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History of Gielinor Pt 1.3 The Coming of Man

Written by and edited by Racheya

Part 1: The First Age
Part 2: The Coming of Seren

As Guthix wandered the planes, he came across many different races. The war-like Mahjarret and the demons of the nether, among others. Some races, however, were thought by Guthix to be appropriate. Humans and dwarves he found, and gnomes. He bid them to leave their war torn worlds behind and come with him to the perfect plane of Gielinor.

From the Journal of Haluned, first elf to see man:

“I saw them, being led into the world by that mysteriously powerful being known as Guthix. They walked upright, like us, but were not as fair skinned, not all of them anyway. By the thousands they poured through the gate, like a landslide. I knew I must inform the Lady Seren, and went at once to enlighten her of this arrival.”

The humans came through the World Gate into a world that reminded them of home. They spread out, farther than the elves. They founded kingdoms in the world, and respected the boundaries of each other, as well as the elves.

Guthix, however, had failed to tell Seren of his plans, and furiously, she came to him with tales of how the humans destroyed all they surveyed.

“Guthix, you cannot mean for them to stay here! It will have grave consequences on the world. They cut trees, and flatten grasslands to build their cities.”

“Did you not also cause destruction when your people arrived? Did you not also need to repurpose land? No, believe me, these are the best of the humans that have come here. The land will recover in time, just as it did when the elves arrived. I have business to attend to. Please excuse me.”

He left an indignant Seren, and returned deep into the earth, where the Stone resided. He had to maintain the balance of Gielinor. He reached out and felt the Stone’s power. He took some of the power and channelled it into wells of energy, scattered throughout the world. He then transmuted stone into the essence required to store this energy. Humans would discover this in time, and the elves would have a rival. Despite his liking of the elves and Seren, he knew that if any one group gained power over another, the world would come to ruin. Now there was only one thing to do.

He returned to the surface, and spoke with the elders and rulers of the human kingdoms. He told them to use their strange new world, and to respect all things in nature, as well the elves. He also imparted on them the destruction that would come from meddling with forces beyond their knowledge. He knew that, someday, he would be called forth from his hibernation to end a war, but he hoped that he was wrong in this. Other races and gods would come to this world, and lobby for the beliefs of its residents. The world gate remained open, and he left that way, before sinking into the earth, and, cutting himself off from everything except the Anima Mundi, he slept. His rest would last 6000 years and take a war of the gods to end…

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