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Power and fame, the two most common desirable traits in both life and Runescape. Power, I can understand. In Runescape It’s fun to be the leader, to be that guy that no one else can kill. However, what about fame? What do we really gain from being famous in Runescape, or real life for that matter?

Many people think fame and power go hand in hand, this really isn’t true. To give a real life example, what about the names “Bantz Craddock” and “J. K. Rowling” . Obviously we all know the latter as the Harry Potter author, but what about this Craddock guy, he’s not famous at all is he? Is J. K. Rowling more “powerful” since you would be hard pressed to find someone that doesn’t know who she is? Well Craddock happens to be an American four star general that reports only to the president and rules over all of Africa, all of Europe, and all of Asia. Oh and he also happens to be the Supreme Commander of NATO. So clearly fame and power do not go hand in hand and the question remains, why do we want fame?

Let’s look at fame in Runescape. Does it have a purpose? I do know that for the rest of my life whenever I hear “Blue rose” I will think of Bluerose13x and whenever I hear of the historical swordsmen Musashi, I think about the 99 smith Musashi22. Some people have reached really impressive heights of fame, a while ago I was extremely surprised to hear my Mom of all people ask aloud: What’s “Zezimas password”. After nearly dropping the glass I was drinking out of, I went and looked at her computer screen. She was searching for some cook book by some Russian chief and she forgot how his last name was spelled. She had typed “zez” into the Google search bar on Firefox and then was looking at the suggestions list. Sure enough, there were a half dozen suggestions for Zezima and the first one listed at the time was “zezimas password”.

While I don’t think any of us will ever obtain that kind of Runescape fame, many of us try our hardest to be noticed and recognized. The problem is it’s getting harder and harder to be noticed in Runescape. Before, simply getting to level 99 would get you noticed, now it seems like half of Runescape has a skill cape. Unfortunately, now to be noticed you have to do ridiculous feats that go beyond being practical. Would anyone get 200,000,000 experience in one skill just for their own satisfaction? You could get more than ten other skills to level 99 before you got one skill to 200 million, yet about fifteen people have 200,000,000 cooking. Yes, I imagine it is quite satisfying to finally be completely done with one skill, but like I said, it doesn’t seem practical. Then again, is becoming famous ever practical? In real life celebrities state that while the fame is nice at first they all grow to hate it. Is this true for RS players as well? I would think so. Imagine you are Zezima, could you just walk into Varrock and say “Buying uncut gems!” without half the city swarming you and begging for screenshots or items? I would imagine this would get quite annoying of this day after day.

But are there good things to fame? Is Runescape fame still tangible to the average player these days? Well, sure, of course there are benefits and yea, its still obtainable. The key is to get fame on a small scale, not only is it much easier to get, but that way you will still be noticed by people without being followed around by half a city. If your looking for a way to make a few new friends and become famous for something small, then look no further. is as far as you need to look. This may sound like a shameless plug but think about it. Have you ever considered submitting a guide to or adding to quest information to the site? Thousands of people use everyday to get information for Runescape, if your name is on the guides people use, you will get noticed for your hard work. The same thing goes for posting on the forums here. Anyone who has been on the forums for more than a week knows the names of some of the best posters, and you can bet that by just being a mature, well written poster, people all over Runescape will recognize your name and will want to stop for a chat when they see you online. Fame is a funny thing, and while its not that much fun to be extremely famous, it’s not that fun to never be noticed either. Take your time on these forums, be polite, be creative, and most importantly just have fun. It can’t hurt, see what happens.

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... that it's aready become a common rule that you bless or repair a gravestone you pass by?

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