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I'm starting this article with 40 divination. That's probably not enough to judge it fairly, but I don't expect the skill's structure to change dramatically as I climb through the levels.

Click and wait.

That phrase pretty much sums up Divination, doesn't it? Click on wisps until your inventory is full, then click on the rift until it's empty again. Repeat as necessary. It requires so little attention that I'm doing a divination daily challenge while writing this.

Click and wait.

The strange part? I'm not really complaining. The skill is slow, but I don't have any reason to rush: classes kept me from participating in the high scores race and I'm not trying to reclaim a cape, so the only thing driving me is that I don't like seeing one of my skills so low. And I'll be the first to admit that it's probably going to be my go-to alternative to lobbysitting when I'm more interested in talking to people than playing the game. In short, I'm treating it like I did fishing, back when 60k per hour was the best rate you could hope for, and where I took three years to get 99 because I didn't see a reason to get it faster.

Click and wait.

Of course, part of that is because this skill doesn't offer anything worth rushing to, aside from raw levels. For someone with my play style, the main reason to train is that they can always add something nice later on. It would be surprising if they didn't: at this point it's very easy to see this as the base of the skill, a step above an idea with room to add almost anything. That's probably going to be the skill's strength later on, as long as they follow through with it, whether it's through new divine resources, a better transmutation system, or areas that require the skill in more ways. I believe they've mentioned that they plan to do a few of these things already.

Click and wait.

The concept is nebulous enough that making this the base of a skill is probably the best thing they could have done, if only because there isn't a strict definition of what Divination means for them to stick to. That even makes sense lore-wise: they've constantly stressed that the players are the pioneers of the skill; if it's limited, it's because nobody has figured out a better way. On a meta level, this means that they can justify any update that involves manipulation of energy as a part of divination, for better or worse. We might have just been given the skill with the broadest scope overall.

Click and wait.

I'm ending this article with 45 divination. I'm still at the point where levels come fast even though the skill is slow, so my goodwill toward it could change very quickly. Until then, I have plenty of things to keep me occupied while I train.

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