Clan Citadels Database

Welcome to the Tip.It Clan Citadels Database. We're proud to offer you these sortable tables which hopefully will satisfy all your citadel customization needs. Below you'll find some different sorting and searching options, enjoy.

  • Hotspot: This will list only citadel items for the chosen hotspot. You can further sort these by clicking on the table headers.
  • Level: This option lists only citadel items of a certain tier. You can also sort all the items by tier by clicking the table header.
  • Search: Here you can search for a specific item name. This search option can be combined with the Hotspot and Level drop-down menus to create very specific searches.

For more information on Clan Citadels please visit our Clan Camp Guide and our Clan Citadel Guide.

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Customisable Citadel Items

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