Aggie Shopkeeper: Aggie Type: Dye
Members: No Quest shop: Yes
Currency: GP(gold) City: Draynor Village
Location: North-west of the bank, must go around to enter housing area.
Notes: She makes dyes if you bring the ingredients and pay a fee. At 5 gp, her fee is a bargain. Making dye always requires the player to supply 2 onions for yellow dye, 3 redberries for red dye, or 2 woad leaves for blue dye. As part of the "Land of the Goblins" quest, she will remove the colour from your goblin mail (or dye it white) if you give her a whitefish.

Prices confirmed 10-May-2012
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Credits: Dragonkng198, Jaffy1, Natasa777, pokemama

Stock for Aggie
Base Amount Pic Item Shop Sells For Shop Buys For High Alch GE Market
Unlimited Blue dye Blue dye 5 No resell 3 1,126 (1.1k)
Unlimited Red dye Red dye 5 No resell 3 1,837 (1.8k)
Unlimited Yellow dye Yellow dye 5 No resell 3 1,485 (1.5k)
Last updated: 11-Sep-2012

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