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Letters to the Editor #13

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This letter is concerning your article "The Current Pure Essence Situation".

You make a very strong point recommending F2P have the option to mine pure essence along with members. This would, as you said, fill the demand of pure essence for the countless runecrafters in the game today, and bring some profit back to the skill.

Yes, this would work...for a little while. These statitics may be a little off, but Jagex claims to have 6 million players and 1 million of them paying members. Obviously, that other 5 million are F2P. Now, how many of those 6 million players have over level 30 mining? According to the Runescape Highscores the Top 1 million users in the Mining Skill have mining levels of 58-99 - Thats a mixture of F2P and P2P. Now, we have 5 million users left (F2P & P2P). Out of those Top 1 Million users in the Mining Skill, lets say (we'll go low) 250,000 of them are F2P. So, lets guess that out of the acclaimed 5 million F2P users only 3.5 million of them have over 30 mining.

If Jagex does your proposed suggestion about making F2P able to mine pure essence we'd have around 3 million (give or take 500,000) F2Pers attacking the pure essence mine once it comes out. Once the GE is flooded with F2Pers trying to cash in their pure essence while the prices are high the demand from the little 1 million P2Pers will be filled within weeks and the GE will still be flooded with pure essence. Not to mention, not all 1 million P2Pers are runecrafters willing to buy pure essence. As the weeks pass by and the F2Pers continue to try out this "new thing" the pure essence price will start dropping dramatically as more and more pure essence floods into the market. I'm supposing there are more F2Pers playing than there were ever autoers mining - so in the end pure essence prices will drop lower than ever before.

In conclusion, your suggestion is well intended, but would settle out worse than ever before - for pure essence.


Dear Editor:

Not 10 minutes after reading the article "Acceptance", I am perusing the forums and find someone calling RS players noobs for asking said person to leave the combat area they were in because the "noobs" were there first. This prompted me to write in with my feelings, because I can't stand being called a noob myself, and I will lay into anyone else I see doing it without grounds.

Without getting into a rant about it, I just want to point out to everyone that when you call someone a noob, you are demeaning every bit of work they have put into the game, regardless of their combat level. Combat level is not the be-all, end-all of this game. There are a myriad number of things to do - quests, minigames, skill training, money-making, barrows fighting among a few. Not everyone spends all their time on combat, yet you don't see this just by looking at their combat level. I find the people that call others noobs often do so as soon as they see a combat level lower than theirs, even if only by 1. Well, that person 5 levels lower than you has put in almost as much work as you have.

Now, if they've been name calling and just all-around childish, by all means. But don't jump to conclusions, and show people a little respect for something they obviously love playing enough to spend the time getting what levels they DO have.


Did You Know...
...that there is a Fairy Ring slightly west of Port Phasmatys? It has no code to travel to, but you can use it to get out of that murky swamp to go to Zanaris. A Dramen/Lunar staff is still required. (Thanks to The Tal Shiar Alliance!)

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