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Interview with YoGoSun

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For those who don't know him, YoGoSun is a 20 year old college student who is currently ranked third in the RuneScape high scores. Sit down, and enjoy the read as he answers a few for you.

Tip.It: When did you start playing RuneScape, and how did you find it?

YoGo: Around 5-6 years ago I was playing in a football team. Some of my friends on the football team was playing this new game called Run and Escape. So I asked them if this game was fun and where I could try it. They then told me to go to So I went home excited about trying this new game. But then I try to get to this runandescape website but I can't find it. After a few days I find out that they were pronouncing it wrong.

YoGo: Around 1 year later I am surfing the web and trying to find something to do. Then I stumble on RuneScape again so I thought, why not try it again. I make a new account named YoGoSuN and login to RuneScape.

Tip.It: So, this is your first "real" account? What does the name meant?

YoGo: This is my first account if you don't count the one I made 1 year before I started playing for real (since I only logged in for around 10min on that one). The name doesn't have any meaning. Before I played RuneScape I played Starcraft: Brood War, and in that game there were a lot of good Asian players, so I thought I'd just make a name that sounded a bit Asian for fun.

Tip.It: Why have you kept playing RuneScape since then?

YoGo: I have find RuneScape relaxing and I don't usually get bored because I can do other things while I play it. For example I can watch videos, read forums or do homework. And there are the updates. Not many games got so many updates all the time.

Tip.It: You're in The clan. Why are in in that one specifically, and how do you feel about clans (in general) on RuneScape?

YoGo: I have been in 'The' clan for so long and I've experienced so many things together with them. And the community is great. I used to be very active with clan things but now I find that I don't have as much spare time as I used to so I'm not as active with clan things anymore. Clans in general I think are great. They're a good way for people to get together and do fun things, not just for wars and pking.

Tip.It: During a normal week, how much time do you play?

YoGo: It's very different, it all depends on if I got a lot to do irl. Right now I only get to play around 2 hours each day because im starting College. But when I was training cooking to 200m exp I was playing for over 10 hours each day.

Tip.It: What are you studying in college?

YoGo: I don't know the exact name in english but its about Computer security and solving crimes done on the net.

Tip.It: That sounds fun. How much longer do you have?

YoGo: I started this week. I got 3 years left.

Tip.It: With all the skills you raised to 99, what was your favorite and least favorite?

YoGo: I think Crafting was one of my favorites even though it cost a lot. And firemaking was fun also. I didn't really like doing prayer since I did it using the ectofuntus. And mining is also one of my least favorite since I had to drop all those granite rocks all the time.

Tip.It: How do you fund the more expensive skills that you train?

YoGo: I got my money a bit here and there. I saved up from some of the skills but the most money that I got is from rcing. I never had any runners when I rced so I gained a lot of money and I got most my essence from when they were around 40gp/each.

Tip.It: Have you tried your hand at merchanting?

YoGo: No, I have never merchanted. When I didn't have all stats at 99 I didn't like doing things that didn't give any experience.

Tip.It: You're currently ranked #3 in the overall high scores. Are you trying to reach number one?

YoGo: I try not to set any long goals. But I don't say I don't want rank 2 or 1 but for now I will do what I feel like doing in RuneScape. I don't always try to get my total exp up. Right now, I'm working on the champion scrolls.

Tip.It: How's that working out? I 've heard a lot of people saying that completing all of them is harder then it seems.

YoGo: Yes its very slow and I didn't have any scrolls at all when I started. I only got 3 scrolls so far. And I've been at hobgoblins for over a week. I might take a break with the scrolls and do something else later.

Tip.It: When you're just relaxing and not trying to reach a goal, what are you doing?

YoGo: Usually I'm just getting exp in some skill even though I don't have any goal that I set for myself.

Tip.It: You've played RuneScape for a very long time now. What changes (updates or community) have affected the game the most?

YoGo: The Rs2 update changed a lot even with the community, Jagex had a poll where they asked who wanted to continue on RSC or go to rs2 and I belive the poll was at around 50/50. But when the update came most people went to Rs2 anyway.

Tip.It: Why did you pick Rs2?

YoGo: I kinda figured that RSC would die out eventually and RSC wouldn't get any updates. And the biggest reason for most ppl to stay on RSC was the pking system and since I don't really pk a lot I didn't really have any reason to stay.

Tip.It: Time to close off. Is there anything you would like to say before we finish?

YoGo: Here is a list of dates when I achieved level 99s and some other achievements.

Date achieved Achievement
2003-11-22 100 Combat
2004-05-15 110 Combat
2005-02-09 120 Combat
2006-05-14 126 Combat
2003-08-16 1300 Skill Total
2003-12-11 1400 SKill Total
2004-05-21 1550 Skill Total
2004-07-29 1600 Skill Total
2005-01-04 1700 Skill Total
2005-07-11 1900 Skill Total
2005-11-11 2000 Skill Total
2006-06-01 2100 Skill Total
2006-06-05 2150 Skill Total
2006-09-26 2178 Skill Total
2006-11-21 2200 Skill Total
2006-11-23 2250 Skill Total
2006-12-11 2277 Skill Total
2004-10-21 100 Mill Total exp
2005-08-16 200 Mill Total exp
2006-07-28 300 Mill Total exp
2006-10-29 400 Mill Total exp
2006-11-16 450 Mill Total exp
2006-12-19 500 Mill Total exp
2007-01-11 550 Mill Total exp
2007-02-01 600 Mill Total exp
2007-03-07 650 Mill Total exp
2007-04-21 700 Mill Total exp
2007-05-31 750 Mill Total exp
2006-10-19 50m cooking exp
2006-11-13 100m cooking exp
2006-12-21 150m cooking exp
2007-01-12 200m cooking exp
2007-02-01 50m thieving exp
2007-05-28 100m thieving exp
2007-02-15 50m fletching exp
2007-04-28 100m fletching exp
2004-11-06 99 Magic
2004-12-12 99 Ranged
2005-02-09 99 Hits
2005-03-14 99 Strength
2005-03-31 99 Defense
2005-04-03 99 Attack
2005-04-11 99 Fletching
2005-04-20 99 Woodcutting
2005-04-22 99 Firemaking
2005-05-21 99 Smithing
2005-06-06 99 Cooking
2005-06-18 99 Fishing
2005-09-17 99 Thieivng
2005-11-11 99 Crafting
2005-12-26 99 Agility
2006-04-23 99 Mining
2006-04-23 99 Farming
2006-04-24 99 Herblore
2006-05-18 99 Prayer
2006-07-01 99 Construction
2006-07-24 99 Runecrafting
2006-09-26 99 Slayer
2006-12-11 99 Hunter

YoGo: I have made a video of all the pictures that I have and I uploaded it on youtube if anyone is interested. Youtube link

YoGo: I also have a youtube channel: Youtube channel link

Tip.It: I 'm sure the readers would love to see those.

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