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Interview with Ambler about RuneFest

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Did you know that Jagex holds a real-life meeting of Gielinorians, otherwise known as RuneFest around October each year? If you have never been, like myself, read on to find out more about it from one of our very own Tip.It staff, Ambler.

Arceus: Have you been to RuneFest before, or was this your first time?

Ambler: This was my 3rd RuneFest, I was at the previous two before this one.

How far did you have to go/how much of a trip was it to get to RuneFest?

I live in Cambridge (~50 Miles north of London), so it was about 2 hours travelling total, I stayed at a friend's place for the weekend.

Did you go by yourself or with other RuneScapers/friends/TIFers? Did you meet up with anyone there?

Didn't specifically go with anyone, but a large number of friends/clanmates were going, I met a couple of TIFers too!

For someone who has never been to RuneFest (such as myself), can you give an idea of what is was like?

People everywhere! There was a lot more space this year so it didn't feel as packed as previous years. People literally came from all over the world to get there, and the overall atmosphere was amazing. Being able to talk to the developers of 'scape and hear them talk about the future of the game was a nice bonus too.

What were the most epic (and perhaps, most fail!) moments?

Most epic was for sure trying out the NXT client, can't wait for the beta/release! Biggest fail was talking to someone for about 10 minutes thinking they were a friend of mine, turns out they look very similar but I'd never heard of them before, and they didn't know me... Oops.

What was the most exciting thing to you personally at RuneFest, and why?

Getting to talk to people in person that I'd only really talked to ingame or via Twitter/Skype/Teamspeak before that weekend was amazing, friends, clanmates and jmods included.

Did you meet any cool people at RuneFest? Was there anyone you'll have to track down next time?

Again, literally all of my friends/TIFers and clanmates, along with some video makers/streamers.

If you attended/watched previous years, how did it compare?

Just as impressive as previous years, and my favorite yet for sure, mostly because of the interaction with others.

Many RuneScape players live in the UK, but there are plenty of others who live in the USA, Australia, and other places that would make travel to and from RuneFest a bit more involved. Do you think it would be worthwhile to come all that way, and if so why?

It's a once a year thing, and a great chance to both meet & greet with people you might have only met ingame before, and also explore London a bit if you've never been there! All of my friends that came from out of the country to get here did not regret it, so I'd say it's worth coming if you can.

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