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1.2 The coming of Seren

Written by and edited by Racheya

He felt another presence in the land. A being that called herself Seren. Searching through her open mind, he found only peace and curiosity. He woke himself from his stupor, preparing to greet a fully sentient being for the first time in centuries.

“Hello,” Seren called, having felt Guthix’s presence in her mind.

“Hello, Seren. I am known as Guthix to anyone who remembers. I came here long ago, and wish to know who disturbs my rest.”

“I am a… goddess, I suppose. I am new to my powers. I am exploring the planes in hopes of finding a new place for my race to live. We were decimated by the gods. Tuska, the blind one, unleashed hordes against us. They burned the Life Tree, and it transferred its power to me. My vengeance was terrible. I burned the legions of Tuska, as she burned me. We are left to a small island, for that is all we have left.”

“Does Tuska live still?”

“Yes, she was too powerful for me to destroy. She is gathering armies to come back and wipe us out. We must escape.”

“Your stories bring up memories of mine that are too painful to mention. But know this; I am the slayer of Skargaroth, and the blinder of Tuska. If you should cross me, nothing will save you from my rage. I too, lost my homeland in a war of the gods. I would welcome your race, if you wish, so long as they harm nothing. There is open space to the southwest; I shall be pleased if something occupied it. I prefer a world full of life.”

“We need to open a portal to allow the elves through,” Seren said.

“No matter, tell me more of your world, Seren.”

“It was green and lush, much the same as Gielinor, until the god wars came. Then it became a wasteland, it is now gray, with smog and blood covering the forests and plains. The air smells of ozone and magical residue. But to the north, a last bastion of greenery remains. There, the remainders of the elven clans live in fear, of the hordes of Tuska.”

“With this sword, I can cut portals to other worlds. I can visualize your world, but not well enough. Join your mind with mine, and we can open a portal.” The two gods embraced each other mentally, and Seren shared her memories with Guthix. Guthix took his sword and slashed downward, opening a rift. Seren returned through the rift, and brought back the elves.

“There is land to the south of here, where you may build your cities. I shall leave the world in your hands for a while, Seren. I feel the call to wander once more.”

With that, Guthix flew out of the world, leaving the Elves with Seren to rebuild their tattered civilization. There, she created a grand tower. This Tower of Voices was made of living crystal. It enabled the elves to call upon the goddess whenever she was needed. And so the elves began the labors to build Prifddinas. It was a grand city, grown of crystal to match the tower. Surrounding the Tower of Voices were eight smaller towers, one for each of the Elven Clans. They spread out from Prifddinas, covering the land in small villages. They had a healthy respect for the natural places in the world.

Soon, Guthix left his perfect plane in the hands of Seren, and began to wander once more. He found other races, man, dwarf, and gnome. They would come soon to the world of Gielinor, and the world would come into the minds of less noble beings than Guthix and Seren…

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