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I have just recently stumbled upon something that is a great pastime besides RuneScape, and yet is connected with it. Let's face it, everyone needs a break from RuneScape, whether it be two days or two weeks, we all, at some point, have or will take a short break. This pastime is also run by Jagex, it's FunOrb!

The part that I like most about FunOrb is the fact that it is connected to your RuneScape account, but is not influenced by your RuneScape account. In other words, each game on FunOrb has its own structure, unlike in RuneScape where everything is based around your character.

In RuneScape, it's all one large game, but there are sub-activities: Mini-Games. Your abilities in RuneScape mini-games, however, ultimately depend on other achievements you have made. Here is a list of examples:

  • Tears of Guthix - The time you have in the cave, and ultimately the amount of experience you receive, is based on the amount of quest points you have.
  • Sorceress' Garden - Which gardens you have access to, and, again, ultimately how much experience you gain, is based on your Thieving level.
  • Jade Vine - This mini-game requires that you first complete a hard quest, Back to My Roots.

The point being that if you don't have, for example, a specific Thieving level, then you may not be able to complete a mini-game that then cuts your access to certain rewards, items, and even doing activities with friends.

With FunOrb, however, it is different! There are a multitude of games of many different genres to choose from. That fact is a comparison between FunOrb and RuneScape, but the next major point is a large contrasting detail. I can play any game on the game list, linked to above, without being affected by how far I have gotten in others. The two games I play on FunOrb the most are Monkey Puzzle 2 and Flea Circus. I can play either one at any time I want to with no connection in between!

Better yet, on FunOrb, you can still get a sense of accomplishing something. On many, if not all games, by doing good on a single level, you can get two to three achievements for that specific game that do not increase your abilities, nor degrade them for any other game.

Finally, you're still playing using your RuneScape account! FunOrb is not really the same as RuneScape, but it still allows you to stay connected with it in two major ways. First, you login and play with your RuneScape account information. Next, you have the ability to chat with people on your friends list in RuneScape.

Not only this, but even without a FunOrb membership, you can still play the many entertaining games on FunOrb, regardless of if you're not getting members-only achievements. The necessity of a membership on FunOrb is not of the same prominence of the feature in RuneScape.

So, when you're sitting at the computer and don't really feel like playing RuneScape or browsing through Forum.Tip.It, I recommend giving FunOrb a try, and playing it every once in awhile.

Did You Know...
...that if you steal a monkey from Ardougne Zoo and release it on Karamja, you get a bit of Thieving XP? Also, if you feed it bananas, it can randomly give you a mid-level clue scroll (only once per player). (Thanks Armadyllo!)

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