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Crow Explores the Average Player

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There comes a point in every player’s life where, all of the sudden, activities that usually keep them entertained for hours can’t hold their attention for five minutes. You know the feeling. All you do in RuneScape is stand in the Grand Exchange or chill in the lobby for weeks at a time.

This is a very common occurrence in every video game. When player’s start to feel bored with the game, they usually travel down one of two paths. The most common path that they take involves taking a break from the game until they get the ‘itch’ to come back. Other players force themselves to stick with the game until they remember what made them play in the first place.

Most RuneScape players have goals that they constantly try to achieve. This is arguably the most common thing that keeps people coming back to RuneScape. The only thing that keeps some people coming back to the game is their goals that they are destined to achieve.

Another main reason why people force themselves to play a game that they are bored with is friendships. A large amount of us have been playing RuneScape for many years and have forged many friendships throughout our travels. I, personally, have dozens of names on my friends list that have not logged in for over a year. I keep them on my friends list with hope that the red ‘Offline’ tag may soon change to a green tag, but it often never does. This is the group that I’m in. I’ve grown bored of RuneScape and have absolutely no motivation to continue playing. The only reason why I stick around is to keep in touch with friends that I have made in the world of Gielinor. I try to log in at least once per week to talk with my clan mates and friends.

A small minority of players who are extremely strong-willed will continue to play RuneScape even though they’re getting a bit bored. They often power through and find something else within the game that they enjoy doing. Zezima, KingDuffy, SUOMI, and other top players have probably gotten bored hundreds of times, but they decided to keep playing and have become names that everybody recognizes.

Every good thing must come to an end. For a lot of players, nothing can convince them to play a game that they’ve grown tired of. When you’re dreading the thought of logging into RuneScape, it may be time to throw in the towel. Video games are supposed to be enjoyable, but when you’re growing tired of the game and find a lack of motivation, it’s time to quit.

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