Shadow over Ashdale, A

Difficulty: Novice Requirements: Beginner Length: Short

Start location: Speak to Gudrik, south-west of the bank in Taverley


Items: Combat gear and food.

Monsters: Agoroth, Crassian scout, four Tentacles
Note: The level and difficulty of Agoroth, the tentacles and the crassian scouts are scaled depending on the player's level.

NPCs: Gudrik, Lucy

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1. The Mystery of Ashdale
Items Required: Combat gear & food
Items Suggested: None

Opening Shadow Over Ashdale

Speak to Gudrik who is located in the house almost directly south of the bank in Taverley, he will tell you he is concerned about the island of Ashdale. He reports that the supply ships that are being sent to the island are returning with their cargo still onboard and that the people of Ashdale have vanished. Gudrik wants to go and investigate, however he is too old so he asks for your help instead. After finishing the conversation, board the boat and head to Ashdale.

2. Anybody Home?
Items Required: Combat gear & food
Items Suggested: None

After arriving at Ashdale you will quickly notice that there is indeed nobody there, however there is some suspicious looking slime on the floor. Follow the path round and you will notice some barricades in place along with some more slime and a claw. Continue into town and enter the house to the west where you will find Lucy cowering in a corner.

Lucy Shadow Over Ashdale

Lucy will tell you that the town was attacked by some unknown creatures that appeared from nowhere and that all the townspeople have been abducted. She suggests that you use the sewers to cross to the other side of town as it might be too dangerous to stay on the surface. Head behind the house and into the storm drain.

3. Storm Drain
Items Required: Combat gear & food
Items Suggested: None

Upon entering the sewers you will see that there is only one main path to take so follow it until you arrive at the large chamber where there will be a short cutscene. Engage the crassian scout and kill it (it is a good idea to have freedom on your ability bar as the scouts can stun you). Continue onwards through the sewer until you reach another room where you will need to kill another scout, after this you can climb up the ladder to exit the sewers.

Crassian Scout Cutscene Shadow Over Ashdale

4. Homeward Bound
Items Required: Combat gear & food
Items Suggested: None

Run west round the house and then south towards the bridge, cross it and proceed up the steps. At this point the camera will show you your destination, your own home however some crassian scouts stand in your way. Kill them.

Once your inside the safety of the house, search the table to find a journal entry discussing details about there being tunnels under Ashdale. Inspect the stone bust to reveal a secret staircase down into the depths of Ashdale, climb down it.

Stone Bust Shadow Over Ashdale

5. Ashdale Tunnels
Items Required: Combat gear & food
Items Suggested: None

Once again you are greeted by more crassian scouts. After having dealt with them search the corpse of the smuggler to receive a journal. The journal talks about the discovery of the Crassians by the group of smugglers and their own downfall at the hands of them. Continue into the next room where a puzzle awaits you.

Puzzle Shadow Over Ashdale

Collect the valve outer wheel, valve inner wheel and the pitch from the eastern side of the room. Combine the two valve wheel pieces to create a valve wheel and use it on the middle barrel, then use the pitch to seal the hole in the pipe by the south-eastern barrel. To solve the puzzle you need to transfer the water from the north-eastern barrel all the way to the door by turning the valve on each barrel in turn. Once you have done this, the door will open and you can continue.

You will find yourself in a large chamber with the crassian scouts that require elimination, once they are defeated the barrier will break and you can continue deeper into the tunnels. Before you do however, there is a chest in the north-west corner of the room which contains an uncut sapphire and 125 coins. Continue to the next room.

6. Infiltration
Items Required: Combat gear & food
Items Suggested: None

The camera will show you that there is a patrolling crassian warrior and that there is a lever nearby which may help you dispatch it. Unlike the crassian scouts, the warriors cannot be attacked and if they see you they will use an acid attack to kill you instantly, however you will respawn where you were and with all your items. When the warrior is heading away from you, run across the path and pull the lever to activate the spikes which will kill the warrior. Continue into the next room and do the same again (the lever is directly in front of you, on the north wall).

Infiltration Shadow Over Ashdale

In the next room there is no lever so you need to run to the small passage between that room and the following room whilst the warrior is looking elsewhere. In this room there is a lever on the north wall which will activate the spikes in both rooms. Head west into the final chamber.

7. Main Chamber
Items Required: Combat gear & food
Items Suggested: None

There is a small room just off to the east of the main chamber, go into it an open the chest to receive 3 uncut sapphires and 500 coins.

Run north and you will find more patrolling warriors, this time in pairs which makes it a bit trickier. If you watch the warriors you will notice that one is slightly further behind the other, seize the opportunity to run north-west past the waterfall but stop before you get spotted by the next pair of scouts. The lever to take care of all four scouts is once again located on the north wall so you will need to run clockwise around the rock to reach it, being careful not to follow too close to one of the scouts. Once you have pulled the lever, pass through the now broken barrier.

At this point the camera will show you the trapped Ashdale citizens on the other side of the ship which is where you need to go. Take out the final group of scouts and make sure you have enough food and prayer before heading onto the ship. There is also a chest in here that holds an uncut emerald and 132 coins.

8. Release the Kraken!
Items Required: Combat gear & food
Items Suggested: None

Upon boarding the ship, four tentacles will spring up around the ship and you will need to take them out one by one. Whilst they only have 201 lifepoints, damage is limited to 40 on them regardless of level or abilities used. The tentacles are not particularly dangerous, although they can stun and bind you (use the Freedom ability to break free). Once you defeat the tentacles, Agoroth will break through the deck of the ship and attack you.

Agoroth Shadow Over Ashdale

Agoroth is not a push over by any means and he comes equipped with an arsenal of special attacks which can make life difficult if you do not know what to expect. Once you have learnt his attacks he becomes fairly easy to deal with.

Agoroth's Attacks
  • Water Jet: Agoroth will shoot out a jet of water which will hit you for a small amount damage if you stand in it, be warned that the damage soon adds up if you do not move.
  • Knock Back: Agoroth will knock you back, out of melee range.
  • Acid Spray: Before performing this attack Agoroth will shield himself from all damage and then shadows will appear on the ground shortly before acid falls. The acid will deal moderate damage if you are hit by it.

Once you have defeated Agoroth, the nearby villagers will be freed and you will be teleported back outside.

Victory Shadow Over Ashdale

9. Finishing Up
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None

Back in Ashdale town square the locals are celebrating the new found freedom, you may talk to some of them if you wish before talking to Lucy. Lucy will thank you for saving them and offer to return you to Taverley, accept and speak to Gudrik who will thank you and give you your rewards.

Quest complete!


Quest points: 1

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • The total loot from the treasure chests found within the tunnels is: 4 uncut sapphire, an uncut emerald and 788 coins.
  • The xp reward from the black pearls scales depending on the level of the skill you use it in. Only one pearl can be used per day
  • Members can redo the battle against Agoroth twice a week (for two black pearls) and free players can redo the battle once a week (for one black pearl), in the caves under Ashdale.


Written by: BloodAngel

Special thanks to: Omnitec

Thanks to: Gwynrwyn

Last updated: 09-Jun-2014

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