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Letters to the Editor #4

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After reading the Tip.It article "I have the answer, Mr. Runescape!" a few weeks ago, I thought about what RuneScape has taught me. Other than the things that the writer, Errdoth, mentioned, Runescape also educated me on a few other more important things.

When I started playing Runescape, I was narcissistic, despite being a pretty nice person in real life. Admittedly, I scammed a few people, was arrogant whilst mining or woodcutting, and didn't give things back when people died. What did I care - I'd never see those people again!

One late Saturday night, though, I found thread on the Rants section of the official forum. It explained how there are other people behind the screen. It advocated people to put themselves in the shoes of others who are behind the computer screen.

So I started applying that principle. I now find myself to do this frequently in-game and in real life - and I strongly advise you to, as well, because it really does feel good to help someone. No matter how cruel the people are, I always try to remember that if I just go a little out of my way to help someone, I will make a difference.

Honestly, I think that without this alluring, fun, and sometimes aggravating game, I wouldn't have as many amazing real-life and in-game friends as I do now. I now encourage you to think about this question, because it really is an engrossing one - How has Runescape changed you as a person?


In response to "Are They Only Pixels?"

“It’s only pixels” or “Get a life you noob, it’s only pixels” must be the most posted phrases in a sympathy attempt thread on the Official RuneScape Forums. But when you see that, it must enrage or agree with you. When it comes to actually seeing what it means, it’s probably some high level that doesn’t give a rat’s butt for the “noobier” version of him. Really, they were once that level too!

The noob version of him will ask for sympathy and may or may not get. The high level doesn’t usually give sympathy because he or she probably didn’t get it when they asked for it. So provoking to say “it’s only pixels” and making them maybe feel better. But the people who just want to say it, wants to because it’s true.

The whole RuneScape world is built of pixels. Losing a pixelated item in game is just losing pixels (items will now be referred to as pixels). When you look at your monitor you’re looking at pixels. So there not that hard to get hold of. When you get scammed/die you lose pixels you traded for pixels.

In misplacedme’s article, he wrote that also lose the time and effort put into getting the first pixels, this is true. But it kills the point when you think of how easy it is to regain those pixels is what the people saying “it’s only pixels” really means. The time you take to regain those pixels is variable. And can be longer or shorter than what the original time to gain the pixels.

These pixels will change in price, leaving less expensive pixels to defiantly be causing the words “it’s just pixels” to appear in someone’s head and post it. The more expensive pixels will get more sympathy, probably A LOT more posts showing sympathy than “get a life” or “it’s only pixels” Leaving the pixelated community of RuneScape to argue about these, in real life worthless, pixels.

With my final words, I would like to say: 1) Even though I wrote this article about saying “it’s just pixels” I do not support the people who do. And 2) Thanks to anyone who reads this article and enjoyed it, it has a good point in it.

Did You Know...
... that chain armour has better crush defence than plate armour?

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