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Runescape/Tip.It Drinking Game

Written by and edited by Hawks

Other long-running things have drinking games. I don't know if RuneScape does, but I'll admit that I didn't look very hard. Regardless, the principle is self-explanatory: grab a drink (alcoholic or otherwise) and reward/punish yourself whenever one of these things comes up.

Note: We here at Tip.It do not advocate excessive drinking. This is purely for fun, and is almost certainly highly dangerous to actually attempt, even with water. If you're able to attempt this, you're smart enough to know how bad an idea it is. Don't make me pull a beer ad disclaimer on you, you're all far more responsible than that.


  • One sip for every special attack.
  • Drink a dose of your beverage of choice every time you have to drink a stat boosting potion. Don't do this for things like prayer potions, super restores, or summoning potions. Naturally, alcohol counts double.
  • If slayer (boss or otherwise), take a drink when you finish your task. Two if you were not using the right attack style.
  • Drink every time your loot beam goes off. Go for a fruity drink if you have the rainbow one and a cinnamon-y one if you have the Christmas beam, if possible.
  • Take a sip for every 10 levels you have on your opponent, and just one if the monster in question is a higher level than you are.
  • One sip for every death. Two if by disconnection. Three if your death would have been easily preventable if you were sober. Finish your drink if you were playing on a Hardcore Ironman.


  • Drink before and after every farming run. Get a third if you broke your personal record for herbs.
  • Take a sip for every lodestone teleport
  • Finish your drink if you finish a daily challenge. Get another if you didn't even know you had it.
  • Take a sip before and after every ports voyage. Know that your crew is doing that and more.
  • If you're training a skill you have 99 in, take a sip for every million experience you have above 13,034,431. If it's more than 5, skip this rule. Please.
  • If you're cooking something other than basic fish, take a sip every time you think "You know what? This looks kind of tasty."


  • Start by taking a sip for every hundred quest points you have. Finish your drink and move on if you have the cape.
  • Take a sip if your character has to do something stupid to advance the plot. Two if they draw attention to that very fact. Three if the villain does as well.
  • If you have to do the Bar Crawl miniquest, look back at the combat section and apologize to your liver. Then stop playing this game.
  • Take a sip if your character is forced to do something you find morally objectionable. Two if it was completely optional and you only did it for 100% completion. You monster. (Credit to Erika for this one)
  • Drink after a major character death. Two if you directly caused it. If it's [i]While Guthix Sleeps[/i], just finish your drink beforehand.
  • Take a sip if the experience reward from one quest gives you the level for another.
  • Take a sip if you have to go to the Make-Over Mage for Recruitment Drive. Two if you already did recruitment drive and never bothered changed her back. Skip this if you didn't have to.


  • Drink for every rule on this list that made you say "there is no way in hell I'm doing that, I want to live!" Including this one.
  • If you're reading or watching a Behind the Scenes feature, drink for delayed content. Double it if it ends up delayed indefinitely. Quadruple if you voted for it in a Power to the Players poll. Inventor fans, I'm so sorry.
  • Take a sip if you know offhand which Jmods are responsible for each piece of content you're playing.
  • Finish your drink if you feel like playing a minigame, then cry.
  • If you have a Completionist cape, take a sip for every trim requirement you don't want to do. Two if you're going to force yourself to do it anyway. You'll need it.
  • Drink if you see a Jagex mod. If you see a player mod, offer them a drink instead. They probably need it more than you do.

Outside of the Game

  • If you're in Off Topic, drink whenever someone complains about inactivity
  • If you're in Off Topic, drink whenever someone mentions Runescape. Two if it's immediately followed by "Runescape? In [i]MY[/i] OT?", which it will be.
  • If you're on another forum entirely, drink if someone mentions Runescape. Two if it's about the graphics. Three if it's something along the lines of "that game I played when I was 13"
  • Drink if you end up drunkposting as a direct result of either. Also, slap yourself because that's not a thing you should be doing.
  • Ex-Scapers: take a sip for every rule you didn't understand. Two if you [i]did[/i] understand it and wish you didn't.

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