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Nine Nefariously Nabbed Ninja News Nuggets

Written by and edited by MonkeyChee

I didn't expect getting some information out of the Ninja Team to be easy. And it wasn't. But you would be surprised what buying people a few drinks would do for such matters. Naturally, our loyal Times readers would be the first to be rewarded with such news, so without further ado I present an astounding nine updates they told me all about.

1. Treasure Hunter Authenticator. We all know that having your account hijacked is never a picnic. There's no worse feeling than having some undeserving rascal run off with all of your hard-earned stuff! But believe it or not, there is something even worse. Even if your account has been fully secured, there is currently no protection on Treasure Hunter keys. We've had numerous reports of slightly embarrassed players complaining about someone viciously using up their keys and discarding prizes, including a fansite staff member named Ar[REDACTED]. That's why we've developed a system that's key to protecting your Treasure Hunter purchases (pardon the pun). Free with your first keys purchase! More details coming soon!

2. Cancelling special mission slayer tasks without points. Often, a player will choose the option to take a 'Special' mission over a regular Slayer task. While the exact reasoning behind this baffles us, the important fact is that it does happen. It's frustrating for low level players unable to do it, and annoying for high level players who are nagged constantly by those low level friends to go help! For other reasons we cannot fathom, they also seem to never have enough Slayer points to cancel them. So, we are going to allow a 'skip-for-free' button. But be warned, attempting to bypass this system will result in the Slayer master chaining you up in their dungeon (rumors of free xp there are greatly exaggerated!).

3. No more poll popup notifications. You guys told us that you were sick of notifications for new polls coming out constantly and that having them pop up was purely a nuisance. True to form, we ran a secret, unannounced poll without said notifications and there was indeed not a single vote cast against it...what's that? What do you mean you never saw that poll?

4. Very very important player worlds. Sometimes, being exclusive just isn't exclusive enough. What should we do to give you guys an even more elitist world to shoot for, beyond just having Premium membership? An additional requirement of 2000 total level, comp cape, kill a chicken with every different weapon in the game? Give us your ideas!

5. The Wiki option. Right click an item and you'll discover an instant way seek out more information. Gone are the days of the arduous navigation to Google's homepage and performing a search. Clicking the 'Wiki' option will open a popup in your browser with the wiki page for item giving you all the information you need. Isn't that magic?!


6. Fire spirit banking. Since the dawn of the Divination skill, Fire Spirits have been studying porters, looking for a way to take advantage of the Sign of the Porter effect. At least, I think that's what the lore team was trying to explain to us yesterday. Don't tell them, but I kept dozing off... Anyway, fire spirits will now automatically bank loot when clicked, should you not have enough free inventory space.

7. Tabception. Sometimes, the ten tabs in the bank just don't cut it. If your bank looks like the picture below, you know exactly what we mean! We've talked before about making it easier to organize your bank before, but due to technical difficulties we have been unable to add more tabs. Until now. With our new system, each tab will contain ten new sub-tabs. Within those sub-tabs, you'll even have access to up to ten sub-sub-tabs, which can even be customized to save their space for a specific item, even if you vacate that space temporarily! That's up to 1,000 sub-sub-tabs, enough to please everyone. Due to data storage issues, sub-sub-tab customizations will be limited to ten for free players and 50 for members, but you will be able to buy more in exchange for RuneCoins or Loyalty Points. We're still working on the details.

8. Ring of wealth improvements. We're changing the way the Ring of Wealth works, since the last JMod to actually understand how to modify code for it just quit :-(. From now on it will give a static boost to increase chances of drops over a certain threshold, in gp, by a percentage. Give us your feedback on Power to the Player polls and the forums and we'll work from there.

9. The "I-am-not-a-bot" title. Tired of people in public chat accusing you of being a bot because you don't reply to their incessant and boring questions within seconds? This handy little title next to your name will assure them that you're not actually botting. Ironically, all you have to do to prove your humanity is answer a random question/captcha every three minutes. Fail and you get permabanned instantly, but as they say: no risk, no reward!

Well, there you have it. Nine updates that may make it into the game soon...or not.

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