Fancy dress shop(hunter)

Fancy dress shop(hunter) Shopkeeper: Fancy dress shop owner Type: Clothes
Members: Yes Quest shop: No
Currency: GP(gold) City: Varrock
Location: Located in the members section of Varrock, to the east of the east bank near the Rat Pits.
Notes: You can buy the camo clothing by right clicking him and asking if he has any clothing for hunting. You must have the fur and money for the hunter costume desired to do this.
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Credits: Misplacedme, Lalala7324, Mimi Elf

Stock for Fancy dress shop(hunter)
Base Amount Pic Item Shop Sells For Shop Buys For High Alch GE Market
Infinite Desert camo legs Desert camo legs 20 No Resell 12 1,134 (1.1k)
Infinite Desert camo top Desert camo top 20 No Resell 12 1,079 (1.1k)
Infinite Gloves of silence Gloves of silence 600 No Resell 360 1,593 (1.6k)
Infinite Graahk headdress Graahk headdress 750 No Resell 450 2,864 (2.9k)
Infinite Graahk legs Graahk legs 150 No Resell 90 539 (539)
Infinite Graahk top Graahk top 150 No Resell 90 482 (482)
Infinite Jungle camo legs Jungle camo legs 20 No Resell 12 770 (770)
Infinite Jungle camo top Jungle camo top 20 No Resell 12 543 (543)
Infinite Kyatt hat Kyatt hat 1,000 No Resell 600 12,800 (12.8k)
Infinite Kyatt legs Kyatt legs 200 No Resell 120 3,239 (3.2k)
Infinite Kyatt top Kyatt top 200 No Resell 120 3,116 (3.1k)
Infinite Larupia headress Larupia headress 500 No Resell 300 9,052 (9.1k)
Infinite Larupia legs Larupia legs 100 No Resell 60 597 (597)
Infinite Larupia top Larupia top 100 No Resell 60 595 (595)
Infinite Polar camo legs Polar camo legs 20 No Resell 12 7,943 (7.9k)
Infinite Polar camo top Polar camo top 20 No Resell 12 9,439 (9.4k)
Infinite Spotted cape Spotted cape 400 No Resell 240 991 (991)
Infinite Spottier cape Spottier cape 800 No Resell 480 2,812 (2.8k)
Infinite Wood camo legs Wood camo legs 20 No Resell 12 955 (955)
Infinite Wood camo top Wood camo top 20 No Resell 12 2,414 (2.4k)
Last updated: 01-Jan-1970

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