Shop - Smuggler - Comp 2 [F2P]

Shop - Smuggler - Comp 2 [F2P] Shopkeeper: Smuggler Type:
Members: No Quest shop: No
Currency: Rusty coins City: Daemonheim
Location: Daemonheim Dungeon
Notes: The Smuggler's Shop stock increases as you increase in Complexities. The Smuggler will buy back almost everything that can be found and produced in the dungeons, even if he doesn't sell it.
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Credits: Dragonkng198, pokemama, Vulxai

Stock for Shop - Smuggler - Comp 2 [F2P]
Base Amount Pic Item Shop Sells For Shop Buys For High Alch GE Market
Infinite Feather -Dungeoneering- Feather -Dungeoneering- 6 1 N/A N/A
Infinite Fly fishing rod -Dungeoneering- Fly fishing rod -Dungeoneering- 50 15 N/A N/A
Infinite Novite hatchet Novite hatchet 437 105 N/A N/A
Infinite Raw heim crab Raw heim crab 200 60 N/A N/A
Infinite Tangle gum branches Tangle gum branches 225 45 N/A N/A
Infinite Tinderbox -Dungeoneering- Tinderbox -Dungeoneering- 25 7 N/A N/A
Last updated: 09-May-2012

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