Gower Quest

Difficulty: Novice Requirements: Beginner Length: Medium

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1. Start
Items Required: At least two free backpack spaces
Items Suggested: None


Speak to Andrew Gower at the cabbage farm south of Varrock and ask for a quest. Himself, Ian, and Paul are trying to grow cabbages, but the y are not growing and want you to investigate.

You will need to create a cabbagespeak amulet. A cabbagespeak amulet is made by adding some brussel sprouts (found in the water barrel in the courtyard), to a cruciferous mounting (found by searching the scarecrow in the field to the west of the courtyard) to make an unstrung brassican amulet. Using some broccoli string (created by spinning a broccoli root (these are found in the food trough in the field of rats to the east of the courtyard on the spinning wheel in the farmhouse) on the unstrung brassican amulet will make a brassican amulet. Next use the life rune (received by flipping some pure essence found in the crates in the kitchen of the farmhouse) on the brassican amulet to make the cabbagespeak amulet.

2. Time for Partyhats
Items Required: At least two free backpack spaces
Items Suggested: None


While wearing the cabbagespeak amulet, speak to Crispy the Cabbage in the cabbage field about why is the cabbage patch not working. It will claim they are rioting because they want partyhats. Return to Andrew, Ian, and Paul and tell them of the cabbages demands. Ian will give you four pink partyhats to give the cabbages.

Give the cabbages the partyhats and they will agree to help you. Crispy will tell you the problem with the cabbage patch is Behind the Scenes and you will need a disk of returning, he will also jump into your backpack and tag along.

3. The Black Hole Experience
Items Required: At least three free backpack spaces
Items Suggested: None


Speak to Andrew and he will give you a disk of returning. Go to the Dwarven mine north of Falador. Left-click on the disk of returning and it will direct you to where you can teleport to the Behind the Scenes.

Before going to the Behind the Scenes you will appear in the Black Hole Experience. This whole area is black and you need to make your way out. Search the table to find a rock Throw the rock at the wall in the north-west of the Black Hole Experience to unlock the Gate of Lloigh-enn, look under the table to find an orange and eat it to find a small key, use the small key in the bumpy wall in the north-east to find a tinderbox. Use the tinderbox on the scary wispy thing to find a skull. Add the skull to the skeleton body in the west to light up the Gate of Lloigh-enn.

After entering the gate you will see Thordur sitting at a desk, talk to him and tell him you are ready to go to the Behind the Scenes and he will teleport you.

4. Behind the Scenes
Items Required: At least three free backpack spaces
Items Suggested: None


Speak to Spiral Orb in the centre about the cabbage patches and she well tell you what she knows, the Life altar is broken and three pieces have broken off. There are three people to talk to about the missing pieces Lucien, Steve, and Thok.



Lucien did have one of the pieces, but the Wise Old Man stole it and put it in his bank. You will need to steal the piece from the Wise Old Man's bank. Enter the Central Bank Portal to the north-west of Lucien.

Talk to Claire Hick, Ernie, and check out the Locked Vault Door to find that you need to recruit 4 people to solve break into the vault.

Romeo is found south of Lucien. Ask Romeo to help and he will help distract the receptionist, however, he wants you to get some love advice from five people, Nex, Kree'arra, Commander Zilyana, K'ril Tsutsaroth, and General Graardor. The God Wars bosses are found to the west of Romeo. After talking to the five bosses go back to Romeo and tell him the advice and he will teleport to the bank.

Guthix is found south-east of Spiral Orb. Ask him to help break into the bank and he will agree on the condition you ask the cabbages at the table north of him to let him play a role in their play "Put Those Edicts Back Where They Came From... Or So Help Me". The cabbages will agree to let Guthix play the role of himself. Talk to Guthix and he will teleport to the bank.

Crunchy and Tim is found at the table south-east of Spiral Orb. Ask them to help and they will agree on the condition you get the environment artists some drinks. Ask the bartender for fives cups of tea. Give a cup to the five environment artist standing around the bar and then talk to Crunchy and Tim and they will teleport to the bank.

Sphenishchev is found just north of Romeo. Ask him to help and he will agree and teleport to the bank.

After getting everyone to help, enter the bank and talk to Claire Hick and introduce her to Romeo. They will teleport away, make your way to Ernie and Guthix will order him to leave the vault. Click on the vault door and Crunchy and Tim will remove the door. Enter the vault and Sphenishchev will help you open the bank safety box and you find the first Life altar fragment.

Chaos Element

The Chaos Element is found south of Clawdia. Talk to him about the Life altar and he will mention that he say a piece of it fly off and went into the Grand Exchange when it exploded. Enter the Grand Exchange Maintenance portal to retrieve the altar piece. In the Grand Exchange Maintenance portal go north and repair the pipes. In the puzzle you need to rotate the pipes so all the same sized pipes go from the one side to the other. Once all the pipes are aligned you will receive the second Life altar fragment.



Speak to Thok north-east of the Behind the Scenes about the Life altar fragment. He saw the fragment go into the Beta Room Portal to the north of him, Max is in there and should have more information. Enter the portal and speak to Max, he does have a Life altar fragment but refuses to give it to you until you max out the three prototype skills. Riding, Sailing, and Bankstanding

  • Riding - while riding a rocking unicorn, follow the pose the riding tutor is doing to level your Riding level.
  • Sailing - embark from the jetty and either fire at other battleships, search desert islands, or search bubbling water to level your Sailing level.
  • Bankstanding - stand in the bank to level your Bankstanding level, from time to time you will walk out of the bank, simply walk back and you will gain experience again.

Talk to Max after maxing out the three skills to receive the third Life altar fragment.

5. Fixing the Life altar
Items Required: At least three free backpack spaces
Items Suggested: Combat gear, food


Take the three fragment pieces to the Life altar to the south-east Spiral Orb in Behind the Scenes and add them to the Life altar to repair it. Investigate the altar and the Black Knight Titan will attack you for your disk of returning. You fight the knight six times, after defeating the titan twice you will throw Crispy the Cabbage through the ceiling to ask for the Gower brothers help. After defeating the titan the third time the brothers will appear and start turning the life runes into cabbages. After defeating the titan the sixth time the brothers finish turning the life runes into cabbages. Andrew will give him a disk of returning and the titan will leave. Speak to the brothers and you will give them a quest to stay and look after the Life altar. Quest complete congratulations!



  • 15 coins
  • Brassica Prime godsword cosmetic override
  • Cabbagemancer outfit cosmetic overrride
  • Retro login home teleport animation
  • Crispy the Cabbage pet
  • Black Knight Titan model toggle in the Behind the Scenes pub.
  • Two Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 1

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • In the Black Hole Experience, the different objects can start to sparkle to help you if you are stuck.
  • After the quest speak to Ian, Andrew, and Paul to receive a lamp from each if all of your F2p skill levels are above 10, 30, and 50 respectively.


Written by: Howlin0001

Special thanks to: Arceus

Thanks to: Miss Lioness

Last updated: 13-Jul-2016

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