Nulodion's Multicannon Parts

Nulodion's Multicannon Parts Shopkeeper: Nulodion Type: Special
Members: Yes Quest shop: Yes
Currency: GP(gold) City: Ice Mountain
Location: In the dwarven camp on Ice Mountain.
Notes: You must have completed the Dwarf Cannon quest to access this shop. If you talk to Nulodion, you can buy a complete multicannon for 750,000 coins. This is cheaper than buying the four parts individually!

Prices confirmed 31-Dec-2012
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Credits: All Bogs, Austin, Misplacedme, redhotshot14

Stock for Nulodion's Multicannon Parts
Base Amount Pic Item Shop Sells For Shop Buys For High Alch GE Market
10 Ammo mould Ammo mould 5 No Resell N/A N/A
10 Cannon barrels Cannon barrels 187,500 56,250 112,500 211,800 (211.8k)
10 Cannon base Cannon base 187,500 56,250 112,500 208,100 (208.1k)
10 Cannon furnace Cannon furnace 187,500 56,250 112,500 195,600 (195.6k)
10 Cannon stand Cannon stand 187,500 56,250 112,500 191,500 (191.5k)
10 Instruction manual Instruction manual 10 No Resell N/A N/A
Last updated: 31-Dec-2012

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