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Armadyl Wants YOU!

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Without a doubt, you're going to want to participate in the World Event that is going to determine who is the first god to die in Sliske's little gameshow. Whether you've already decided what side to join, or if you're still sitting on the fence, you're going to want to read both articles this week.

You're reading this one because you have an open mind, and can still be persuaded by arguments and convinced to pick a side. You're sensitive to logic and reasoning, and while sometimes you're perceived to be indecisive, you're really just considering all the angles before making a final decision.

Guess what? These are the qualities that you'll find in both Armadyl and his followers as well. Not only that, but a sense of fairness and justice is something you believe should be innate to all moral and intelligent beings, and to be without morals is to be evil.

Bandos on the other hand, will stop at nothing to get what he wants. He'll use anyone he can as a stepladder regardless of the consequences. He favours wars of destruction over serene peace, and much like his followers, fails to comprehend the meaning of the word 'elegance'.

So your personality is very much compatible with that of the House of Armadyl. But since you also want to get something in return for your efforts, we should explore what's in store for you should Armadyl be the one left standing.

Items dedicated to either god have shown one thing in the past; Bandos clearly favours hand-to-hand combat, while Armadyl's strategy hinges on taking your opponent out before he even reaches you. But when it comes down to it, the Aviansie aren't afraid to swoop in an take a swing themselves. And when they do they're not waving a silly potato-peeler either. This is the race that created the Godswords, the most powerful mortal weapons in three ages! Just imagine for a second what they can do when the Aviansie race has been restored to it's former glory. And I haven't even brought up the Armadyl Battlestaff.

This brings me to what it means for the world. Bandos favours war while Armadyl favours peace. Armadyl wants to save his race from destruction, Bandos will, when he is lacking an opponent, pit his own followers against one another. Is it a surprise that the only goblin race (the Dorgeshuun) to have ever stepped away from Bandos and his influence has thrived, flourished and prospered to the point where they even invented electricity?

Armadyl also gave us the Citadel. A former home of the Aviantese above the clouds where clans can meet, gather, party and train with some of the best and cheapest rates available in a little palace of their own. Not only that but it's fully customizable, allowing us to get as creative as we want.

Finally, let's look at the way they do battle right now. Currently, the efforts to support Armadyl are about double that of the efforts to support Bandos. Most Bandos supporters tend to go with PvP enabled, while the followers of Armadyl are half-half. Typical to say the least, but it does have the effect that buildings can be demolished and rebuilt without being murdered all the time.

While Armadyl's side may never get back to having double the divine energy of Bandos, the lead is increasing every day. While the outcome isn't set in stone yet, you should get your Bandosian trinkets now for they may soon become rare.

In the end it doesn't matter from which angle you look at it; Everything gets better when Bandos isn't there, and everything got worse when Armadyl wasn't there. The choice is obvious, wouldn't you think?

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