Difficulty: Novice Requirements: Medium Length: Short

Start location: The Observatory area north of Castle Wars. Speak to the Observatory Professor in the small house north of the Observatory main building.


Skills: Level 10 Crafting

Items: 3 Wooden planks (Barbarian Outpost/Wilderness/Entrana/Sawmill), Bronze bar, Molten glass (check our Crafting guide if you don't know where/how to get this).


Antipoison, weapon, armour, food, Games necklace (for obtaining planks at Barbarian Outpost), Ring of duelling (teleport to Castle Wars close to Observatory)


Goblin Guard (Level 42)

NPCs: Observatory assistant, Observatory professor

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Bank Bank Bank
Castle Wars
Required: Wooden planks, Bronze bar, Molten glass
Suggested: Antipoison, weapon, armour, food

Fixing the Telescope

1. Talk to the Professor and ask him to look in the telescope. He will tell you that the telescope was vandalised by the nearby Goblins and that he needs some parts replaced first. He'll need 3 planks of wood, a bronze bar and molten glass. Gather your resources if you haven't already and talk with the Professor a few times to hand each one over.

Lens mould

2. After giving the professor the molten glass, he'll ask you for the lens mould. However this was stolen by the Goblins.

3. Go to the small Goblin village to the east of the Professor's house and go down the stairs in the west house. You need to find the Goblin Kitchen Key in one of the chests so you can enter the kitchen where the Len Mould is being kept. The key spawns in a different chest for each player, so keep trying each chest until you find it. Opening a chest without the key may result in a Poisonous Spider (level 31) attacking and poisoning you.

Observatory Dungeon

4. Once you have found the key, please remember to confirm the dialogue box, else the key may not appear in your inventory. Go back to the Kitchen gate. Before you can open it you must dispatch the Sleeping guard. Prod the guard (level 42) who will then attack you, kill him and use your key on the gate. You can also attempt to lure the guard away from the gate and run in before it returns. Upon entering, inspect the Goblin Stove to retrieve the lens mould.

Returning the Mould

5. Go back to the Professor with the lens mould. He'll want you to make the lens.

6. Use the molten glass on the mould, and return the lens to him. He then tells you to meet him in the Observatory.

The Observatory

7. Go back the the small goblin village and into the dungeon again, but this time look for the stairs up to the Observatory (see map).

8. Go up the stairs and watch the cut scene, then go up the stairs and talk with the professor. He will ask you to look through the telescope. Do so and remember the pattern you see, go down stairs and look for the name of your pattern.

9. Return upstairs to the professor and give the name of the constellation you saw. If you are right you will receive your reward.


Quest points: 2

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • Upon completion of the quest you can visit the Spirit of Scorpius in the graveyard north of the Observatory and the little goblin village. He will give you an Unholy mould used for making Unholy symbols from Silver (see Crafting guide). He will also enchant strung unholy symbols for you.
  • If you become poisoned during the quest, there are Antipoison potions nearby. A 1-dose Antipoison can be found in a chest in the dungeon, and a 1-dose Super Antipoison can be found outside near the entrance.


Written by: Eyehawk78 and Ks Jeppe

Thanks to: AimArcher333, Chams10, Cowman_133, delboy2028, greengrrl, Ignite_168, Invincibility, krogiecom, Lep1423, mchainmail, mr_megakirby, Raven6666, rickmaty, SirDorphus, St Gladius, tragicdreamz, woodychick, Yiioaneo, Zargo VI

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