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Picture Caption Contest II - win a free bond!

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Someone left the cake the rain...

Oh come on, there must be a better reason why the chef is crying! Tell us and you could win a free bond! Enter in our contest by submitting your own caption in this form or posting on the Times discussion thread! (See the link at the bottom of the page.) Note: it is not necessary to do both and doing so will not help your chances.

Depending on responses, we may have a future public poll with some of our favorites. The winner of the contest will be contacted appropriately and given a free bond! Please make sure you also abide by the contest rules, as posted in the discussion thread.

Last contest's winner was Omnitec with the winning punchline "Would you mined if I axed you a pick question, ore are you busy right now?"

Deadline for entries: 27 September 2014, 11:59 pm GMT.

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