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Letters to the Editor #3

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Dear Mysterious Editor,

I have been playing Runescape for a long time, long enough so that when I saw the article, Robot Wars, aka Death of the Robots which made it's debut on May 12 2007, I wasn't surprised. In fact, I doubt you could knock me over with a feather, or for that matter a poleaxe.

Runescape has always had a population of Autoers since it's popularity has steadily increased. Autoers are one of the ills that have plagued the runaway success Jagex has created in this MMORPG. The very fact remains that, not only do we see them, but we feel them working in our very Economy. Although it has it's own inherent faults, autoers that choose to participate in illicit activities flood the economy. Not only do players feel the sheer economic power of these people, but Jagex sees it as well.

Now, in addition we have seen the explosion of another entity that rivals the sheer threat of autoers as well. The "sweatshop" concept with real players playing the game solely to break rule 12 (real world trading), by doing things such as Runecrafting natures! So now we have two grand enemies that seek to extrapolate as much worth as possible in Real World Trading. "Bots" who are now under the scrutiny and view of the whole of Runescape. But we also see the rise of Gold Farmers, people that play solely for the purpose of "Farming" gold through whatever means possible in order to consort in Real World Trading. So it is inevitable Mr. Editor, that Jagex had to upgrade their detection methods, and crack down on these individuals.

But the fact that Jagex has begun this head-hunt doesn't mean players should descend into complacency. Sure, you hear almost sensationalized tales of Billions being taken out of Runescape from bans each week. But remember, how many more Billions worth of Pixel-Gold does Jagex have to remove via bans before they're gone? So this letter is a plea Mr. Editor.

Kudos to Jagex and congratulations on their upgrade of their Bot tracking systems. But to all the Runescapers out there, have you upgraded your Tracking Systems? Are you reporting these individuals who are spoiling our game? Jagex can always keep on upgrading their systems, but we as gamers have a duty to send in Queries to help Jagex, we have a duty to send in reports naming autoers. Rallies and demonstrations ingame won't help. Badmouthing Autoers and Gold Farmers won't help. Runescapers, what will help is taking the time to send in that helpful query, sending in that report. Sure, it may seem small, but guess what, you did something to help Jagex. Only together, can Jagex and the gamer, help. I know it's a cliche to end this plea with this, but, you may talk the talk, but can you really stand up, and report?

Ever Hopeful,

In Response to I have the answer, Mr. Runescape!

I have heard loads of people saying 'RuneScape is sooooo educational...', etc. etc. Sure, it may improve one's typing a bit or teach you about the past, but lets face it - we play RuneScape for fun. Though playing RuneScape may have certain educational advantages, I am sure that I could type much better, and learn more about history, if I were to write an essay about the medieval times (though it would have to be done on the computer ). Though that wouldn't be fun.

Instead of going on about how brilliant RuneScape is for education etc, just play it for fun. I don't pretend that RuneScape is educational, I play it for fun, in fact saying RS is educational sounds like an excuse to me - "nah, there's no need to revise - RuneScape is just as good as any revision". Obviously, I know you aren't going that far, but can you see what I'm getting at...?


Did You Know...
... unless you are in the wilderness, monsters will not attack you if you are more than 2x their combat level?

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