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Life After Bandos

Written by and edited by Racheya

It's hard to ignore the fact that a major character died this week. I'm not going to pretend to mourn the guy, but he did leave a void. You don't have to dig very hard for Bandos' lore, and his impact on player culture is only a step below the main three.

Of course, all of that is in the past now. New players will know Bandos by his armor and his appearances in "flashback" quests. His emissary acknowledges his death and still accepts new members, but other than that, very little has changed. Which makes sense, as he's the only one we got to see in the Fifth Age.

As with most gods, Bandos' character exists almost entirely in the past. He's one of the few whose character has not had his personality and goals changed to be more or less sympathetic, and one that had almost no room to grow.

So maybe it'll take a few months for us to really notice.

Until then, though, we have a new "villain" in Sliske, a new beast-god in Tuska, and a horde of monstrous humanoids that will continue fighting for Bandos' ideals—if the emissary is to be believed. In a sense, this is a way of saying "out with the old, in with the new," killing off a tired, one-note character to make room for others who can do his job better. Alternatively, this is the result of raising the stakes too early in the game, and killing off a one-note character before he was given a chance to be anything more.

Regardless of the outcome, we know that there will be more like it, and the nature of the game's update schedule means that we might not get neat resolutions for each character before they're thrown into a death match. That gimmick only worked here because the clear 'unpopular' choice had already received its share of development: perhaps future world events should refrain from killing major characters before we really have a change to get attached to them. If not, do we have any reason to care?

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