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After reading I have the answer, Mr. Runescape (8-Jul-2007) I began to wonder not only what I had learned, but adverse habits I had picked up as well. I agree with the author when I say that my typing skills have increased. I have to be able to type rapidly when someone wants to trade or they’ll become disinterested and move on. Unlike most players, I shy away from abbreviations and just type the words out as I say them. I’ve always typed that way in school and work, so I never saw the reasoning for abbreviating much. It tends to take me more time to think about what I’m abbreviating than it would to actually type the whole word. Now I’m not saying I don’t use an occasional ‘ty’ when I finalize a trade, but you’ll never see me say ‘wutz ur lvl?’

The area that I’ve most gained knowledge, in my opinion, is sales. Not only bargaining a price, whether I be selling or buying, but also the items that I take the time to sell. Once I gained the level to smith mithril swords, that was all I did. I never took a moment to realize that I wouldn’t be making much of a profit from selling them to general stores, and the demand for them in the players market is low. The players who would want them wouldn’t have the cash to pay me so I could make much of a profit. So I found myself changing my strategy of what I’m producing. Instead of making mith items to level up with expensive and harder-to-obtain mithril, I instead mined iron and coal to make steel plates, which I could sell to general stores for a lot more money, and more (albeit lower level) players were interested in picking up the occasionally platebody. I am a free-to-play player, let me remind you, otherwise I would be producing steel cannonballs by the bucketloads.

Moving on, the overall thing that I’ve learned from Runescape and it’s immense scope was simply to be efficient. I’m one of the older players you’ll find out there, and with school and a job, I don’t spend much time playing anymore. It seems to get less and less as other important things come up. So the time that I do spend online I try to make it the most productive that I can. Instead of working on one skill, I make sure that I put myself in the best position to work on multiple. For example, instead of just fighting to further my range skill (which is horrid I must add) I go to pick on chickens. I go to the champions guild. This might be slow for range xp, but if I pick up the feathers that are dropped, bury the bones, then pick up the raw chicken and cook those at the conveniently located range inside the guild, I am adding to three different skills as well as gaining a resource that I can use in fishing or sell for gold. None of these are amazing helps to leveling up, but they’re all in one place, able to do without running across half of the map to quickly refresh with food or supplies.

Most of all, Runescape has taught me no matter what I’m doing, do it smart. Don’t run out into the wilderness to mine some un-contested mith if you’re not willing to lose that rune pickaxe. Don’t offer someone your lowest price right away. Don’t buy anything without bargaining. Always be prepared. Remember that, and you’ll do just fine.


Did You Know...
... that NPCs can attack each other? Go to the goblin village or the Khazard battlefield and watch the opposing sides fight.

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