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... that an Amulet of Glory with charges and wielded, also generates more Gems on Free to Play worlds when Mining? So if you are Mining on a site that is normally busy on P2P, realise that there is no difference in speed or amount of gems, no matter what world you mine on! (Thanks to The Tal Shiar Alliance!)

... that mining Gems while wearing a charged Amulet of Glory , significantly decreases the number of "hits" you need to get the Gem? Someone 10 levels higher without a Glory will lose the race with someone who HAS a charged Glory. (Thanks to The Tal Shiar Alliance!)

...the NPC contact spell on Lunar Magicks that lets you talk to the Larry the Penguin guy, lets you cash in penguin points as well. That means you can now level up wherever you want, without waiting for genies or books! (Thanks to Zombs!)

... that while teleblocked on a PvP world you can still use the portals in the Chaos Tunnels? Even Fairy Ring magic is still available to you. (Thanks to The Tal Shiar Alliance!)

... that at Stealing Creation, one of the Mystics carries a special club to help you teleport out of the Wilderness? He will infact teleport you to your respawn point. So if you wish to be at Camelot, Falador, or Lumbridge, this Mystic can help. (Thanks to The Tal Shiar Alliance!)

... that Summoning familiars like the Ibis and Granite Lobsters not only give invisible boosts to your Fishing level, but also produce enough raw fish to more than pay for the pouches? That means they make it faster to fish AND more profitable. (Thanks to Laikrob!)

... cutting materials to gain favour in your kingdom gives you .1xp?. (Thanks to Howlin1!)

... that you can use farming produce on the tools Leprechaun in order to note them? This produce includes grimy herbs, allotments, flowers, fruits and more! (Thanks Ddraiggoch06)

... that there are stepping stones across the River Lum from the Champions Guild to near Draynor Manor? You'll need 31 agility to use them. (Thanks Bramady)

... that you can wear the Lunar Isle "Seal of Passage" in the necklace slot instead of carrying it in your inventory? You don't even have to string it! (Thanks Sportguy)

... when stealing from stalls, clicking twice on a stall will allow you to steal the object even if spotted by a guard. (Thanks Dark_Spirus)

... that the experience for nurturing, cutting roots, chopping, and burning an Evil Tree increases depending on the tree's level?

... that pressing the 's' key while the game is loading will make your RuneScape to start in Safe mode. Safe mode runs the game at minimum graphics. (Thanks Master_Smither!)

... that it is possible to feed your Bunyip some Lava Eels? Fishing these is very fast xp (slightly better than Shilo river Lure fishing), and feeding them to your Bunyip gives you up to 11 Water Runes, the most sought after elemental rune. And with the ability to recharge your Summoning points nearby, you can stay in Taverly Dungeon for a long time. (Thanks to The Tal Shiar Alliance!)

... that the Castle Wars Bracelet not only allows you to hit 20% higher on enemies that carry your team's flag, but also drastically increases the amount of hitpoints healed using a Bandage (50%!)? Just make sure you wear it at the start of each game, as the effects last the entire game wether you switch to other gloves or not. (Thanks to The Tal Shiar Alliance!)

... that Dust Runes, an Air and Earth combination, are cheaper then just plain Earth Runes? These come in very handy for House Teleports that require 1 Law Rune and 1 Dust Rune. (Thanks to The Tal Shiar Alliance!)

... that everything you need to repair the ladder for the Death Plateau Beacon from the All Fired Up minigame can be found in the ruins north of it? Planks, Hammers, Nails, and even a Steel Bar respawn right next to an Anvil for all your ladder repairing needs. (Thanks to The Tal Shiar Alliance!)

... if you click a farming crop on the in-game skill window, the required payment will show in your chat? (Thanks to Snefru0!)

... that the most wanted herb by far is the Snapdragon? Easily obtainable with just 10 Agility tickets in Brimhaven, and if you have completed Rocking Out, you don't even have to pay the entry fee. (Thanks to The Tal Shiar Alliance!)

... that non-members can actually make good money in the Cooking Guild? Three Cooking Apples (worth more then 200gp each) spawn there, and all the ingredients to make Pie Shells (worth more then 350 gp) are available too, just make sure you sell them at the Grand Exchange, and do not accidentally make Apple Pies. It is also worth noting that you can make as much Flour (by grinding Grain) at the bottom of the Mill as you want before emptying it. (Thanks to The Tal Shiar Alliance!)

... that there are three Strange Plant spawns slightly west of Brimhaven? If you are lucky to find one (they spawn only once every half an hour) you can stock up on energy boosters before running across the Karamjan Continent. (Thanks to The Tal Shiar Alliance!)

...you don't have to keep circus costumes in your bank? Just destroy them, and you can get them back from the Ringmaster any time you want them. (Thanks to pokemama!)

..even though the weapon speed scale runs from 0 to 10, there will never be a weapon with 10 weapon speed. Due to the way the time between strikes is calculated, a weapon with speed 10 would strike an infinite amount of times. (Thanks to Necromagus!)

...you can use the "Decant" option for Bob Barter south west of the Grand Exchange. He will automatically combine any potions that are lower than 4 with each other, giving you "*insert name of potion here* 4" and the vials left over. (Thanks to Big_Stingman!)

...you can rest and bank at the same, so that you can regain run energy and health whilst tending to your bank? (Thanks to Requiem1160!)

... that the total Kudos you can get is 173 (for now)? The latest additions have been "Glorious Memories" and "Defender of Varrock" ("Tale of the Muspah" did not add anything to the Museum, only to the Natural Historian's pile of information about the Mahjarrat). Talk to Minas on the first floor to give him the proper information, and recieve an Antique Lamp of 10k XP. (Thanks to The Tal Shiar Alliance!)

... that you can continue to clean specimens, delivered from the Dig Site on the ground floor of the Varrock Museum? Most of what you find in the crate will be junk, but on a rare occasion you can find Antique lamps worth 500 XP. (Thanks to The Tal Shiar Alliance!)

...that there is a lever in Edgeville that acts like the wilderness lever in Ardougne? While in a Bounty Hunter world, it teleports you to deep wilderness and from there, it can teleport you back to Edgeville. But while in any other world, it teleports you to deep wilderness and from there it can teleport you to the lever in Ardougne. (Thanks to Master_Smither!)

... that there are five Pineapple Plants on Karamja each yielding five Pineapples? You can note them at the Leprechaun just north of Brimhaven to bring near infinite Pineapples home. Incidently, you can also plant a Pineapple "Tree" Seed north of Brimhaven, but these Pineapples do not spawn as fast as the native ones.(Thanks to The Tal Shiar Alliance!)

...hitting a tormented demon at anytime with a Darklight will reset the counter for its fire shield even if the fire shield is not up. (Thanks to Dragonlordjl!)

...that the level 41 Scarabs from the quest Missing my Mummy count towards Scarabites for your slayer task? So if you have Scarabites and want a quick and easy slayer task, pay these a visit! (Thanks to kinggabe!)

... Ali the Snake Charmer, a resident of southern Pollniveach, doubles as a busker? If you sit within a 3x3 box of him, you'll get all of the same effects as sitting by a normal busker! (Thanks to Chickenman51!)

... the time in seconds for a rune ore to spawn is 1500 - 3/8 * #players(where #players is the number of players currently on the server). (Thanks to Master_Smither)

...that once you reach Rank 300 in Mobilising Armies, buy and wear a full set of Lord Marshal gear including an unlocked Ring of Charos, you can report the undercover H.A.M. agent and gain an additional THREE ranks. The Lord Marshal gear you bought can be sold back for equal Reward Credits that you bought it for (this goes for all MA clothing). (Thanks to The Tal Shiar Alliance!)

...That, while many people still believe so, using the Egg Launching Cannon in Barbarian Assault does NOT cost any points? The most costly is to let Penance Runners reach the exit and escape. Being the Defender is therefor the hardest job, and often teams have double Defenders in all but the last round. - Thanks Tal Shiar!

...that if you click the compass while playing, it refocuses the screen towards the north? (Thanks to Jimmy_jim)

...that the bull-roarer used in the Legends Quest really exists? In the Wonghibon tribe in New South Wales, Australia, a boy's entry into manhood is celebrated with a special naming ceremony. A boy would be given a completely new name to signify the change from boy to man, and during the naming ritual a special piece of wood, the bull-roarer, was whirled around to produce a loud humming noise. One of the boy's teeth would then be knocked out. Uninitiated were not allowed to witness this ceremony, under pain of death. (Thanks DwarfPope!)

... that the new level 200 Living Rock Patriarch has an amazing 100% drop? It includes 125 Blood runes, 8 noted uncut diamonds, 3 noted Runite ore, and the opportunity to mine Living minerals from the carcass. (Thanks to Necromagus!)

... That it usually only takes six consecutive attacks with, for example, a Dragon Dagger (p++) to poison someone or something? The target must of course be able to be poisoned, but the attacks don't even need to do any damage. After hours of testing we can confirm this with reasonable certainty. (Thanks to Tal Shiar Alliance!)

...that replacing just 5 regular bulbs with energy-saving (LED or CFL) ones will completely eliminate your carbon footprint from playing RuneScape? So long as those bulbs are used an equal amount of time as you have your computer on or less, your bulbs will save you as much energy as is needed to run everything to play RuneScape. Replacing 2 more might actually save you enough money over time to buy yourself Membership. Just remember to properly dispose of the CFL lamp, and not just throw it in the bin. (Thanks to Tal Shiar Alliance!)

... That armoured zombies, located under chaos altar in the wilderness, are a good source of planks (normal, oak and teak all noted). In addition they drop a significant amount of Blue charms. On top of that you do not need food. You can climb up the ladder, pray, go down again (without them becoming aggressive if you do it quick). BUT, beware that they do not all use melee, some use range so you will have to switch prayers properly. Notes: must have started Defender of Varrock and Salve amulet (e) is advised. (Thanks to Kolgan!)

... That your Quest Points determine the amount of time you can stay in Juna's Cave? Your total Quest Points equal the number of Tears you can catch (both good and bad) at the Tears of Guthix minigame. (Thanks to the Tal Shiar Alliance!)

... that when talking to Uri during Treasure Trails, he is sometimes found saying ´I am the eggman; are you one of the eggmen?´ This is actually a reference to the song ´I am the walrus´, written in 1967 by the Beatles. (Special Thanks to DwarfPope)

...While the Crystal Bow and Shield have a requirement of 50 agility, the quest to obtain them has an agility requirement of 56. However, since spicy stews have a chance to boost agility six points, the quest can still be done at level 50. (Thanks to Necromagus!)

...that if you plant Nasturtiums in the flower patches and leave them there, you never have to worry about even watering your Watermelons? They will never get diseased, and the only reason to Supercompost them is to get an increased yield, thus more Farming experience. (Thanks to Darkdude98!)

...That you can store items in your Beast Of Burden by using the items on them? It does not work well with stacked items like Coins, Runes or Arrows, since only 1 of those will get stored... (Thanks to the Tal-Shiar Alliance!)

...with this weeks update, Jagex put an incomplete fairy ring into the Ancient Cavern? It is located near the waterfiends and requires 5 bittercap mushrooms (in-game they are called Mushrooms) and a spade. The Fairy code to it is BJQ. And with this fairy ring it means you can bring in a summoned monster now. Previously if you tried to jump off the dock into the whirlpool with a summoned monster you wouldn't be able to get into the Ancient Cavern. (Thanks to Howlin0001!)

...that you can close the bank screen by clicking on the run or prayer icon next to the minimap? This can be convenient once you get used to it, since it has a bigger clicking area than the tiny cross which you normally use to close your bank screen. It is also closer to your inventory, which can be handy while fletching, cleaning herbs, making pots, etc... (Thanks to Bedman!)

...that one of the biggest rewards from the Blood Runs Deep quest can be earned without even finishing the quest? The new shortcut to Dagannoth Kings makes it possible to solo these mighty beasts. Note: If you complete the quest, the shortcut is lost. (Thanks to the Tal Shiar Alliance!)

... that you cannot repair or bless the gravestones of JMods? If you try to, the message 'You needn't waste your prayer points on a Jagex Mod's gravestone!' appears. (Thanks to DwarfPope)

...that Concentrated Gold and Coal rocks can also collapse on themselves, without anyone mining at it? So do not be confused when you're unable to start mining if you are the only one in that dungeon... (Thanks to Tal Shiar Alliance!)

...that when making glass on lunar magicks, you don't need to burn the seaweed into soda ash first, you can use seaweed in your inventory as well, saving you a step in the glass making process. (Thanks to naominomble!)

...that passing a skill related blockage in the abyss gives a small 25 xp in that related skill? (Thanks to mckinzy5!)

... that if you have your varrock teleport setting for the G.E, that anyone using your house portal will also be teleported to the G.E.? (Thanks to joerlegacy!)

...that by making your farmed herbs into unfinished potions you can make more money than selling the herbs alone. (Thanks to Master_Smither!)

... That Fremennik Sea Boots 3 have exactly the same stats as Adamant Boots? This includes the +1 strength bonus. (Thanks to the Tal Shiar Alliance!)

...the quality of the incense burners doesn't affect the Prayer XP received from offering bones at a POH altar? Only the quality of the altar does. You don't need to buy those expensive marble burners! (Thanks to king_muumuu!)

...that for all PVP combat you get more experience the higher the opponents combat level is? Check here! (Thanks to Howlin0001!)

...that if you have your varrock teleport setting for the G.E, that anyone using your house portal will also be teleported to the G.E.? (Thanks to joerlegacy!)

...that you can sell unwanted shards to the Pet-Shop in Taverley? You can sell large quantities of shards, for FULL refund! (Thanks to Enchnter!)

..The faster your melee weapon is (such as a dagger compared to a godsword) the faster you can recast a bind spell no matter whether it splash or lands successfully. (Thanks to Piratesyoho!)

...That you can store Sacred Clay Harpoons in the various Tackleboxes you get as a reward from Fish Flingers? You can proceed to take one out and morph it into anything you want, allowing you to bring a whole supply of Sacred Clay Pickaxes to the Living Rock Caverns (for example) in just one inventory space. (Thanks to Tal-Shiar Alliance!)

...the Penance Prayer-to-HP regeneration method works well for the Graveyard chamber of Magic Training Arena! Simply activate Redemption after your health falls below 200 and you have regained at least 3 Prayer Points. This will allow you to deposit all of the fruit you create and save your inventory spaces since you don't have to bring any form of healing with you! (Thanks to GaVaTi!)

...that you can get an extra 20 battlestaves from Baba Yaba along with the ones from Zaff's shop in Varrock at the same price in her rune/chicken shop. (Thanks to Mister Senty!)

...that for Dark Beast slayer tasks, if you have completed Within the Light quest, you can change the location of your teleport crystal to the Temple of Light - allowing you to bypass using the Mourner's outfit and saving you 5 inventory spaces? (Thanks to Tipit!)

that dungeoneering summoning charms can be alched or sold to the smuggler. (Thanks to Laikrob)

...that shooting poison eggs at Penance Healers at Barbarian Assault resets their poison to 1, regardless of the poison your healer teammate has applied? Beware! (Thanks to infam0us911!)

... that Beefy Bill banks cow hide for you at a price of a few hides to keep for himself? A great place for the lower levels looking for some cash and combat experience! (Thanks to infam0us911)

...that you can teleport faster using Fairy Rings by clicking the entry on your history, and then clicking teleport. (Thanks to the Tal Shiar Alliance!)

...that by signing the person designated to be the Defender at the Barbarian Assault minigame LAST, they spawn closer to the Defender supply dispenser? (Thanks to infam0us911!)

...that "The Blood Pact" is currently the shortest quest in Runescape? It can be completed in under 2 minutes with no help from any other players! (Thanks to infam0us911)

...that "Doric's Quest" can be completed in approximately 10 seconds? This is providing the player has all the necessary items already. (Thanks to Micromal!)

that when fighting Strykewyrms and your back is facing something solid (i.e. Rocks, Trees, Cactuses etc.) then the Wyrm cannot use its special attack? (Thanks to Requiem1160)

that the 'Bow' emote has a secondary option, 'Curtsy'? This is useful for female characters, but can also be used by males. Simply right click 'Bow' and select 'Curtsy'. (Thanks to FreindO1!)

that per day, you can only gain a maximum of 30,000 experience (in all skills) by assisting another player(s)! (Thanks to SerpentEye!)

that you can sell grey wolf fur to Baraek for 120 coins each? You can make quite some money on this, considering the price of the fur at this time of writing is 45-48 gp per fur. (Thanks to FreindO1!)

that the Dell Monti located in Brimhaven gives out 40 noted Pineapples for free if you're wearing your Karamja Gloves? (Thanks to infam0us911)

that If you're Power Fishing (Shilo, Barbarian Etc) and you're P2P, you can use the raw fish on a Bunyip familiar to get 1-9 Water Runes, this can make a profit even whilst Power Fishing! (Thanks to dfchester!)

that with the new Dungeoneering ring customisations, you must be in aggressive stance to utilise the Berserker class? Similarly, the Tactician class requires you to be using accurate fighting style to work. (Thanks to Racheya!)

...that when you change your God symbol in your Played Owned House's chapel, other items in your chapel also turn into ones of that God? (Thanks to Guydabest!)

...that in the Shattered Hearts distraction, you can no longer receive Strange Rocks for Construction by simply standing in your player-owned house? You must actively earn Construction XP, either in or out of building mode. (Thanks to SerpentEye!)

... that Peer the bank-depositing Seer in Rellekka (with Sea Boots 1) is actually closer to the fishing spots than the beaches of Catherby are to the Bank? Check out the requirements to get these boots, they are really not that high! (Thanks to the Tal Shiar Alliance!)

... that if you check the danger sign at the Death Plateau, one of the trolls will throw a rock at the camera as it pans over them? (Thanks to Necromagus!)

... that when you click on an object in the Construction Skill guide, the materials needed show up in your chat box? (Thanks to adamantcheses!)

that a Pack Yak familiar can send a item to your bank when you're anywhere in the wilderness, even when you cannot teleport. (Thanks to Dzihouchan!)

... that using the free spells in your Explorer's Ring gives you Magic experience in addition to being a handy tool on Slayer tasks, Mining etc? (Thanks to Laikrob!)

... that even if you forgot to supercompost a farming patch, you can save it by using fertile soil from the lunar spell book? it works even with a patch planted already! (Thanks to redleg06)

... that you can still access the developer's console even if your keyboard doesn't have a § or ² character? Simply type in Alt-0167 or Alt-0178 to toggle the console on/off. (Thanks to lordkafei!)

... that the infinite run energy from the Ooglog Pools works in Familiarisation? (Thanks to Dzihouchan!)

... that the Soul Wars bank has no randoms? It's the best place to make potions! (Thanks dzihouchan)

... that damage is calculated before you see the hitsplat? You can use this to your advantage by opening the xp counter when in PvP! (Thanks to Not_Trolling!)

... that you don't even need a Seal of Passage to go to Lunar Isle? Just lie to Lokar Searunner about going to Pirate's Cove, and Captain Bentley will take you to Lunar Isle! (Thanks to Not_Trolling!)

... that a single God Arrow (Guthix/Saradomin/Zamorak) counts as a God item at the God Wars Dungeon? This means you'll be protected from the minions of that God by carrying just one arrow! (Thanks to Not_Trolling)

... that after 'paying taxes' in the Fremennik Isles quest, you can purchase up to 1,000 yak hides per day from Vanligga Gastfrihet in Jatizso? (Thanks to triquos!)

... that you can toggle whether or not Ava's device picks up random metal objects by right clicking it and pressing "toggle"? (Thanks to Bailey2092!)

... that when carrying the Statue Collection Bag for the D&D Shattered Heart, any strange rocks that you get will go straight into the bag rather than appearing in your inventory. (Thanks to 81Cj74Indy!)

... that you can view your Grand Exchange offers while not on Runescape? Download the Runescape Game Bar to try it out! (Thanks to Not_Trolling!)

...that if you plant a farming seed with boosted stats, you can still pick/check the health of the plant without a boosted stat; however, you will receive no experience for doing so. (Thanks to mlskid!)

... that you can unlock your bank pin anywhere? Just click House Options -> Building Mode to enter it! (Thanks to Not_Trolling!)

...that adding a Longbow sight to a bow also increases the weapon's speed? (Thanks to Not_Trolling!)

... that House Options pauses the timer for Overloads? You can make your 5 minute potion last much longer! (Thanks to Not_Trolling!)

... that the Dragon Halberd does full damage on the Corporeal Beast, even though it's not a spear. (Thanks to Not_Trolling!)

...that by holding down SHIFT and the left/right arrowkeys, you can edit a pre-typed (but not submitted) message in Runescape? (Thanks to Peregrine!)

...that if you place a cannon under a large monster (provided it doesn't destroy your cannon), it will keep firing without pause. (Thanks to Not_Trolling!)

... that while thieving monkey knife fighters after the quest "Do No Evil," you can only pickpocket them a max of two times, even though you've clicked more than that? The rest don't register, no matter how fast you click. (Thanks to ForsakenMage!)

...that there is a link to the Runescape Official Forums in the advisor tab, which automatically logs you in? (Thanks to Jonanananas!)

...that with the update to the Wilderness, you can get additional xp from using Jennica's ring on the portals to the spirit realm located around the wilderness. If you're already claimed your xp reward previously, simply go through a portal again to claim the extra xp. (Thanks to All_Bogs!)

...that a Forge Regent can remove your opponent's weapon mid combat? (Thanks to Not Trolling!)

...that if you leave your Player Owned House while under the effects of poison, your poison will be cured? (Thanks to Saradomin_Mage!)

...that withdrawing "1k" is the equivalent of withdrawing 1,000 of any item using withdraw 'x'? The same applies for using '1m' instead of 1,000,000. (Thanks to Not_Trolling!)

...that the 'Dungeoneering Skillcape Game' can easily be made into a scam? A player can dictate the outcome of a Dungeoneering Skillcape emote through the use of a ring with stats (Seers for Magic, Warrior for Melee, etc). This means that they can be dictating the outcome of a game without you realising, as there's no way to see an equipped ring, so beware. (Thanks to Thewizard and the contributors on the forum thread!)

...that Bob Barter at the Grand Exchange can decant your noted potions too? (Thanks to Not_Trolling!)

...that you can use the goals system as a way to alert you that you're earning unwanted xp? If you don't want to train a certain skill (eg Defence for a pure) then set an XP target of 1xp above your current total xp for that skill. That way you'll get a noise and message in the chat box if you earn any xp. (Thanks to brunokiller!)

... that if you ask Oldak, who is located in the North West corner of Dorgesh-Kaan, "What have you discovered?" he can give you up to a +2 Magic or +2 Runecrafting boost, which is great for those effigies you just cant quite do! (Thanks to shasta_Sms!)

... that during the Gravedigger event, Leo does not have his glasses, but when you are completing the Court Case "Gravedigger vs. The People," he still has his glasses. (Thanks to ForsakenMage!)

...that using a sacred clay hammer doubles your bonus while building hidey-holes and eiries? (Thanks to ScouterJW)

... that some grapple shortcuts no longer need you to bring your own grapple, as one may be stored in a Hidey-hole. Hidey-holes are buildable storage spots found near some grapple shortcuts where a crossbow and grapple may be kept, eliminating the need to carry them for future use of the shortcut. (Thanks to Gradeskip93)

... that alchemy spells do not interrupt things like mining, woodcutting and fishing? (Thanks to Jaffy1)

... that Dagannoth Guardians have 2 forms of of attack, melee & range? You can control which one they use by praying against the other for a few seconds. After they switch to the other form they'll continue to use it even if you turn your prayer off. (Thanks to uath13!)

... that the Bunyip summoning familiar is based on a mythological creature with the same name? The Bunyip is an evil swamp or water spirit from native Australian mythology. (Thanks to Necromagus!)

... Party Pete's character is not wearing his cool shades during the Court Summons, but his chat head has them on? (Thanks to ForsakenMage!)

... that if you built the agility shortcut across the River Lumbridge, before the addition of the Dungeoneering bridge, you can examine the hideyhole to find a note from Bridger Burt with a refund of 25 teak planks? (Thanks to uath13!)

... that drinking a dose of Overloads before entering a Daemonheim Dungeon will retain the boosted stats whilst inside? (Thanks to Not_Trolling)

... that clicking on your avatar in the "Equipment Bonuses" interface spins it all the way around? (Thanks to PlzPuddngPlz!)

... that in order to make Overload (1)'s, you can decant Overloads into (2)'s and (3)'s at Bob Barter and use them on each other? You would end up with an Overload (1) and an Overload (4). This could be useful for Dungeoneering. (Thanks to Not_Trolling!)

...that the Barrows Brothers, Verac, Torag and Guthan wear legends capes? (Thanks to Qwertyperty3!)

...that if you have a monkey greegree equipped and teleport from Ape Atoll without an empty inventory spot you will lose the greegree upon teleporting? (Thanks to Aslan!)

... that if the juju farming potion activates while you only have 1 inventory spot, the extra herb will be dropped on the ground. (Thanks to Aslan!)

... that if you go into the Smoke Dungeon or Pollinevach Slayer Dungeon without a face mask, the smoke will not kill you? It will continuously reduce you to 10 LP. This allows players without a Slayer helm to fight the Aberrant Spectres on the bottom floor of the dungeon, and is useful for players that want to use Dharok's armor. (Thanks to Hedgehog!) (Note, Tip.It is not responsible if you do die in the dungeon!)

… that if you store your lumberjack outfit in your PoH costume room (armour case) you can get a second set without having to drop the first? This would make for an easy (relatively speaking!) method to acquire two lumberjack sets (bank stacking, for example.) (Thanks to ScouterJW!)

... that once the Skeletal Horror loses both of its arms, it can no longer use magic attacks? (Thanks to Missingno!)

... That wielding a dwarven army axe allows you to light the incense burners in your Player Owned House chapel without a tinderbox in inventory. This frees up one more space for bones or ashes each trip. (Thanks to uath13!)

... that as your magic level increases, so does your resistance to magic attacks/damage. (Thanks to Jaffy1!)

... that Murky Matt can 'decant' the charges on jewellery? (Thanks to Helm_Lardar)

...that you can cancel an offer in the Grand Exchange slots screen by right clicking the offer and selecting abort offer. This is quicker than viewing the offer and cancelling from there. (Thanks to Racheya!)

...that although generally demons are weak to Magic attacks, the demon you kill to complete Monkey Madness has a high defence against Magic? (Thanks to Jaffy1!)

... that your run energy does not replenish while riding magic carpets. (Thanks to Wessan!)

... you can predict if a jadinko is going to get caught in your traps by simply hovering over the trap with the cursor? (Thanks to Aslan!)

...you can hold a Dwarven Army Axe to light burners in your house. Saves one spot in your inventory! (Thanks to Neos_Matrix!)

...Juju woodcutting potions also bank special logs (teak and mahogany)? (Thanks to Aslan!)

...you can boost Agility and Summoning by 10 levels for effigies in the Citadel Battlefield? Just ask a clan admin to build some Power-Ups inside for you? (Thanks to andamon!)

... that you can predict whether or not some hunter traps will fail by watching the animations? For example, a box trap will darken if it succeeds in catching a chinchompa. Thanks to Missingno.

...that the Smuggler (at the home base on any dungeon level in dungeoneering) will buy burnt fish? You won't get any gp for them, but it's a quick way to get them out of your inventory. (Thanks to ScouterJW!)

...that all 'old' bosses are capped at 2550 LP due to stats being stored as 8-bit max? (Thanks to Quyneax!)

... Jagex added a bank at the Battlefield? Just right-click the crate of capes to access it! (Thanks to andamon!)

...that when Runecrafting using the Lunar Spellbook, you can use the lunar contact spell to contact the Dark Mage in the abyss to fix your pouches? This can be done instead of having to run through the Abyss each time! (Thanks to Master_Smither!)

...that if you right-click the Quick Chat button near your name at the bottom of the screen, a menu will come up containing various options to switch the chat to which your message will be sent? (thanks to Arceus!)

...that with the addition of the Dominion Tower and the new placement of the Desert Phoenix, collecting desert phoenix feathers for super anti-fire potions is not as much of a hassle at it used to be. All you have to do is cross west from the tower over the bridge and head slightly north into a crevice where the bird lies. Another bonus with the distance between the two being closer is that the phoenix is in a more constricted area to move around in than in the past. (Thanks to Armorare!)

that when you attempt to teleport using jewellery while in monkey form on Ape Atoll, you do not change back to a human until you arrive at your location? (thanks to Jaffy1!)

...that you can adjust your RuneScape graphics and audio settings while resting in-game? (Thanks to Jaffy1!)

...that the golden mining suit and lumberjack outfits provide bonuses while mining and chopping wood at the Citadel? Interestingly, the flame gloves and ring of fire don't seem to provide any bonuses while operating the kiln (firemaking plot/activity) at the citadel. (Thanks to ScouterJW!)

...that when private chat is displayed above the chatbox, incoming Quick-chatted messages do not possess the infamous bubble. However, their legitimacy can still be confirmed by right-clicking them and noting the presence of the "Quick Response [username]" button. (Thanks to Arceus!)

...that the ‘old’ rogues armour gives you the corresponding bonus of the new factory outfit in the new rogues den? (Thanks to ScouterJW!)

...if you send a private message to any player beginning with one, two, or three slashes (/), it will automatically be sent to friends, clan, or guest clan chat, respectively? (Thanks to Arceus!)

...that the platypus and the tooth creature are the only pets able to block other NPCs? This can be used to keep aggressive creatures away from you or to trap NPCs such as penguins. (Thanks to Jonanananas!)

...that the 10 skill requirement of the Jack of Trades aura can be completed in less than a minute in the swamp south of Lumbridge? Attack a giant rat with the controlled attack style (4) and bury its bones (5), cut two logs (6), fletch one (7), light the other (8) and cook the raw rat meat on it (9), then teleport to Varrock (10). Removing your aura after you gain experience in ten skills will allow you to collect the reward regardless of how much time you had left. Unlike other areas, the ten skills can be completed in the swamp with no items other than your toolbelt and a weapon with the controlled style, such as a whip, longsword, or spear. (Thanks to Alg!)

...that if your private chat is set to "On" and you add a person to your ignore list that the ignored player can still see that you're online? Be sure to change your private chat to "Friends" if you don't want someone following you from world to world! (Thanks to Hamtaro!)

..that if you're in the Morytania area you can teleport using the Drakan Medallion without using a charge? (Thanks to Kolinec & Kimberly!)

...that you can't rest while you are poisoned? (Thanks to 2noob4you1!)

...that you can hit the spacebar and the number keys to skip through dialogue? (Thanks to Jaffy1!)

...that Beasts of Burden can now hold untradable potions and flasks? (Thanks to Jonanananas!)

...that you can get more than one clan cloak (from the Captain of the Guard in the Clan Camp) and clan vexillum (from the Clan Scribe, also in the Clan Camp)? You can get duplicates, even if you have the cloak or vexillum in you inventory. This would be useful if you like stacking things inside your bank! (Thanks to ScouterJW!)

...that you can set up a vyrewatch pyre during the burning animation for a pyre on a different platform? (Thanks to Alg!)

...that if you mine red sandstone daily, you can bring along a decorated mining urn with you? It will be filled completely after you're finished mining the sandstone, giving you a bit of extra Mining XP. (Thanks to Saradomin_Mage!)

...that the Infernal Gaze allows you to shoot lazers from your eyes? It hits typeless damage and is not reduced by the Corporeal Beast. (Thanks to DavyJ0nes35!)

...that typing "R.I.P. Runescape" in your notes yields the message "Wanna bet?". I don't know if this is some final insult, but you may have guessed that no, I don't want to bet. (Thanks to Ts_Stormrage!)

...that if you click on the right hand side of a forum thread on the RuneScape Official Forums, you are automatically taken to the last post on the thread? (Thanks to Arceus!)

...that if you right click home teleport, you will be able to teleport to your last destination without opening the Lodestone Network screen? (Thanks to Hegelstad!)

...that you can view the world map and adjust your RuneScape graphics and audio settings while resting in-game? (Thanks to Jaffy1!)

...that you only have to gain the most unboosted experience from attacking a monster in order to get the loot, rather than deal the most damage. (Thanks to Veiva!)

Did you know for the Fremennik sea boots 2 you have to listen to an argument between tower guards and they quote an argument between king Arthur and a Frenchman in Monty python and holy grail? (Thanks to hollowpast!)

...that you should take off your blood necklace before killing a soulgazer? Typeless damage causes the soulgazer to glitch and not drop anything! (Thanks to 999134!)

...that you can have a maximum of 10 earned spins on the Squeal of Fortune, as attempting to redeem subsequent spin tickets results in an error message. (Thanks to Arceus!)

...that training summoning is easier than ever thanks to the recent updates to Taverly? The druid village has added a bank, moved the summoning obelisk to the ground floor instead of down a ladder, and even offers a few free summoning supplies each day, including a few spirit shards and a gold charm! (Thanks to Sorator!)

…that if you have multiple barrows items that need repair and use one on a POH armour stand, you will be given the option to repair all of them at once? (Thanks to Alg!)

...that there is now an "eat" option on burnt food? (Thanks to Vezon Dash!)

... that all our "Did You Know" facts come from the community/staff? Check out how you can be part of it here!

...that you don't have to equip the Seer's Headband for it to act as a light source? (Thanks to Zanthulus!)

...that Bob Barter will decant noted potions for you? (Thanks to Sorator!)

...that if you are in the Molly's evil sister random event, and you go through the door and forget to look at the "good" Molly before she disappears, you can still see what she looks like by clicking on the door. The chathead will have the correct hair, and you can capture the right evil Molly. (Thanks to waterfish333!)

...that while wearing Ardounge Cloak 1, you stand a chance of automatically stealing from a stall in the market?

...that when you initially log in or switch worlds (including to and from the lobby), your friends are sorted by the order you added them in your friends list, not by when they started their current session? This is slightly counter-intuitive since as friends log on, they will be added to the bottom of the list. (Thanks to Arceus!)

...that when on the Lunar spellbook and wanting to change to the regular spellbook, you can cast the NPC contact spell and talk to the Oneiromancer and she will change your spellbook back to the regular spellbook? (Thanks to Alan of!)

...that the house portal in Taverly is actually closer to both a bank and loadstone than the house portal in Yanille? This makes Taverly an ideal location for prayer training at a guilded altar. (Thanks to P3aceMak3r!)

...that you can set all of the doors in your POH to be open automatically when you load the house in the house options menu? (Thanks to Alg!)

...that the constructor's garb (Temple Trekking reward of course) gives bonus XP while repairing fences at the Livid Farm? Likewise, the Sköll Boots will give bonus XP when you cast energy transfer, and the Hati gloves will give bonus XP for pretty much everything! (Thanks to ScouterJW!)

...that, even if a player missed the 2008 Thanksgiving event, he can still obtain its reward? The cornucopia is capable of storing up to 120lp and can be received as a rare drop from chickens and other birds. (Thanks to Hamtaro!)

...that you can scroll through your current queued chat message more quickly by holding down the shift key and pressing the up and down arrows? (Thanks to Arceus!)

...that you can actually request Jagex to have your account permanently deleted? If you're under 18, it requires that your parents submit an affidavit, along with either a copy of their passport or driver's license to Jagex. If you're over 18, the process is the same, except you must submit a copy of your own passport or driver's license. The affidavit must be signed by and in the presence of a notary public before Jagex confirms account deletion. (Thanks to RU_Insane!)

...that if you use your clan vexillum on another player, it will invite them to your clan, assuming you have permission to do so? (Thanks to Arceus!)

...That choosing to imbue a pouch at a summoning obelisk will also restore your summoning points? (Thanks to Alg!)

...even if you don't equip a kinship ring or have it in your inventory, you can still be invited and enter the dungeon? The ring will just come back to you when the dungeon starts. (Thanks to hlpmee!)

...that Squeal of Fortune was a game on the kids' television show Sesame Street in 1989? (Thanks to Arceus!)

...that when receiving an ancient page drop from mithril dragons it will be on the bottom of the drop pile and you won't be able to see the dragon bones? (Thanks to 2noob4you1!)

...that if you add someone to your ignore list, right-clicking their chat still gives the option "Add ignore." (Thanks to Arceus!)

...that you can get up to 28 Enhanced Excalibur? You can buy the regular Excalibur, drop it, rebuy another, and when you have the amount you want, talk to the lady of the lake, who will convert all Excalibur in the inventory to the enhanced versions. (Thanks to Dragonkng198!)

...that you can check your quest journal to see when you can next visit Tears of Guthix? (Thanks to Octarine!)

...that you can take Squeal of Fortune pendants and most of XP-boosting pendants into Dungeoneering? (Thanks to Octarine!)

...That each combat class has its own bind or stun ability? Some of those abilities have stunning and binding combined as well! (Thanks to the Wilderness Guardians!)

...That stun does more than just binding your opponent in place? It also prevents them from switching armour and eating to heal themselves up! (Thanks to the Wilderness Guardians!)

...even with the action bar open, you can skip hitting enter and just press 'Tab' to quickly reply to the last private message received? (Thanks to Arceus!)

...that the best food for you depends on your Constitution level? Find what you would be able to cook if your Constitution level was your Cooking level to find the best food for you! (Thanks to the Wilderness Guardians!)

...that with the banking interface open, you can still right-click on items in your inventory to perform such actions as wear, wield and empty/fill? (Thanks to Niccosdad!)

...that with the banking interface open, you can still right-click on items in your inventory to perform such actions as wear, wield and empty/fill (such as for rune essence pouches or fruit baskets)? (Thanks to Niccosdad!)

...that elite diary gear has the same stats as runite but is free to claim back? (Thanks to Octarine!)

...that when you level up a skill, a F2P skill has a silver border but a P2P skill has a gold border? (Thanks to Baffler!)

...that if you rest anywhere in Taverly/Burthorpe it restores energy as if you were resting at a musician? (Thanks to Baffler!)

...that the Blisterwood Staff is as accurate as Ahrim's Staff, and Blisterwood Stakes are as accurate and as damaging as Karil's Pistol Crossbow firing Dragonstone Bolts (e)? Both are free to make after Branches of Darkmeyer? (Thanks to whyareall!)

...that Slaughter and Fragmentation Shot inflicts bleed effects that hit for triple damage if you move? However, if you return to the spot where you were hit by the ability, the bleed damage will be reduced back to normal. (Thanks to Gwynrwyn!)

...that Dagon'Hai Monks in the Chaos Tunnels are level 178 combat but only have 880 lifepoints? This makes them great for combat daily challenges! (Thanks to BloodAngel!)

...that if you feed a Valentine Heart to your baby troll, he will say "Yum! Me like be your Valentine!" and gains a name "Honeybunch"? (Thanks to Teemupets!)

...that the first of the two new skills to be released this year has been penned for a Summer release? (source: Mod Pips) (Thanks to BloodAngel!)

...that to save bankspace, you can store just about any holiday item in your POH's Toy Box? These items can also be retrieved from Diango in Draynor, but it should make houseparties a lot more fun! (Thanks to Ts_Stormrage!)

...that when collecting resources in a Sinkhole D&D, the plots with spiralling sparkles will give you 2 resources per tick for a total of 6 resources, rather than 1 resource per tick for a total 3? (Thanks to The Marquis & Dragonkng198!)

...that you can get a daily supply of cheap ores at the blast furnace from Ordan? (Thanks to Dracae!)

...that entering a bank rapidly heals a player? (Thanks to sees_all1!)

...that only body, shield, and leg slots will reduce your accuracy with weapons of other combat styles? Also, armour from your weakness will reduce your accuracy less than armour from the style that is weak against you. (Thanks to DragonKillZ3!)

...that in a dungeon, the life point boost from a bonfire obtained on the surface world carries over from outside (until the timer expires, of course).? (Thanks to Arceus! )

...that you can pay orts for your avatar buff by talking to the Quartermaster in your clan citadel rather than tracking down your clan's avatar? (Thanks to Arceus!)

...that Bob the Cat has green eyes? (Thanks to ForsakenMage!)

...that there are at least 341,581 normal trees in Runescape? (excluding dead trees, evergreens, snowy trees, fairy trees, quest variants, etc.) (Thanks to Actiniaria!)

...that the King Black Dragon has a rare drop of a book documenting the history of a mysterious race known only as the Dragon Riders? (Thanks to Will H!)

...that Father Uhrney in Lumbridge Swamp is more than 12 years behind on his mortgage payments, despite moving and/or remodeling 3 times? (Thanks to wyvren2000!)

...that while the Clan Citadel no longer needs visitors (only resources) to be maintained, it still requires 5 people to visit to keep open for business? The visitor requirement for upgrading the Citadel have been lowered as well. (Thanks to The Silent Guardians!)

...that the accursed ashes dropped by death spawns exclusively are consumed by bonecrusher for prayer experience? (Thanks to Mlskid & Kimberly!)

...that the ascension monsters in the new dungeon are the first monsters that are weak to an attack type? They are weak to range, normally monsters are only weak to a type of range (like thrown, bolts or arrows). (Thanks to Howlin!)

...that you can use prayer ashes at Ectofuntus with just a bucket of slime? (Thanks to wyvren2000!)

...that after Monkey Madness, you can obtain a monkey in Ardougne zoo by persuading one of the captive monkeys to hop into your backpack? Then, if you release the monkey on Karamja, you will recieve thieving experience equivalent to twice your level. (Thanks to Baffler!)

...that quick chatted phrases have no right-click report option, just 'Add-friend,' 'Add-ignore,' etc.? This provides a unique way to verify some phrases lacking a Quick Chat "bubble" such as Fist of Guthix rating for free players. (Thanks to Arceus!)

...that after Monkey Madness, you can obtain a free medium clue scroll? Obtain a monkey in Ardougne zoo by persuading one of the captive monkeys to hop into your backpack. Travel to Ape Atoll, and feed the monkey bananas. Eventually, the monkey will spit out a clue! (Thanks to Baffler!)

...that you don't have to click a monster you're already targeting when you use an ability? Simply activating the ability will let you run up to and attack the monster. (Thanks to Ambler!)

...that if you wield the enchanted Yaktwee stick while handing in the moth jar to the giant chin, you get a 10% XP bonus? (Thanks to Dragonkng198!)

...that the enhanced Yaktwee stick offers a mere 5% bonus, not a 10% bonus that Draggle suggests? (Thanks to Miss Lioness!)

...that the Saradominist and Zamorakian tokens can be upgraded 5 times as you gather Divine Tears? (Thanks to Will_H & Jeremy841!)

...that you can drop items by dragging them out of your inventory onto the main game screen? (Thanks to Baffler!)

...that the Black Knight Titan is one of the few longstanding monsters that never received a graphical update in RuneScape 2, even in RS3 it still has its original look. (Thanks to BloodAngel!)

...that although free players can craft death runes in Daemonheim, not a single spell in the spellbook makes use of them? (Thanks to Arceus!)

...that you can destroy Chronicle Fragments instead of turning them in when you reach the max of 10? (Thanks to Dracae!)

...that you can add hatchets and pickaxes up to dragon to your toolbelt? It even accepts gilded pickaxes. (Thanks to Xena_Dragon!)

..that the ability Chain can hit through walls? All you need is a clear line of sight from yourself to each target. (Thanks to Arceus!)

...that Dwarf traders only inflict 10 LP when they catch you whereas most creatures inflict over 100 LP? (Thanks to cowmaster187!)

...that Divinations' Boons will use energy from either the tier you just finished, or the one you just started? Be careful when you're making a Boon that it uses the energy type you want it to use! (Thanks to Ts_Stormrage!)

...that when your character gets hit by desert heat it actually says "Ouch!" ? (Thanks to Miss Lioness!)

...casting Humidify on an inventory full of buckets a few times gets you your daily quota to the Lumbridge Rebuildathon? That's a large XP Lamp for a few minutes of effort! (Thanks to The Wilderness Guardians!)

...that, unlike most untradable objects, clan vexillums and cloaks can be high alchemized? (Thanks to Arceus, who found this out the hard way!)

...that it is possible to get more than one of the same Crystal triskelion fragment? If you are wearing a slayer mask from the Squeal of Fortune and are lucky enough to get a crystal triskelion fragment on your 10th kill you will end up getting two identical crystal triskelion fragments. (Thanks to Armcie!)

...that in the lobby, you can delete friends without having to confirm? This is useful if you need to clear many people off your friends list to make space! (Thanks to Arceus!)

...that if all of your skills are at least 99, and your Dungeoneering is less than 120, Tears of Guthix will apply experience to your Dungeoneering skill? (Thanks to Zanthulus!)

...that the healing rate of a bunyip is much higher than the DPS you receive from desert heat, which means that a bunyip is a more convenient alternative to waterskins (or an enchanted tiara)? (Thanks to Renyzen!)

...that if you hover over the active world icon in the lobby, it shows its location/activity? (Thanks to Miss Lioness!)

...that there are two gulls in the water south of Draynor willows on F2P worlds, and four (two pairs) instead on P2P worlds (picture)? (Thanks to Arceus!)

...that with the bank interface open, it is faster to discard items by first transferring them to and then dragging them out of your inventory than dragging them directly out of the bank? (Thanks to Miss Lioness!)

...that non-ironman players can now see the high alchemy values of items in the Price Check by clicking the icon in the lower left corner of its interface?

..that drinks and jadinko fruits are unaffected by ghasts (thanks to Teemupets!)

Will you use Menaphos to train your skills?

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