Clock Tower

Difficulty: Novice Requirements: Easy Length: Medium

Start location: Inside the Clock Tower, south-west of Ardougne Zoo. Talk to Brother Kojo.


Items: Bucket of water (or Ice gloves)

Monsters: Evade an Ogre (level 96)

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1: Start

Talk to Brother Kojo inside the Clock Tower, located south-west of Ardougne Zoo.

When you go down into the basement, you will see a square on the floor with four different colours. They will all point the way you have to go to get the cog of that colour. (Except for blue.) Note that you can only carry one cog at a time.

ClockTower FloorTiles1

2: White Cog

First find the rat poison, located in the far north-west corner of the basement. Due east you will find the dungeon rat cages. Go pull the levers; first lever that you'll find will be up and last one will be down. Now the gates should open. Use the rat poison with the trough and then go to the closed gate. It will open, now get the cog and go upstairs. Go to the uppermost floor and put the white cog on the white pole.

Quest Clocktower

3: Blue Cog

Go outside and head East along the wall of Ardougne zoo. You will find a bucket near the well - you can fill this with water for later. Go down the nearby ladder and continue until you see an odd looking wall, push it and get the blue cog. Go in the Tower and put it on the first floor (second floor for USA) blue pole.

4: Red Cog

Go down to the basement again, and enter the south-eastern door. Go all the way to the end of the hallway, and you'll see some ogres. If you are a low level, turn on run and turn off auto-retaliate (which will keep you from getting past them). Run past the ogres and get the red cog. Put it on the red pole on the ground floor of the tower.

5: Black Cog

Get a bucket of water. (A bucket and handy well are near the drunken monk at the barrels.) Go down into the basement and go to the spiders. Put the water on the cog and then pick it up. (You can skip the bucket of water if you have ice gloves from the ice queen - just wear them and pick up the cog.) Put the black cog on the black pole in the basement.

Once all four cogs have been placed, return to Brother Kojo to complete the quest.


Quest points: 1


Written by: Wsteven4

Thanks to: Baffler, GeorgeLemmons, Goudakker, Howlin1, Jaffy1, jamessweet60, krogiecom, Lantz, micarina, mr amadon, Nyosuht, pokemama, radical boy1, Taltos

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