The Tip.It Times

Issue 26199gp

The Second Age 2.1

Written by and edited by Hawks

The world cried out at once in horror; they could no longer feel the warm, soft touch on their minds. But it was still there, buried beneath the surface. Guthix was sleeping, having opened his perfect plane, Gielinor, to settlement by the elves, humans and other races. Seren remained above, with her people, peacefully existing. But it was about to change. New gods were coming…

It had been days since he had rested, so eager to quench his thirst for adventure that he simply continued. Tumeken, the god of light, entered Gielinor with a peaceful intent. Soon he found humans, and they brought him gifts and tokens of worship, and in exchange, he blessed their crops and lives. But the cause of his wandering ways came back to him. He longed for a companion. He left the cities of his followers, and braved the harsh desert. For many days and nights he wandered, searching, always searching. Unlike his other wanderings, each step he took caused his legs to feel heavier and his breath shorter. He came upon a magnificent river, the Elid. He knelt and drank deeply. The power that had vanished returned. Forgetting his plight, he set about finding the source of this river. At the end, he met Elidinis, and was so struck by her beauty, that he professed his love for her. She returned with him to the Cities of the Menaphites.

Soon, the pair had two children, Icthlarin and Amascut. Icthlarin cared for the souls of those that passed on their journey to the afterlife. Amascut cared for the bodies of those that passed.

While the desert was blessed, other parts of the world were not so lucky. Zaros, the powerful God of Control, had rallied the peoples of Northern Gielinor together, and crushed the neighboring territories. Soon, the god had control of the majority of Gielinor.

As Guthix had, Zaros brought many new races to the plane of Gielinor. The Dragon Riders came, to tame the wild dragons of the world. They quickly became his most feared lieutenants. Inevitably, the great civilization of Tumeken would clash with the Zarosian Empire.

They fell south like a storm. The Zarosians fought with a speed and fervor that nearly wiped out the Kharidians. All available troops were focused on holding the line against forces uncountable in number. Icthlarin took it upon himself to find help for the struggling Menaphite forces. He found the help he needed in the Mahjarrat.

A strong and magical race, they lived for war and destruction. Icthlarin gained their sworn allegiance, and brought them back to Gielinor. They forced the Zarosians back to a series of cliffs in the northern desert. It was there, they made their stand. Sliske was among the first to fight. He cut his way through the Zarosian lines raising those that fell to wights under his command. Hazeel, Zemouregal, Zamorak, Kharshai, and others fought with such a strength and ferocity, that the battle was over in hours. The Zarosian armies lay decimated, and the Mahjarrat were merciless in the rout. Amascut watched this, and something within her changed. The destruction she witnessed broke her mind, and she caused much strife. She was exiled, vowing revenge on those who stole her power.

The Mahjarrat quickly grew tired of their servitude, having no wars to satisfy their hunger for battle. They left Icthlarin, preferring the defeated Zaros as their master, who was much less peaceful. With the help of the Mahjarrat, he established an empire stretching from Ardougne to the River Salve. This empire would last for years, until a Mahjarrat named Zamorak attacked his master.

Meanwhile, Tumeken, distraught at the fates of his children, dreamed a powerful dream, and in his sleep, created four more gods. These would not be the last of the gods to come to Guthix’s Plane.

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