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15 Small Updates for '15

Written by and edited by MonkeyChee

There have been suggestions on how to improve RuneScape virtually as long as the game itself has existed. Many great suggestions entail a significant amount of work or development time to make them a reality, but I've noticed a few things that could be improved without quite as much effort (for the most part). I was not the most enthusiastic about Old School when they released it, but it has served as a guinea pig for several ideas which could very well be carried over to RuneScape 3. I'm sure that you could think of even more, but my own personal list of things I think Jagex could certainly fix up or add this year is as follows.



1. Autotyping legally. Old School already passed and implemented a way for people to type the same repetitive phrase over and over. Of course, on either game people have attempted this, regardless of the rules. While that doesn't make it right, it may not be a bad idea to make it legal. There's no reason to have to type the same phrase over and over again, and clearly the world hasn't ended over on Old School, so why not copypasta the code and get it done with?

2. Copy-pasting. Similarly, allowing copy-pasting in text would go a long way for the utility of the chat. It can at least be allowed for private chat, in the event that people might want to paste something to tell each other. You might ask if the ability to copy and paste into RuneScape chat even exists, and this is a good question. Indeed, the answer is in the affirmative, and the one place is a four character alpha-numeric code to get to clan forums (see above, and yes, the Ctrl+V shortcut works). That seems rather underwhelming.

3. Number the amount of people in a chat. Another idea from Old School that could be useful in RS3 is numbering the amount of people in a friends chat, since there is a limit. Snide remarks about inactivity in RuneScape aside, a few chats in charge of disseminating information do fill up and hence need to kick people to ensure there is space. Seeing a measure of how many people are in the chat would obviously be beneficial to this cause, and again it shouldn't be too much work to incorporate the same structure into the chat system on RS3.

4. Ignore as a filter instead of block. There are two ways that Jagex employs to avoid delivering messages of one sort or another to you. One is a filter, whereby a toggle allows one to un-hide or re-hide all of said messages. For example, if one needs to fish something out of a general spamfest, this can be useful. The second way to do it is to simply block all such messages from showing up, and keep no record until it is chosen to unblock the messages, so that future ones of the same type can then appear. This is what happens with when you ignore someone, for example. Even if you delete them from your ignore list, from your account there is no way to check what they may have said about you. It should be changed from a block to a filter, so at least I can check back if, for example, I needed some time to calm down or if one needed more evidence of malicious behavior.

5. Ignore until logout function. Similar to the previous suggestion, allowing us to ignore someone until the end of our session would be a useful tool. Maybe I just need a little time to cool off from someone trolling me, but I don't want to permanently ignore them. We already have an option to ignore until logout, but it is only given after reporting a player. I suggest it be re-coded to work by right-clicking a player's chat in the chatbox and selecting a 'Mute' option, underneath the 'Add friend' and 'Add ignore' options. Perhaps this would even give players more of a chance to cool down rather than retaliate...though I must admit, I am a tad skeptical of that.



6. Wield clan vex after placement. A basic request regarding one of a grand total of two pieces of equipment related to clans - can we at least hold our vex while it is placed somewhere? The scribe is happy to give us an infinite supply of clan vexes, so it's not really a lore issue either. I assume this has to do with programming to take your vex down upon wielding, but one should be able to turn that off, I would hope.

7. Citadel bxp upped. I'm afraid I shall have to join the ranks of those devaluing XP for this one. The bonus experience awarded for capping at the citadel isn't enough. 20K or 30K bonus xp for all that effort for a skill in the 70s just isn't enough of a reward. The same story goes for the reward from the clan cape - it should be at least the equivalent of say a large lamp from Treasure Hunter.

8. Game clock on clan time. Recently Jagex introduced a clock to the game to blink out Jagex time consistently. I applaud this addition, but I think it can be improved even more. We already have clan time programmed in, so allow the clock to have settings between game time or clan time. Perhaps put a gold border around it when it is on 'Jagex time' mode, and a silver border for 'Clan time' mode.


9. Space for bank presets. Bank presets were an ingenious update the past year. As a part of this update, keybinds were added to withdraw presets 1 and 2. For intense skilling reusing the same inventory, it could be even faster to keybind space to the first preset. Space is at the bottom of the keyboard, bigger than any of the of other keys, and is also used as a confirm option for the 'Make-X' dialogs. I don't imagine it would be terribly hard to set it up either.

10. Cremation added to logs menu. When one right clicks a fire to select use, the options to burn and cook come up. A third could be added for bones, to cremate. If the player has not unlocked it, either from the 2014 Halloween event or from killing ghosts, it could just display a message saying so.


11. Broadcast filter to friends. Currently, we can choose to have broadcasts set either 'On' or 'Off.' Why not add a friends option? Maybe I want to be able to see when my friend achieves 99 Mining or the Lumbridge tasks set, but don't particularly care to hear about every random player achieving a Completionist cape, nice achievement though it may be. As it stands, messages about friends' achievements already show up in a different color, so they must already have some variable coded in - just add an additional setting to broadcasts and it should be all set.

12. Right click dismiss for pets? My own secretly conducted Player Power poll has found that 71% of players are more likely to dropkick their pets out of frustration before successfully finding the dismiss button...just kidding, but really, it would be great if a right click dismiss option could be added to pets. In case you're wondering, it currently resides under the wolf icon on the action bar. It's not difficult to get to if you know that it is hiding there, but having it right on the pet as well would make sense.

13. Offline messaging system. An offline messaging system is a useful feature that has been requested but never really looked into, it seems. Why not give people a way to contact each other offline securely? It can easily be limited to friends to prevent spam. Regardless of the specifics, perhaps it could even be integrated with Gmail or another client. After all, [email protected] is free advertising!

14. P2P challenges/rewards on F2P. Daily challenges were made free to play some time ago, yet there remain inconsistencies. A good fraction of the time, P2P challenges are assigned to F2P players. Due to the nature of members' skills being trainable up to level 5 on F2P worlds, they can even be hypothetically completed on a free world - however, they do not count. No progress on the challenge is reported for completing said actions. Further, some free to play challenges, Smithing in particular, cost quite a bit of cash. Compensation is received in the form of mystery bags, and the only issue is that these quite often contain members items. Combine that with the fact that there is no way to sell these items without an active subscription and you have the issue of not being able to redeem said compensation. I understand Jagex wants to promote membership, but they should really fix these issues, particularly the latter, or at least add some sort of disclaimer.

15. Improve boot changing accessibility. If you are one of those people who wist for the days when the game was more difficult, here is something to make you smile. Do you know how to change your default boots in-game? Changing most of your clothes is a simple matter of visiting Thesselia, but this does not hold for boots. You need not only to be a member, but also need to complete a long quest (Fremennik Trials) to access a store halfway across Gielinor where they can be changed. I don't see why they can't be added to Thesselia instead for convenience. If Yrsa's store must be kept as a sort of additional quest reward, it could at least be made accessible for a small fee.

That's all for today. Many if not all of these suggestions could be implemented by the end of the year if not sooner, should Jagex and the players of its flagship game desire to do so. Whether or not this is the case remains to be seen.

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