Gunnar's Ground

Difficulty: Novice Requirements: Beginner Length: Short

Start location: Speak to Dororan the dwarf at the gate to the Barbarian Village West of Varrock.


Skills: Level 5 Crafting


Items: Skull sceptre, Charged Amulet of Glory

NPCs: Dororan, Gudrun, Gunnar, Jeffery

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1. The Dwarf's Love
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: Charged Amulet of Glory

Dororan the dwarf poet is hunched on the ground at the Barbarian Village gate, west of Varrock. He will tell you that he is in love with one of the Barbarian women but he doesn't have any of the things that the barbarians value. It doesn't matter which poetic line you choose, nor whether or not you say you're a poet. Offer to help him and he will ask you to visit Jeffery in Edgeville to obtain a gold ring for him to present as a gift. He will also give you a poem to take to Jeffery.

Gunnars Ground Dororan

2. Getting the Ring
Items Required: Love poem
Items Suggested: Skull sceptre

Once in Edgeville speak to Jeffery at the furnace just east of the Edgeville bank. Give him the love poem and he will give you a ring in return. Return to Dororan in the Barbarian Village with the ring.

Gunnarsground Map

3. Back to the Dwarf
Items Required: Ring from jeffery
Items Suggested: None

Bring the ring to Dororan and he will ask you to engrave it for him. If you don't have a chisel with you he'll provide you with one. Use the chisel on the ring to engrave it. Speak to Dororan once you've engraved the ring.

Dororan will ask you to show the ring to Gudrun for him but not tell her that he's a dwarf quite yet. Find Gudrun in the Barbarian Village just South of the mining rocks. Tell her that the ring is for her and that it is not from you but from a great poet. Gudrun will become interested but tell you that her father forbids her from seeing a man from outside the village. Offer to speak to her father for her.

4. Gudrun's Father
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None

Find Gudrun's father, Chieftain Gunthor in the hall at the northern end of the Barbarian Village. He will tell you that he will not allow it and praise Gunnar the founder of the village. Return to Gudrun and ask her for advice. She suggests that you go back to your 'mystery man' and ask him for advice.

Return to Dororan and tell him the news, he will suggest that he write a historical poem to touch the heart of the chieftain. As Dororan starts to write his poem he will get stuck and ask you to help. He'll provide you with a list of words and tell you which one works best in the poem. Take note that you cannot choose the right word until you have chosen an incorrect word. The answers are listed below.

Puzzle Answers

5. Gunnar's Ground
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None

Once you give Dororan the correct answers he will present you with a copy of the completed poem 'Gunnar's Ground'. He will then ask you to take the completed poem to Gudrun to have her read it to her father. Do so and you will be shown a cutscene of you and Dororan listening at the door. Keep telling Dororan that things will turn out ok and cheer him up.

After the cutscene Gudrun will tell you that her father was impressed with the poem and allowed the romance between Gudrun and Dororan. They leave to go live in a house between Varrock and the Barbarian Village and Dororan gives you a reward for all of you work. Quest Complete!

Gunnars Ground Cutscene2


  • 300 Crafting XP
  • A pair of Swanky Boots
  • A lamp giving 200 XP in the skill of your choice
  • Engraving tasks from Dororan for crafting xp (see below)
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 5

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • This quest takes the place of the Romeo and Juliet quest and will only give quest points for players that had not completed that quest prior to the update.
Jewelry Engraving


Written by: Tecmaster

Thanks to: All Bogs, Gerente, pokemama, Vulxai

Last updated: 11-Nov-2013

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