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Letters to the Editor #9

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After reading over the article "Co-op or Competitive", it made me think, and from all that thinking I came up with a answer. Yes, some multiplayer games are competitive based and others co-operative, but there’s a thin line between the two when it comes to gaming. Take for example, Runescape. What would you say is a competitive aspect of the game? Lets say castle wars perhaps. Steal the other enemies flag, bring it back to your base and score. Simple, competitive. Lets look deeper though shall we? You kill the other enemies with your TEAM, your TEAM protects you as you score, this is competitive game play, while at the same time co-operative. I believe in order to be competitive you have to be co-operative, but then again this is just my opinion.

Almost any where you are competitive, you will be co-operative whether it be consciously or subconsciously. Take for example the military, One of the most competitive places of all. Find the enemy, kill the enemy. Sweet, simple, competitive. But in order for the military to function properly it take a substantial amount of co-operation. The ground troops must follow the rules, and watch each others backs. They must radio in there locations. They must radio in planes with coordinates for aerial attacks. Without co-operation the military would fall apart. Ok, what’s that you say? What about when your acting ALONE in a competition? well in order to beat your rival you must abide by the rules of the competition, which would mean your co-operating with the people who created the rules, silly, but yes still co-operation.

I for one think Jagex has done a fairly good job at making all their content both competitive and co-operative, and I give them kudos for it. I would rather slaughter massive amount of npcs with a team next to me. I would rather player kill a player, with a friend helping me. How about you? I know if it was just me on Runescape, killing monsters all on my lonesome, with no one to ever share funny jokes and happy times with(you can't spell slaughter with out laughter LOL) I would most likely quit. I think that is the aspect that keeps most people on multi player games, friends and being competitive and co-operative at the same time.


Your article on realistic games makes some really good points, namely this: I would like some fantasy in my fantasy time! I don't always want a hyper life like environment to do my escaping in. Sure, next gen graphics are great and all, but it is just a game and while visuals are important, they are not everything.

As my name would suggest, I am something of a Zelda fan. And unlike many Zelda fans, I truly loved the cel shaded graphics on wind waker. In fact, I actually like them BETTER then I did the super realistic graphics in Twilight princess. It was just a cool way of doing things, and it was bright and cheery and fun, all that I would look for in a good game. Twilight Princess was also an awesome game, but at times it was a little to "real" and not enough fantasy.

While some people want their games to be very life like and plausible, I want mine to BE escapism! I want them to be fun, but most importantly I want them removed from reality. Whats the point of a game that is so like life you cannot tell that it is not real? One reason I love runescape so much is it lets me be smith, a crafter, a mason and all these other things and do them really well. In real life you would specialize in one trade and one trade only, but in runescape you can be anything AND everything! Graphics for me are a non issue. My favorite games of all time was the not so super graphic wise ones that were realized on the Super Nintendo. Sure they didnt look that pretty, but they had solid fun game play that let you go to another realm and forget whatever you had going on in life.

So I salute JagEx for making a fun game that is all about escaping. After all, where else can you be a millionaire that kills dragons, saves the gnomes and can make any thing you can imagine? No where but Gielinor!


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