Ranging Guild Ticket Exchange

Ranging Guild Ticket Exchange Shopkeeper: Ticket Merchant Type:
Members: Yes Quest shop: No
Currency: Archery Ticket City: Ranged Guild
Location: Range guild east of Hemenster.
Notes: This is where you can exchange the archery tickets you won in the archery competition in the guild.

Prices confirmed 16-May-2012
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Credits: Bows, Deansk89, Misplacedme, thrystkeep, Warriormonkx, wyvren2000

Stock for Ranging Guild Ticket Exchange
Base Amount Pic Item Shop Sells For Shop Buys For High Alch GE Market
Unlimited Adamant javelin (20) Adamant javelin (20) 292 No Resell 147 64 (64)
Unlimited Barb bolttips (30) Barb bolttips (30) 114 No Resell 57 65 (65)
Unlimited Coif Coif 12 No Resell 120 795 (795)
Unlimited Green d'hide body Green d'hide body 856 No Resell 4,680 4,018 (4k)
Unlimited Rune arrow (50) Rune arrow (50) 1,020 No Resell 306 150 (150)
Unlimited Studded body Studded body 51 No Resell 510 1,267 (1.3k)
Last updated: 03-Feb-2013

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