Let Them Eat Pie

Difficulty: Novice Requirements: Beginner Length: Short

Start location: Talk to Nails Newton in Taverley.


Items: Empty pot, Raw potato, Raw crayfish, Wheat and Fishing bait

Note: All required items can be obtained during the quest.

NPCs: Foppish Pierre, Head Farmer Jones, Nails Newton, Nicholas Angle, Rolo the Stout

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A Case of Food Poisoning
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None

1. Nails Newton is located just outside the Pick and Lute Tavern, just south of the Taverley house portal. Strike up a conversation with him and he will tell you he wants you to steal Rolo the Stout's personal seal so that he can open up the food stocks to the refugees from Burthorpe. Nails tells you that to achieve this you will need to make a pie that will incapacitate Rolo.

Let Them Eat Pie Nails Newton

The Pie Crust
Items Required: Fishing bait, Wheat, Empty pot
Items Suggested: None

2. If you have not brought the supplies with you, there is a field across the river and to the south of Taverley full of wheat for you to pick, although you only need one for the purpose of this quest.

3. Slightly north-east of the field of wheat is the corpse of a Troll which has attracted the attention of some maggots, pick up some of the fishing bait and head back across the bridge to the mill.

4. Grab an empty pot from the table in the mill and head upstairs. Use your wheat on the hopper and you will automatically add the fishing bait. Once that is done pull the lever and head back downstairs to collect your flour. Now go back and speak to Nails.

Something Fishy
Items Required: Raw crayfish
Items Suggested: None

5. After Nails has made you a pie crust he will tell you that you need to get a crayfish and bury it in a field. If you do not have a crayfish on you, head to the lake north-east of Nails to find a fishing spot and catch one (you don't need to bring anything in order to do so).

6. Go to the field of your choice (the Flax field is closest) and your character will automatically bury the crayfish into the dirt. Sometime later your character will reclaim the Crayfish from the ground so you can now go back to Nails.

Pomme de Kebbit
Items Required: Raw potato
Items Suggested: None

7. Nails will now ask you to get a potato and put it down a Kebbit's burrow. In order to get one you will need to speak to Master Farmer Jones who is north of Nails, by the Flax field.

8. Just to the west of Jones is a Kebbit hunter area. Use your potato on the burrow and it will turn rather nasty. Return once more to Nails.

Finishing Touches
Items Required: Manky crayfish, Stinking potato,Maggoty pie shell
Items Suggested: None

9. Use the potato or crayfish on the maggoty pie shell and cook it on the oven in the tavern. Show it to Nails who will tell you the stench is a giveaway that it is poisoned and that you will need to pickpocket Rolo's friend, Foppish Pierre for some spices.

10. Pierre is located just outside the mill, to the south of Nails. Once you have acquired the spices, use them on the pie.

11. Head back to the tavern and go upstairs where you can present the pie to Rolo the Stout. He will ask you what it is called but it does not matter what you say its name is.

Let Them Eat Pie Rolo The Stout

Warning: The sound effects for the next part of the quest are not suitable for people with a weak stomach! If the sound of people throwing up makes you nauseous, turn your sound off.

12. After giving Rolo the pie, your character will go downstairs. The effects of the pie quickly become apparent. Once Rolo has finished, return to Nails.

The Aftermath
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None

13. Nails will tell you to go back upstairs and steal the seal from the chest. If you want a more detailed account of what just happened you can speak to Kepple who is now a nervous wreck. Once you have stolen the seal, present it to Nails and he will exchange it for a letter which you are to deliver to Foppish Pierre.

14. Give the forged letter which explains that the food stores are to be freely opened to Foppish Pierre and return to Nails who will thank you for your help.

Congratulations, quest complete!


Quest points: 1

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • The Expensive spices received at the end of the quest provide a +10 lifepoint boost to any food you eat when carried in your inventory or equipped. For example a Monkfish will heal 170 lifepoints as opposed to 160. This does not apply to Saradomin brews.


Written by: BloodAngel

Special Thanks to: Jaffy1

Last updated: 23-Nov-2013

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