Scorpion Catcher

Difficulty: Intermediate Requirements: Easy Length: Long

Start location: On top floor of the Sorcerer's Tower, south of Seers' Village.


Skills: Level 31 Prayer

Items: Dusty key


Skills: Level 70 Agility (only if you do not have a dusty key)

Items: Anti-dragon shield, an Antipoison potion, a Games necklace, Camelot teleport runes, Falador teleport runes. 208gp if you have not completed the Barcrawl.

Monsters: Avoid monsters including Black Demons, Blue Dragons and Poison Spiders in the Taverley Dungeon.

NPCs: Seer, Thormac

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Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None

1. Speak to Thormac the Sorcerer, found on the top floor of the Sorcerer's Tower (south-west of Seers' Village). He tells you his scorpions have escaped and gives you a cage to catch them. He advises you to talk to the Seer at Seers' Village, to find where the first scorpion is located.

Catching the First Scorpion
Items Required: Scorpion Cage, Dusty key (not required if 70+ Agility)
Items Suggested: Anti-dragon shield, Antipoison

2. Talk to the Seer who is just west of the bank and he will give you a clue where to find the first scorpion. It is in Taverley dungeon between the Black Demons and Poison spiders.

Click here to see the
Taverley Dungeon Map

3. Bring your Anti-Dragon Shield and go down into Taverley dungeon. You will need a Dusty key to get to the remote area of the dungeon where the scorpion is located (if you have 70+ agility, you can use the shortcut instead). If you don't have one, go to the Black Knights area in the southern part of the dungeon. Kill the Jailer to get some keys, use the keys on the Velrak the Explorer's cage to free him. Talk with him and you will get a Dusty Key as your reward.

4. Go north out of the Black Knights area and cross the bridge toward the Chaos dwarves, then go north into Lesser demons area. Use Dusty key on door to the west to enter Blue dragons area. Run west through this and then south to lava, then west and north through Black demons area. In the north-east corner there is a small isolated room. Check the north side of it to find the strange looking wall, push it and catch the scorpion by using the cage on it.

Scorp Catcher Scorp1 Location

Catching the Second Scorpion
Items Required: Scorpion cage
Items Suggested: Games necklace, 208gp (if you haven't completed the Barcrawl)

5. The next scorpion is at the Barbarian Outpost. If you have a Games necklace, you can teleport there. If you have already completed the Barcrawl, you can catch the scorpion straight away.

Scorp Catcher Scorp2 Location

If you haven't completed the Barcrawl, talk to the guard there and he will say you have to prove yourself as a Barbarian and gives you a Barcrawl card, which has to be signed by all the bars listed on it. When done, take your completed Barcrawl card back to the Guard and he will let you into the Outpost. Look around and you will see the scorpion, catch it with your cage.

For more details on the Alfred Grimhand Bar Crawl, you can read our Bar Crawl Guide.

Catching the Third Scorpion
Items Required: Scorpion cage
Items Suggested: None

6. The third scorpion is found upstairs at the Monastery west of Edgeville. You need to have level 31 Prayer to enter. Catch the last scorpion with the cage.

Scorp Catcher Scorp3 Location

7. Now go back to Thormac the Sorcerer with the Scorpion cage containing the three scorpions for your reward.


  • Thormac the Sorcerer will enchant battle staves for you (costs 40,000 gp)
  • 6,625 strength exp
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 1

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • These scorpions inflict a small amount of damage if you try to pick them up with your bare hands. To pick them up, use the cage on the scorpions.


Written by: Ks Jeppe and Sir Beachy

Special thanks to: Baffler

Thanks to: cheeseownsu, Cowman_133, Jaffy1, Maddra, pureprayer, treekiller13, Zapian2

Last updated: 29-Jan-2013

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