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Letters to the Editor #7

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After reading "What’s your final goal in Runescape?" (09-Sep-2007) I was glad that someone finally agreed with me. I was surprised that I haven’t seen as many people talk about it on forums before. Runescape, when I first started playing it, was a ton of fun. The time spent working on skills was a lot of fun, and changing it up by doing a quest or two really helped me from getting bored. Now that all my F2P quests are done, however, there isn’t really a lot for me to do other than try to get my skills leveled. I got myself a membership for a month in attempts to renew the game for me. What I found it doing to me was actually making me obsessed with the game. I felt I had to get my money’s worth so I was constantly doing nothing but member-only things, trying to level up as far as I could, trying to smith or fletch as much as possible. I didn’t really have any goals in sight, but it didn’t matter, I was getting something I hadn’t had before. It was exciting for a while, but once my membership was over, I chose not to renew. First off I don’t have the money to continually renew, and second I wasn’t too impressed with what I was missing. I’ve always been a miner, and everything (basically) is available for F2P players in the mining category. I found myself not wanting to play the game anymore. Maybe it was me maturing and moving on to real life rather than the digital world of Runescape. Maybe I just got tired of listening to people calling me a noob. Either way, I didn’t want to set any more goals. That’s what the game had become for me, one big goal. I haven’t played in a few months now, and the biggest reason why is that I have no desire to get anything that I don’t have.

I have a relatively low range skill, so I was working on leveling it up. But what would I get once I leveled it up? Nothing that I really wanted to use. I don’t like ranging and I wouldn’t use the higher level range items even if I was able to. When it comes down to it, all that I would be doing in-game would be mining, smithing, or fighting, all to see my numbers get bigger. I realize that there is a huge following of this game, and it is enjoyable. It used to be for me. Now I feel like I don’t have any reason to keep going. I do however feel like I should log on every once in a while just to keep my player active. I would feel like I had wasted a lot of time if I just let it get deleted. But then again, what good will it do? Is there others out there like me that have moved on? Where have you moved on to? Another game? Have we aged so that real life has taken our interest away from gaming? I feel like Runescape hasn’t aged with me, and so I’m sorry to say that I don’t feel like it has anything to offer me anymore. Go ahead, Jagex. Aim your game at younger players, because there’s no reason for us older gamers to stick around anymore.


I've read a lot of the articles here, and a few have made me want to say something about it But until I read a specific one, I never actually did. I just finished reading "What’s your final goal in Runescape?" and I just had to say something.

I've been playing Runescape for about 6 years 3 months, which is quite a long time I must say. And although I've played for such a long time, I cannot count myself into the ranks of the 120+ or even any of the 99 clubs. Until fairly recent I couldn't even say I had a skill over level 90. Although I have managed to get myself a quest cape in that time. If you use world 78, you have probably seen me standing in edge talking to people, not much else, just talking. Enjoying the game, and the people in it, is what I like to do most.

For a while, I have been trying to get some people to look at how they play... training at bandits for 6 hours straight to get those 3 levels, or working for weeks while being bored out of their skull (or watching a movie to pass the boredom) to get that coveted (or now so easy to get) 99 fletching or magic cape. I have tried to understand why do something so boring just for some level that doesn't even REALLY matter, or why work for months on end doing something you hate to buy a single item that you don't even wear because you fear losing it. It's just turning a fun, meant to be enjoyed game, into a goal, or for some a competition (who's better at what). And that just isn't fun, and it isn't the point of the game. Just remember it's a game, it's meant to be fun. If you are doing something boring, do something else, make it fun.


Did You Know...
... that the prayer book from The Great Brain Robbery quest cures poison at the expense of 1 prayer point. You must wear a Holy symbol to use it.

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