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A Marriage Made in Heav.. Gielinor...

Written by and edited by MonkeyChee

I am sure a lot of us have visited 'Runescape marriages' although it seems they are less prevalent than they used to be. Jagex handily accommodated these long ago by introducing Godbooks with instant sermons.

Of course these marriages aren't that serious, at least most times. I would hope they aren't because I have visited some where both players were male, but one of them did not really know the other was.. Then there is the thirty-something woman who married a seventeen year old with a mother complex. I also visited two ceremonies with the same bride, who used 'getting married' as a source of income, in the form of wedding gifts and gifts from successive 'husbands'.

I still have ancient screen-shots of the funniest one I attended. A good friend of mine finally got convinced to marry her best friend on RS, disregarding the fact she was already married in real life of course. Right when the minister 'du jour' asked if there were any objections the bride pm-ed me.. well you can see yourself:


The bride clearly knew me when she told me to 'zip it'. I was, well am, rather cynical about these things and I am known to blurt things I shouldn't, however funny they—at least in my own head—might be.

In a way this incident is rather illustrative of an aspect of RuneScape I grew to like. We get to know what people are really like. Yes, I know many people play , or try to play, a role, but most fail to hide how they really are when you get to know them a little. When these game-associations grow in to real friendships it tends to be based on what people do: how they act, attitude, and character and not on appearances, age, race and such. RuneScape as the great equalizer.

Someone just is Player123, who is nice and helpful, but a little vain and in need of attention and not the slightly awkward kid with glasses and pimples whose parents can't afford the right sneakers. Just an example of course based upon things we all automatically judge on in the real world.

I will admit it requires a little maturity in the game to not be blinded again, this time by pixels. In the beginning I was so in awe of this level 80 that I met, that I couldn't see beyond the level and the RuneScape accomplishments.

When these friendships grow and, again, this regularly happens, we end up circling back to RuneScape marriages—but also real ones. I know a lot of real couples that met on this game we play—some are as weird as the fake ones. Weird, but wonderful!

I know two couples in which the girl is quite a lot older then the guy, something you do not see a lot when first impressions are made based upon what we see instead of how we act. Several involve one or both flying across oceans to meet and be with each other.

One of them started as a little joke played on yours truly. I misunderstood something and thought two clan-mates had formed a relationship. The two decided to pretend to be together: including a pregnancy and the girl being thrown out of her parents house and becoming homeless because of it. They kept it up for a long time, escalating the story and very convincingly dismissed my suspicions. In the end all the plotting got them to grow feelings... or as I like to think, admit to feelings I had already noticed. These two have been together now for over five years.

The relationship that I personally consider the most weird as well as wonderful is between a guy and a girl that met under a volcano on Karamja killing lesser demons.

A friendship grew into more and the guy flew to the USA to meet her. Incidentally, after being told by a grandma to be very careful, because in the USA everyone shoots each other.. Over seven years later, this January WE, yes the guy is me, are married.

Oh and one more thing: RuneScape is NOT a dating site!!.. or is it?

In all seriousness, I actually believe that to be a good rule by Jagex, I still believe one should not go LOOKING for love, if only because this will likely fail and lead to a lot of complications, drama and problems. However, like with me and as far as I know all the other examples I named before, it happened despite us, or maybe even because we were, NOT looking.

This will be the second article in which I will include a warning, because it might be obvious: a lot of peoples friendships grow beyond RuneScape. On RuneScape you are quite safe, the only thing to lose are pixels. When you go beyond, to chat programs and such a little restraint will usually also keep you safe. However, when meeting in real life it is important to be very careful. Not because, like my grandma thought, Americans generally shoot each other, but because people aren't always what they seem and claim to be. I said in my article, most people fail when they play a role, but some don't. Some are very deliberate and have bad intentions. I am lucky to not have had to deal with this myself and I also am definitely an adult at 40. Whatever age you are, if you go to meet people you only know online at the least let others know your plans, and if you are a kid: tell your parents! Not that you will want to listen to me.. since I am old.. but do so anyway, for once.

In the end I have a lot to thank RuneScape for and whatever happens, it will be special to both me and my wife. Compare it the song some couples consider their song.
Side note: wow its weird to write 'wife'.

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