Song from the Depths

Difficulty: Novice Requirements: Beginner Length: Short

Start location: Speak to Lucille in the house directly west of the well in Rimmington.


There are no requirements for this quest.


Items: Some food and armour, but not necessary to complete the quest.

Monsters: Grotworm (level 2), Flying leech (level 2)

NPCs: Lucille, Remora, The Raptor, Waylan

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Song from the Depths - Sleeping Men
The men of Rimmington all seem to be dreaming the same thing...

1. Speak to Lucille in the house directly west of the well in Rimmington. You'll notice her husband, Waylan, tossing and turning on a bed while muttering strange phrases nearby, as though having a vivid dream. Lucille will inform you of the strange sleep that has fallen on the men-folk of Rimmington, and wants your help in figuring out what's going on. Agree to help save her husband from this strange curse and the Raptor, one of RuneScape's signature heroes!

2. Lucille will hand you a restless sleep potion she had learned to make from an old witch that will allow you to "visit the world of dreams." Drink the potion anywhere in Lucille's house to enter the world of dreams.

In the World of Dreams

3. When you awaken, you will reappear in Rimmington in a dreamscape. As you step out of the house, you will see the souls of the men of Rimmington head out as well. Follow them north towards the Rimmington mine and into the cave entrance on the south edge of mine.

4. Make your way across the bridge when you appear inside the cave. A haunting voice will begin to tell you her story, only to be rudely interrupted by the Raptor. Follow the Raptor deeper into the cave.

5. You will find yourself in a room with doors to the north, south, east, and west. The haunting voice will begin to sing an old mermaid song, two lines at a time, to guide you through these doors. Note that you do not re-enter the door that you appear from! If riddles aren't your thing, you can also try to follow the souls that wander around you.

The doors you need to go through are: Hide / Show
  • 'Flyfish drift on the northern wind' - Go through the northern door
  • 'Goldfish bask in the western sun' - Go through the western door
  • 'From southward seas the catfish cries' - Go through the southern door
  • 'From the east the hammerheads drum' - Go through the eastern door

6. Continue on through the cave, listening to the haunting voice tell more of her tale if you chose to do so. Otherwise, go through the door up ahead.


Song from the Depths - Illuminated Symbol

7. You will find yourself in a room where in the center two ethereal figures stand, playing out the story the haunting voice tells. At the top of the screen, a meter showing the percentage symbols discovered. Finding the illuminated symbols around the room will bring the meter to 100%. Make your way towards the northwest wall and an illuminated symbol will appear under your feet. Proceed towards the northeast wall and another illuminated symbol will appear. One of the walls along the room will open to reveal a door once you've found all the illuminated symbols. Go through this door to continue.

8. Another set of illuminated symbols need to be found in this room. As before, find all the symbols to bring the meter to 100%. They can be found near the southwest wall, northwest wall, and eastern wall. Proceed through the door that appears along one of the walls of the room to continue.

A Furious Soul

Song from the Depths - Sapling Pot Puzzle

9. In this room, a platform with four pots stand before you, a deep chasm standing between the platform and the door that you need to go through to proceed further. This third set of puzzles require you to listen to the haunting voice again for clues. Pick up the burning sapling at the center of the platform plant it in the appropriate pot after each clue. To retrieve the sapling from the pot, simply click on the pot to have the sapling returned to your inventory.

The order of planting the sapling is: Hide / Show
  • "I approached the furious soul. It screamed as if on fire. I tried to soothe it with song, but still it seethed. So, I cried a tear, and the water extinguished the fire."
    • Plant the burning sapling in the pot that appears to have water flowing over its edges, located on the southwest corner of the platform. Go through the door with the water overflowing from it, located in the northeast corner of the room, to proceed to the next part of the puzzle.
  • "Although it did not rage anymore, the soul had burned down, as if only a spark. I gave it the breath of life, keeping its heart pumping and alive."
    • Retrieve the burning sapling from the water pot to obtain a dead sapling, and place this in the pot covered with fungi, located on the northwest corner of the platform. Go through the door that is covered with fungi, located in the southwest corner of the room.
  • "The soul was weak. So, I gave it some of the energy I had gathered. I allowed it to regrow."
    • Retrieve the dead sapling from the fungi pot to obtain a budding sapling, and place this in the pot covered with vines, located on the southeast corner of the platform. Go through the door that is covered with vines, located at the west wall of the room.
  • "The soul felt new growth and purpose. But it needed time to become strong."
    • Retrieve the budding sapling from the vine pot to obtain a healthy sapling, and place this in the pot covered with cobwebs, located on the northeast corner of the platform. Go through the door that is covered with cobwebs, located at the east wall of the room.

After completing the puzzle successfully, you will find that a large tree has grown at the center of the platform, with one of its roots extending over the chasm. Go across the root to the door to continue.

10. Watch the cut scene as the souls of the Rimmington men jump into the chasm, following the haunting voice's calling. The Raptor will approach, then follow suit. Jump into the chasm after them... into the mouth of a large beast!

11. You are now inside the belly of the beast. Make your way through the series of "rooms" in the beast's belly avoiding the bubbling pools as they contain acid that will deal an initial damage of up to 49 life points, followed by a rapid succession of up to 19 life points if you continue to stand and walk through it. Having auto-retaliate off will help you navigate the room easier to avoid attacking the flying leeches and grotworms as you make your way through.

The Source of the Song

12. Finally, you will discover who owns the haunting voice: a siren. She's trapped inside a cyst, but doesn't appear to understand where she is. Speak to her to provoke her out of her dream-like state. You will then learn her name is Remora.

13. The Raptor soon appears, threatening to kill Remora. Convince the Raptor to spare her life so that you all may escape this nightmare.

Song from the Depths - Remora versus the Raptor

14. Sit back and watch the cut scene, giving you a preview of the Queen Black Dragon herself. After the cut scene, you will reappear with the Raptor at a White Knight camp, just to the northeast of Rimmington. Head back to Lucille to complete the quest.


Quest points: 1

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • The clues to guide you through the puzzle rooms appear in the chatbox, so having voices on is not required to complete the puzzles.
  • If you log out during any puzzle point of the quest, you can speak with Lucille again to return to last set of puzzles you were in. You will need to redo the puzzle.
  • This is the first quest that has a music track unlocked as a reward. You can find the lyrics to "Wending in the Willows" in the bookcase in Lucille's house.
  • The battle is far from over!
    • Want to squish more grotworms? Head down to the Grotworm Lair for a chance to receive the royal cape, and restock your supply of coral bolts.
    • Revenge the souls taken by the Queen Black Dragon after completing the quest! Perhaps you can receive the coveted pieces needed to build the royal crossbow as a reward for putting her back into her deep slumber. Do you have what it takes to defeat one of the most powerful monsters to come to Gielenor?
  • After completing the quest, re-enter the cave for additional rewards. The bridge that used to be over the stomach acid is now gone, and you will need level 50+ constitution in order to swim through it. You will need to follow some distant echoes for clues to know which doors you need to enter. Note that you will need to have your compass pointing north to follow the directions correctly, as the directions will not be cardinal directions like before.
    The doors you need to go through are: Hide / Show
    • 'Wonders left from a time forgotten.' - Go through the western door
    • 'Secrets dwell in the bottomless depths.' - Go through the southern door
    • 'Ensconced from those who have no right.' - Go through the eastern door
    • 'Numberless and unseen from the eyes above.' - Go through the northern door
    Once you have followed the directions correctly, you will find yourself in a room with an acid pool spanning across the middle. Two walls with ancient writing, when read, will give you 5,000 experience in constitution (from the wall closest to the entrance of the room), and 25,000 experience in constitution (from the wall across the acid pool, requires 80+ constitution).


Written by: ForsakenMage

Special thanks to: Octarine19

Thanks to: Baffler, Sy_Accursed, Warriormonkx, Xena_Dragon

Last updated: 13-Jul-2013

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