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Buying and Selling

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Tip.It would like to introduce you to the Scaredy-Cat of Runescape. This is a diary of the SC's adventures along the journey from noob to experienced player. We hope you enjoy it.

Buying ...

I'm the scaredy-cat of Runescape. Knees aquiver at monsters, pkers, buyers, sellers, trolls, spiders, expert players ... the list goes on. {Rolling Eyes}

Yesterday a friend told me to go buy 3K rune essence and he would do something for me. Shiver me timbers! Buy 3K rune essence? Heck no. What say I go flay the skin off 500 sheep for you and you go buy me 3k rune essence. Done deal.

Later that night the question was raised about my fear of trading... stutter... darn I think I've been found out. "Because I can't be bothered buying stuff. Why do you think I'm still running around in a rune med-helm?"

*Shock Horror* was the reaction. What followed was a lesson in just trading things between myself and him. That was fine. I can do that. No problem, no sirree. Then.....

Come with me he says, here take this 100K and I want you to buy me 1k cowhides for 100k..... Oh **** I say! I flustered and flubbered and prevaricated as much as I could....connection is not good, can't get into World 1, need the restroom, need a snack, need to do dishes (at 10 o'clock at night pfft). I tried everything to get out of it but when the man was actually following me what could I do but go and buy dead cowskins since he was so kind as to teach me.

So I stood in place in world 1 amongst a million rabid traders at Falador East bank feeling claustrophobic and thinking every noob insult was directed at poor old Scaredy-cat who was going to buy 1000 dead animal skins and everybody would rofl darn them!

"Now just type this," 'GOD' says (well he must be God if he can make me trade in World 1)... 'cyan:Scaredy buying 1000 cowhides for 100K' and turn your public chat to Hide." Well I turned it totally off and couldn't see a thing anyone said and I had my Trading thing to Friends. All wrong of course but I fumbled around a bit and asked stupid questions until finally I was set. I typed obediently knowing I would wet myself if someone actually came along and sold 1000 dead yukky things to me and I would have to click accept and mess up a trade and lose my friend's 100k.

No sale! Phew I was glad and ready to sign off - until 'God' decided I must move to Varrock's West Bank and try there. My gosh, it was much worse! I stood on the road and yelled my heart out in red, cyan, yellow and who knows what else. Then I had a nervous moment thinking - shoot did I just ask for 100 cowskins or 1k cowskins....oh dangit someone's gonna accept trade and report me for false trading or something if I don't pay them 100k for just 100 dead things.

I moved around until I could see people trading things for 3.4 mil - doubletake - what!? 3.4 mil? You're bloody joking! What the heck costs 3.4 mil I ask God and who's gonna sell me dead skins amongst this lot? Ahem...Scaredy...move back to the road where the little things are sold. Oh.... {Embarassed} I'd have laughed if I wasn't so nervous - but I did get offered an addy something or other and something else that didn't look like a dead cow.

Well! No sale thank goodness. I gave back God's 100k and went to bed seeing little white dots and screams of noob scammer, accept/decline and 1000 dead cows.

I wasn't terribly grateful for the lesson at the time but I am now and have offered to kiss God's Rune Boots and may even pinch his rear in appreciation because I had a go for myself at buying 1k Rune Essence today. I sat and watched to see if anyone was selling - heck all selling allright but for 50k? Oh dear that seems quite a lot I think to meself. So I parked myself in World 3 I believe it was and yelled my heart out singing the song of "buying 1k ess for 30k!!!!"

30 seconds was all it took - I walked away with 1k ess and a new name on my friend list though he doesn't know it, and one day very soon I am going to find that seller and show my appreciation with something nice.

... and Selling

One of my finer moments in attempting to sell stuff came after a friend told me to mine heaps and heaps of coal and sell it. So I dutifully went to the mine at the back of Seers (love that place) and picked rocks, my nose and even bats. It all got rather tedious around the 500 lump mark but I persevered and picked more of my nose just to pass the time until I got 1000 of those precious lumps of money. Then came the hard bit...selling them. Heaps of opportunity, I mean how many times had I seen someone asking for 1k coal for such and such an amount. Glorious I thought.

I headed into the throng and would start to trade but was declined every blimmin time! What the heck is this I say? It's a new entice-the-noobs-into-negotiating-and-put-them-off-selling trick, that's what it was! I swore and muttered bad things under my breath as each trader declined me and nobody could tell me what I was doing wrong. These darn lumps of coal were getting heavier and setting like gall in my throat. Again I tried with someone on the fringes who again declined me and I ended up asking in exasperation - what am I doing wrong?!

He walked away from me saying "note it". Huh? I chased after him and asked him "what?". You need to note them and he explained further how to do it when I went to the bank. For goodness sake, can't I blimmin read? What the heck possessed me to think that any person would stand there while I traded 28 lumps of anything then ran back into the bank to collect another 28 lumps of something. Nongby! Pfffft.....

Did You Know...
... that Monkfish give more fishing experience than Sharks??

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