Beneath Cursed Tides

Difficulty: Novice Requirements: Beginner Length: Short

Start location: Speak to Wizard Myrtle outside the Wizard's Tower.


Skills: Level 30 Attack, Level 30 Cooking, Level 30 Firemaking, Level 30 Magic, Level 30 Mining, Level 30 Smithing, Level 30 Strength, Level 30 Woodcutting

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1. Start
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None


Agree to help Wizard Myrtle look for her mentor Terrova who mysteriously disappeared when Tutorial Island sunk beneath the ocean. She will ask you to speak to Vannaka in Edgeville dungeon about the island.

2. Finding the only survivor
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None


Talk to Vannaka about Tutorial Island. He will tell you that the island slipped into the ocean, taking all his family and friends with it. He was not on the island at the time. He will ask you why are you interested in the island, explain to him that Myrtle is looking for it because her mentor Terrova was on the island. He will want to go with you and will meet you outside the Wizards's Tower.

3. Getting to the island
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None

Talk to Myrtle outside the Wizard's Tower. She will explain the plan to get to the Tutorial Island. Go to Mudskipper Point and swim to the island from there.

4. The lost Tutorial Island
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None


When you are ready to go to Mudskipper point, head to Port Sarim, keep walking south, past the church and the anvil. Speak to Myrtle and let her know that you are ready to dive to the sunken island.

Read the Message in a bottle to the east to learn about who and why the island sunk.

A Dark Wizard by the name of Hector Vivian was trapped on the island after accidentally teleporting himself there. The tutors would not let him leave the island without completing the tasks as any new adventurer would. He turned all the tutors into sea creatures and sunk the island, with the only way to save them is if one adventurer completes all the tasks.

After reading the Message in a bottle you will receive a key which unlocks the door. Exit the door and talk to Brynna to the south.

5. Survival tutor
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None


Brynna will ask you to give here a cooked shrimp and burnt a shrimp. Catch two shrimp that are swimming around and use them on the steam vent to make a boiled shrimp. Cut some seaweed and chop a dead tree to catch a soggy branch. Use the soggy branch on the boulder beside the nearby hole. Use a boiled shrimp on the steam vent again to burn it. Hand Brynna the boiled and burnt shrimp to continue exploring the island.

6. Baker tutor
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None

Open the gate to the west and follow the path and speak to Master Chef, he will ask you to make a salad. You first need some seaweed, but there is a Large Jellyfish blocking access to it. The Master Chef will give you Levs music box to calm the jellyfish down. Stand beside the Large Jelllyfish and play the music box, the correct handles are 2, 3, and 1. Gather some of the seaweed and bring it to the Master Chef.


The Master Chef will ask you to prepare three different flavours. Prepare the seaweed on the table and prepare it to the specifications of the Master Chef. After preparing the three different flavours, Master Chef will unlock the door to the next area.

7. Mining tutor
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None

Exit the door of the Master Chef's and follow the path to the north and enter the house. In the house climb down the ladder to the south-east. Follow the tunnel and speak to the Mining instructor. He will ask you to make bronze dagger.


Mine some copper ore and tin ore from the copper and tin rocks. Add the copper and tin ore to the furnace and close the doors. Operate the pump to pump out the water from the furnace, Light the furnace and then take the contents from the furnace to receive a bronzish bar. Use an anvil to make a bronze butter knife and bring it to the Mining instructor, he will be happy with your work and allow you to progress to the next tutor.

8. Combat tutor
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None


Open the gate to the east and speak to Vannaka and explain to him about the dark wizard and his curse. He will teach you how to wield his two-handed sword in one hand. Enter the cage and start the challenge. In this challenge you should only click on the ripples in the water and the giant sea rat heads that appear on the screen. When you have completed the challenge leave the cage and climb up the ladder to the north and follow the path to the bank.

9. Financial advisor
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None


At the bank speak to the Financial advisor, he will task you with opening the vault door. The code to the vault is 139 (the year on the calendar minus the bankers age). When he vault has opened, speak to the Financial advisor again and he let you continue to the next area. Exit the door to the east and follow the path to the church.

10. Brother Brace
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None


In the church speak to Brother Brace, he will explain that he lost his prayer-book somewhere and will ask you to look for it. He will give you a list of his friends to ask about the book. They are found in the area outside the church and the bank. Talk to the fish and one of them will tell you where the book is (it varies from person to person). Give the book to Brother Grace and he will unlock the door to the next area.

11. Magic tutor
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None


Follow the path to the next building and speak to Wizard Terrova. Terrova will ask you to cast a wind spells on one of the chickens. Click on a chicken to cast an air spell and speak to Wizard Terrova again to complete his challenge.

12. The final battle
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None


After Terrova congratulates you Hector Vivian will interrupt and demand to see you for trying to break his curse, but happy that you brought Vannaka to him as he was the one who go away. Curing him will complete the curse. However, before he can complete the curse Wizard Myrtle appear. Terrova will come up with a plan to reverse the curse on Vivian while yourself and Myrtle overcome him.


When the battle starts, you will have to help Myrtle channel the spell and to repel the crassians from hurting her. Clicking on the crassians will cause them to be enveloped in an air bubble and float away. Keep repelling and channelling the spell until Myrtle's and your bar fills up. When the two bars fill the battle will be over, finish off Hector and you will be teleported to Mudskipper point. Speak to Myrtle to complete the quest. Congratulations! Beneath-cursed-tides-complete


  • Vannaka's two-handed sword as a one-handed override (with combat stance in legacy)
  • Lev's music box
  • A monthly task rewarding Fishing/Farming XP and a roll on a clue scroll drop tables
  • 10,000 Combat xp
  • 5,000 Fishing xp
  • 5,000 Cooking xp
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 1

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • Tutorial Island was once where all new players started RuneScape and learnt the basics of various skills.
  • The quickest way to Mudskipper Point is to use the Fairy Ring AIQ. There is a Fairy Ring south-east of the Wizards' tower.
  • Pre-made food and items cannot be used in place of items to me made on the island.


Written by: Howlin0001

Last updated: 26-Dec-2015

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