Bringing Home the Bacon

Difficulty: Novice Requirements: Easy Length: Medium

Start location: The pig farm north of Port Sarim, speak to Eli Bacon.


Skills: Level 14 Construction, Level 14 Farming, Level 14 Summoning

Items: 5 Wheat.


Access to the Lodestone Network for easy access to Lumbridge, Varrock, Ardougne and Falador (or runes/teletabs for those locations), and an Explorer's ring 3 is useful.

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Pig farm with Eli
Eli at his pig farm.

1. Speak to Eli and he will tell you about his new discovery. He will give you some mysterious meat and ask you to taste it. Eat the meat and speak to him again, it doesn't matter which option you choose.

2. After speaking to Eli, you will learn that the mysterious meat is actually bacon. He devises a plan to make bacon popular, but to do this more pigs are needed. A cutscene begins, showing bacon addicts trying to eat the pigs!

Bhtb Bacon Addicts

3. Eli will tell you that he needs to get the pigs to a safe place and that the bacon addicts will need to be distracted. He'll give you 9 planks and a bacon heap to make some decoy wooden pigs. Build three decoy pigs, one at each hotspot. Keep adding bacon to the decoy pigs and the bacon addicts will be distracted, allowing Eli to take the pigs down into the storm cellar.

4. Once all of the pigs have been led away safely, you'll need to go down into the storm cellar. The entrance to the cellar is located in the south-east corner of the pig pen. Go down into the cellar and talk to Eli. He will ask you if you can think of anything useful a pig could do. This has no negative effect to the outcome of the quest, no matter which option you pick.

5. Eli wants to train a pig, so he asks you to get a piglet. Go to Draynor Village marketplace and talk to Martin the Master Gardener. Martin will ask you to do him a favour in return for a piglet. Someone has been picking his pockets so he wants you to find out who. One of the suspects will be lying about where he was when it happened. North-west of the marketplace you will see the five suspects: Pickpockets Andy, Bert, Chris, Dan and Edd.

6. Talk to each of the pickpockets and ask where they were when Martin was pickpocketed. They will all say they were with another pickpocket. There will be be two pairs of matching answers, the answer that doesn't match is a lie. The culprit differs from player to player. Once you know the culprit, accuse him and watch the cutscene that shows the pickpocket getting taught a lesson, while you enjoy watching a cute piglet and an adorable kitten hopping and rolling around with each other.

Bhtb Pickpockets

7. Martin will now give you a piglet. Head back and talk to Eli in the cellar. He takes the piglet from you so you can get started working on making a machine to train the pig. Eli will give you 6 planks, 10 steel nails and 2 iron bars. Build the machine and upgrade it by clicking on the hotspot.

8. Speak to Eli again, and he'll say that the piglet needs fattening up. Give Eli 5 wheat to feed the pig (if you need some wheat, there is a wheat field just south-east of Draynor Lodestone).

9. The pig still needs to grow and Eli suggests giving it some exercise in the field above the cellar, but that is full of bacon addicts. Climb out of the cellar and Eli will give you a bacon heap and sleeping potion. Add bacon and then sleeping potion to the decoy pigs by clicking on them. They eat the bacon, but they don't fall asleep so go back and speak to Eli.

10. Eli tells you that he needs you to go and pick 5 onions. Nearby onion patches include south of Draynor bank and east of Melzar's Maze. You need to pick the onions, he will not accept onions that you have brought with you prior to him asking for them. Speak to Eli again and he will take the onions from you.

11. Now it's time to train the pig. Click on the machine to start the process and watch the cutscene that follows. Talk to Eli who will tell you that he wants you to show off the pig in the following locations (it's recommended that you use Lodestones to travel there):

  • Lumbridge Castle courtyard
  • Varrock Marketplace
  • Ardougne Marketplace
  • Near the north Falador gate

Eli gives you the pig and pig display list. The list can be used as a reminder of where to take the pig in case you forget.

12. Visit all four locations and at each location a small cutscene will follow of you showing off your pig to the local people. After you've shown off your pig in each of the four locations, return and speak to Eli. Congratulations, quest complete!


  • 350 Farming XP
  • 350 Construction XP
  • 350 Summoning XP
  • Customisable pet pig
  • Three types of pig familiar
  • Weekly bacon or familiar reward
  • Unlocked the song 'Glutton for Nourishment'
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys
  • Access to 4 new Pig Pits, which contain attackable pigs for further bacon supplies. These are located at the Falador Farm (used throughout the quest), south of the gem shop in Falador, immediately west of the Varrock lodestone and north west of Ardougne's north bank

Quest points: 1

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • If you don't like the name Martin gave the pig, you can change it by talking to Martin.
  • After the quest, you can upgrade the pig machine you built during the quest. Your Summoning, Crafting, and Constructions levels must be level 44. You'll need 3 oak planks, 2 steel bars and at least 3 nails to upgrade it. You will recieve 200 experience. If you have all of those skills to at least level 84, you can upgrade the pig pen to tier 3 by using 3 teak planks, 2 mithril bars and at least 3 nails.
  • The pig can be stored in your player owned house. If you place the prayer pig or the beast of burden pig in the house, you cannot pray or store items in it.
  • Interact with your pig for a funny conversation during or after the quest.


Written by: Baffler

Special thanks to: Xplozion

Thanks to: War Chipmunk

Last updated: 18-Sep-2013

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