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Rebuilding Construction

Written by and edited by tripsis

When I finally got ahold of my membership subscription for the first time (circa 2007), the first thing that I did was go spend all of my RSGP on a house. The thought of owning my own little portion of RuneScape was so exhilarating and I can’t come close to replicating the excitement as I went to talk to the estate agent to buy my house in Rimmington. The construction skill is still one of my favorite skills in RuneScape but I believe that it’s time for an update. Jagex has announced that, this year, the skill will be updated. These are some of the updates that I’d like to see added with the construction update. Please note that this is only what I’d like to see, none of these updates have been confirmed.

As it is now, the construction skill doesn’t allow for much personalization. All you do is align different types of rooms in different areas. Everything is pre-planned with hotspots and every house more-or-less looks the same. If you’ve ever played “The Sims 3”, you’d know that the game allows you to build different types of houses with different shapes and sizes for each individual room. I’ve always thought that it would be a great addition to add into RuneScape. Houses could be built wall-by-wall instead of room-to-room. Walls would require a specific type of material to build and floors could also be built using different materials such as wood or granite.

Another great addition would be enabling the user to place furniture wherever it will fit. This enables a massive amount of personalization and in my opinion it would be a great addition to the construction skill.

Both of these updates introduce many problems, however. The game right now is primarily click-based and the setup won’t work without many modifications to the construction interface. To solve this, the construction interface would need to be reworked. Once the player enters the house in ‘building mode’, the player-camera (the view the player sees) will be oriented in a top-down orientation. This way, the player may use drag-and-drop input to place furniture in a grid-like interface and expand rooms at will.

nother major problem I have with the construction skill is the price of training. In order to get 99 construction, it often costs the player over 200,000,000 GP. Only the richest players can get 99 construction. There are two ways that I see that this can be fixed. Either Jagex can make construction a more useful skill or they can change the way that it is trained so that it’s cheaper. As of right now, people who train construction only train it for the cape or the small benefits that it brings to the prayer skill. If Jagex changes it so that it’s a useful skill, it would be worth the massive amount of GP that it costs.

Construction is still one of my favorite skills, but these are some of the updates that I’d love to see implemented into the game. At RuneFest 2013, Jagex announced that a construction update is scheduled for release within the next year. Who knows what that will bring?

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