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Rejected Skill Ideas

Written by and edited by Hawks

Here at the Times, we're as curious as everyone else about what this year's second skill will be. Unlike everyone else, we just finished sitting through a marathon of heist movies and, since there wasn't a 'don't try this at home' disclaimer in any of them, thought it would be a good idea to steal the information. It was around this time where we discovered how naturally suited the Editorial Panel's skill sets and personalities were to Hollywood-style crime, and everything seemed to fit together perfectly.

Except that when we got there, we found out that Jagex wasn't built like a classy art museum or a Vegas casino, so we just poked around through their garbage instead.

So, while we can't leak the new skill's name for you, we can tell you what we're sure it won't be. Here are just seven of the hundreds of ideas that were pitched and rejected by Jagex, for various reasons. They represent an important part of the development process.

Skill Name: Astrology
Description: Gives players the ability to draw power from the stars. Trained at the observatory, player-owned house telescopes, and far away from cities at night. Players will be able to buy or craft star charts at any of these locations, which are consumed on use and give various powers depending on the constellations.
Rejected because: The sky will be added in a grandmaster quest scheduled for 2016. Project recycled for Divination.

Skill Name: Mercantile
Description: Players will gain the ability to trade items between shops and craftsmen to gain experience and money. As they level, shops would gain better stock and craftsmen will produce better goods. At level 50, the player will be able to open their own shop, which grows in a similar manner all the way to 99.
Rejected because: Balance issues.

Skill Name: Gunslinging
Description: Opens up a new region called the "Western Lands", accessible through a portal in Ardougne. Players will be able to buy early guns, ten-gallon hats, and horses. Skill is leveled through fighting outlaws, robbing banks, herding cattle, and pistol duels. Rewards include guns, outfits, and new resources.
Rejected because: Reworked into a new game, "CowboyScape", scheduled for release in 2021.

Skill Name: Martial Arts
Description: Players gain bonuses in unarmed and unarmored combat. Training primarily gives bonuses to damage and defense if the player has no weapon or armor, and unlocks new styles and abilities that grant further powers, such as energy attacks and the ability to turn blonde on demand.
Rejected because: Balance issues.

Skill Name: Science
Description: Players will be able to use knowledge of the natural world and its mechanics, creating weapons, armor, and abilities out of technology. Rewards will include robotic familiars, energy weapons and shields, and laser weapons.
Rejected because: Great deal of overlap with magic, summoning, and prayer.

Skill Name: God-Mode
Description: The Gods are returning, and you can use their powers as your own. Players gain levels by killing gods, and eventually other players that have a similar level in the skill. Includes new weapons and spells.
Rejected because: Balance issues, lore issues, potential lawsuit with Sony.

Skill Name: Player-chosen
Description: Players will be allowed to vote on the skill they want to see, and during each phase of development we will add the most popular mechanics, elements, and rewards as chosen by the community.
Rejected because: You're joking, right?

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