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It's An Achievement Cape, Too!

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Achievement Capes were designed by Jagex to give more recognition to those who have completed goals in RuneScape (getting 99 in a skill or completing all quests) to other players. Those who have obtained one can walk around while having the glorious cape dangling behind them. However, I have come to believe that one cape has become commonly deprived of equal recognition as the others: the Quest Cape.

It appears that the wandering 'Scaper has a much more keen eye for an Achievement Cape that has a skill icon stitched upon it than one with the quest icon, but why is this? In my opinion, Quest Capes should be just as recognized as skill capes.

Some people argue the blind statement that a Quest Cape does not require experience to achieve. And yet... Let's not forget about the requirements to start all of the quests! Although I do not have an exact table of total quest requirements to present, I can make an educated estimate that it takes a good million or two million XP to even remotely start all of the quests in RuneScape.

Alright, we're up to two million XP, Editor. Now what?

Guess how many hours it takes in total to get the Quest Cape. I personally don't know, as I didn't keep track, but I can make another educated estimate that the time matches, if not exceeds, the time required to obtain level 99 in some skills. Even some of the "Medium" ranked quests still require an hour or two of time in total, including obtaining the required items and travelling as much as you have to!

In case you think the Quest Cape still does not match up to a skill cape, there's still one more factor to consider: the required items. There are many, many quests that require you to defeat a high level monster (or two, or three, or four, etc.), and in order to do this, many people need Prayer potions, food, good armour, and other helpful items to be able to slay the monster. "You can buy that stuff." - Yes you can, and that stuff costs a lot of money. "You can get/make all that stuff yourself." - Of course you can, but that still takes a lot of time and skills (high Cooking, Fishing, etc.).

Another thing to think about is that a Quest Cape is simply impossible to "buy". There are some shortcuts, of course, that can get you through quests quicker, but the hours upon days of time actually completing the quests are simply inevitable.

All in all, I believe that the Quest Cape is equal to a skill cape, and should be treated as such. There are many things people do not think about that are essential in obtaining the Quest Cape, the main point being time. So, I ask of you, please do not deprive the Quest Cape of the attention that it deserves: the kind that you would give to a skill cape.

Did You Know...
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