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Letters to the Editor #10 and Some!

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In reference to Change!, published November, 25th...

The publisher of this article did a fantasic job of writing it and deeply understands the concept of this issue. I myself have been questioning change ever sense I was old enough to grasp the meaning of the word. It is strange how the mind and body copes to change. For example, some, sometimes more happy and content people will look at change as an opportunity to better the future not the present. Some, more unhappy, pessimistic individuals look at change as nothing more then just another uncertainty in their own lives, not thinking past how it effects today. Sure, no one is completely happy with any form of change. From as little as getting an F on a 10-point quiz in school to drastic changes such as parents getting divorced or a deceased family member, everyone has a different perspective about change and everyone deals with it differently.

All change effects life in some way, but what I believe is the secret to living a happy life is to accept change for something that is inevitable but doesn't always have to be something to dread. Sure, getting an F on that quiz may not seem very appealing in the beginning, it may never seem too "appealing" at all. The way to look at it would be, "Okay, I got an F, it's not a good thing but maybe I can learn from my mistake and study more or take more notes on the subject so the next 10-point quiz I take I can get an A and feel good knowing that I earned this grade and if I apply this same principle to everything in my life I really can conquer anything."

I hope I did get the message out that change is not always your enemy. You should not only accept change, we should embrace it as a part of our daily lives.


Good Job, Jagex!

Wherever you go, whether it be an MMO database or the Tipit Forums, you’re likely to hear the same comments: Runescape has bad graphics, Runescape has a bad community, Runescape has horrible customer service, etc. However, this article is concerning the following: Runescape does not have enough variety when it comes to equipment.

I have heard it many times. “Runescape only has 7 sets of armour”, or “You only have one choice if you’re a high-level player”. Whether these statements are true is irrelevant; their point is what matters. There’s not a lot of variety in Runescape. At least, there wasn’t.

Lately we have seen a growth in the number of high-level equipment that, as opposed to replacing the older equipment, are actually made to be counterparts. One example is the crossbows. When crossbows were made way back in… I don’t know, I haven’t been playing that long… they were intended to be used by players seeking higher defense bonuses through a shield; in other words, a tank-ranger. However, the normal crossbow was so weak that nobody used it. But when the new crossbows were introduced, the longbows and shortbows had a new competitor, and tank-ranging became much more common. Of course, when they first came out, the crossbows were grossly underpowered, but now they’re much better.

I think the best example of Jagex’s attempt to make some variety came with the God Wars Dungeon, or GWD. With the GWD came a huge amount of equipment: Godswords, Bandos and Armadyl armour, Zamorak spear, etc. Before the GWD actually came out, many players suspected that the Godsword was going to replace the Abyssal Whip. However, like the crossbows, the Godsword rivals the Whip, but does not replace it. It’s the same thing for the new armour. Bandos and Armadyl didn’t replace Barrows/Black D’hide, respectively, it gave players more variety.

I’m very grateful that Jagex has decided to assume a wise policy, that of creating counterparts instead of replacements. I expect that in the future, Jagex will continue as they have done with the crossbows and the GWD.


Did You Know...
...that if you use a spot potion on the the citizens of Sophanem, you will enter into an amusing dialog?

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