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Rejected Minigame Fixes

Written by and edited by Arceus

With the Distraction and Diversion update on the horizon, it's easy to forget about the realities of game development. Not everything can make the cut, even for a well-funded developer, and in a surprising display of journalistic integrity, we at the Tip.It Times waited until they physically threw away the outlines and such before stealing and publishing them. Note that this does not mean that the content is gone for good (or that it even existed in the first place), just that it was ultimately rejected for that specific update.

- Stealing Creation

Updates included adding Divination to the minigame through clay energy nodes, which would create many of the same portents and signs as in the surface world, and would have allowed transmutation between different resource types. A Divination tool would also have been added to the rewards shop, functioning the same way as other volatile/morphic tools.

Rejected because the dev team had no idea what the reward tool should actually be, since Divination does not actually use one. Clay butterfly nets were considered but denied, presumably because they would also have had to make them work for butterflies and implings, and that was just too silly.

- Trouble Brewing

Updates included finally adding a portal to the minigame from Musa Point, and opening it to free players. Experience in Firemaking, Hunter, and Cooking would have been available in the rewards shop for free players, while most cosmetic rewards would have remained members only. Notably, the clue scroll reward would have had its price adjusted to become much more accessible, as it did not make sense for medium clue scrolls to be so expensive when the accepted part of the D&D update included guaranteed elite scrolls from the Skeletal Horror.

Rejected because none of the developers on the project had ever heard of Trouble Brewing, and had assumed it was the name of the penultimate pirate quest. Ultimately added to whatever file that contains the rest of their plans for pirate content and forgotten.

- Fist of Guthix

Updates included moving the 'fist' to prevent players from crowding the center, incentivizing fast-paced gameplay. Rewards would have been slightly improved as well, though it was apparently cancelled before any specifics were determined. The page is covered in hastily scribbled notes with ideas such as "Dragon berserker shield!" "Better herb gloves!" and, strangely enough, a crossed-out "lag as a game mechanic!".

Rejected because of lore concerns. Project passed to a different team, where the last report was that it was being entirely restructured into a PvE game where players would have to run from angry gods, with a companion quest about the horrors of war. This quest is due out in November and aims to thoroughly remind the community that the godlike power in the arena is not a toy by killing [spoiler removed by editors] with it. Ironically, this quest would be required to access the minigame.

- Shadow Miniquest v4

A fourth miniquest that would have improved the stats of 'ghost' items like the Shadow Sword, and explored the lore behind the shadow realm more thoroughly. It would have been made available after Dishonour Among Thieves, and would have involved both General Khazard and Sliske in what would have been a prelude to a grandmaster-tier installment of the Stone of Jas storyline, which would have been billed as the spiritual successor to While Guthix Sleeps.

Rejected because as of this writing, no player has found the third miniquest in that series. We have not been able to find any information about it, other than the fact that they want it to be more obscure than the Wandering Ga'al miniquest.

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