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15 Days of Christmas

Written by and edited by Hawks

It’s a mere three days before Christmas and the citizens of Gielinor are preparing for a very festive Christmas. This Christmas is unlike any other, however. If any of you have visited Falador (or glanced at the chat) recently, you’ve probably noticed that Armadyl and Bandos are currently in the heat of battle. This isn’t the only tension in the world, though! In the Lumbridge crater, Sant’ar Klaws is holding Santa Claus captive in a cage in an attempt to ruin Christmas for every citizen in Gielinor.

Along with the other festivities planned this year, Jagex is hosting a “15 Days of Christmas” event. During this event, players have the chance to receive a ‘festive cracker’ which, when pulled, has the chance to give a Black Santa Hat. This is the same way that Party Hats were distributed during the 2001 Christmas Event. These unique rare items have been a source of controversy since they were announced earlier this month.

Owners of Santa Hats are among the players that are angry that Jagex has decided to release a black variant of the coveted rare. Over the past several weeks, the Grand Exchange guide price of the normal Santa Hat has fallen 13.7%. The price of a Santa Hat on December 1st was close to 170,000,000 coins. As I write this, the price is currently 146,800,000. Most holiday rare items tend to rise before their respective holidays and crash after the holiday is over. This year, with the announcement of the Black Santa Hat, the Santa Hat guide prices continue to fall before Christmas.

As confirmed by Mod Michelle (@JagexMichelle) on Twitter, the chance that you will get a hat out of a single cracker is 1/2000. This means that for every 2000 crackers pulled, you will generally get one Black Santa Hat. Most players will generally get 3-5 crackers per day from doing various skilling activities and attending the drop parties in the Falador Party Room every day at 2:00 AM GMT and 8:00 PM GMT. This means that most players will pull 75 crackers by the time this event ends. This means that the chance of getting a Black Santa Hat throughout the course of this event is 15/400, which is still extremely low. This can be a good thing, however. This means that the prices of the Black Santa Hat will stay high and the price of a regular Santa Hat won’t be affected as much.

Many players are also complaining about the drop rates of the Festive Crackers. You can get a Festive Cracker from doing any activity that will give you spin tickets. You can also retrieve them from drop parties that occur on every world at 2:00 AM GMT and 8:00 PM GMT in the Falador Party Room. One of my friends stated that he has been fishing and woodcutting for several hours of the day and he has yet to get a cracker. He believes that they spawn very infrequently and that they should spawn more often so that more people can get a Black Santa Hat. For reasons I have stated above, this is a good thing. If more Black Santa Hats enter the economy, the price goes down and the rare isn’t as valuable.

Another main complaint about the 15 Days of Christmas event is that the Festive Crackers give absolutely nothing of value beside the Black Santa Hat. Personally, I’ve gotten “OVER 9000!” Yule Logs from the crackers that I’ve opened. Other items inside the cracker include coal, a small amount of Magic Logs, a Rune PlateBody, and gold rings. Many players believe that there should be more valuable items in them such as barrows equipment or coins. While a few better items wouldn’t hurt anything, I don’t really mind getting useless items. If too many new valuable items enter the economy, the prices will drop as well.

Black Santa Hat’s seem to be a hot topic among players. Most of you have probably popped open a cracker hoping for a hat but, obviously, you’ve probably gotten a nice stack of Yule Logs. I wish you all luck in your pursuit of the Black Santa Hat and, from all of us at the Tip.It Times, we wish you a very Merry Christmas!

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