The Tip.It Times

Issue 199gp

Flight RS

Written by and edited by Tip.It

A plane took off
A few years ago
It had much potential
Little did people know

Passengers boarded
One by one
On this extraordinary plane
They discovered great fun

This flight was dynamic
Updates all the time
And you could even enjoy the fun
Without paying a dime

As time pressed on
Elevation peaked
But then, with new players
Fuel began to leak

This plane was propelled
With no ordinary fuel
Its power laid in the hands
Of fun-loving, mature people

But passengers still boarded
Even as the plane descended
New accounts, to this day
Have still never ended

Cheaters came aboard
And gained control of the plane
Pointing it towards the ground
While some still played the same

But with the ground in sight
The first time in awhile
The pilot’s rejected
Falling the final mile

And so they tried
To pull up
But the control wouldn’t budge
In the current position, they were stuck

They made an announcement
That made many gasp
The enormous weight of the plane
Did not last

Many opened the door
And used parachutes
While some still stayed
Still pursuing the loot

All at once
The pilots regained control
And stared at the bright future
Which was once so dull

The angle of the plane
Switched direction
Rendering the intention of the plane
No misconception

Choices were made
That were very bold
And the end of the flight
Is still yet to be told

Did You Know...
...that the last great war of the old Wilderness was the one that beat all other fansites in? It was also host to the greatest deathmatch ever, numbering well higher then 800, some say more than one thousand (the previous one was 250 people). (Thanks to The Tal Shiar Alliance!)

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