear to gain bonus exp.
  • Hanky points can be obtained after gaining access to the guild through various training methods. You receive approximately ten times your thieving level in experience for each Hanky point.
  • Vials of stench can be used to fence recently shoplifted goods, for example, buying or selling from the baker in Ardougne just after stealing from the cake stall. After the third subquest, you can make your own vials of stench. They will need to be enchanted by Robin in the thieving guild before you can use them.


Written by: Lalala7324

Thanks to: Baffler, Blake, DaDieselDude, essiw, Game_Freak67, Gedderz, Jaffy1, Profins, Ravenbloed, Sweet_Jenso, Vulxai, Wessan, x_Niall_x, Zaxts

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