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Interview With Ltangel!

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This week, das has gotten us an interview with Ltangel! Sit back in your chair and read to find out about an avid RuneScape crafter!

Tip.It: When did you start playing RuneScape, and how did you find it?

Ltangel: I started playing May 2001. I was hooked on another online game for about a year before I started playing Runescape. The name of the game was Cash Wars where you actually were able to earn real cash every month. Well the game shut down and a couple of my friends from there told me about Runescape. I was hesitant to sign up for another game, because I was sad the other one shut down, and also at the same time didn't want to get addicted to another online game. Well after a few weeks I was convinced and headed to Runescape to sign up. I didn't play much the first couple of weeks cause I didn't like it. LOL It didn't take long after that though til I was totally addicted.

Tip.It: Why have you kept playing RuneScape since then?

Ltangel: Plain and simple, it's fun! I enjoy the interaction you can have with your friends, the variety of ways you can choose to play the game.

Tip.It: What does the name Ltangel mean?

Ltangel: This is a very common question that I get asked a lot. Long time ago I use to be called LadyTexas, back when I lived in Texas. When I left the state I sorta figured I needed to change my name. All my online friends always called me LT for short so I knew I needed to start my new name with those two letters. Angel I just liked so LTAngel was created.

Tip.It: What do you feel about clans on RuneScape? Please share your clan experiences if you so desire.

Ltangel: I've been in about 3 or 4 different clans during my 7 years of playing Runescape. Currently I've not been in a clan for about the last year. Clans are great if you have the time for them. I've always enjoyed the smaller skilling type clans because I've never liked to do playing killing. For me personally the smaller the clan, the better.

Tip.It: During a normal week, how much do you play?

Ltangel: This can vary, depending on real life.. Average week is probably about 30 to 40 hours.

Tip.It: With all the skills you raised to 99, what was your favourite and least favourite?

Ltangel: My favourite would have to be crafting of course and my least favourite was probably cooking because of all the clicking.. It was my 2nd skill to 99 and was done way back in the olden days. Currently I am 97 prayer and going for 99, that will replace cooking as my least favourite, lol. Prayer is not so hard with the gilded altar, but it makes it difficult to talk to your friends and can get very boring.

Tip.It: Many consider crafting a hard skill, what makes it your favourite?

Ltangel: In the early days and even today crafting is fun for me because there is such a variety of ways to work on it.

Tip.It: RS2 has been out quite awhile now. Do you miss Classic? If so, what do you miss, what do you like about RS2?

Ltangel: Classic was fun, I won't deny that. I still have my classic account and occasionally will log on just for the memories. I mean how cute is that little shuffle walk, come on who doesn't love that! Runescape today has better graphics and more content, you really can't get bored.

Tip.It: Most people are aware that you are renowned for your crafting level and rank. Why crafting? What challenges did you face and how did that story unfold?

Ltangel: Well I didn't start out going for number one at all..LOL I actually was in a clan called Runitechampions and was going for high crafter in the clan. Our clan leader Stonedragon was around level 50 or so at the time and was the best crafter. Clan name was later changed to BlackDragons and Musashi22 was also in the clan and he was going for 99 smithing also. I kept crafting, with lots of help from the clan and eventually got to level 80, a couple weeks after dragonstone ammies came out. I pushed to get to level 80 as fast as I could because I was outraged at the prices the other level 80 plus crafter were charging people to craft there dragonstone ammies for them. A friend of mine (Bwareofmef) and I were both working hard to get to level 80 because we had decided we were going to set up schedules where one of us would be in Al Kharid and would do the crafting for free. (We were very busy obviously) Well the free crafting lasted for about 2 weeks then we decided we were getting taken a bit of an advantage of so we started charging people 100 silver ores/bars per dragon ammy. It still worked out fine, people were okay with those prices, as silver was easy to get and cheap back in those days. Long story short, I had tremendous help from Musashi22 as his smithing was getting up there also, and he was setting up his own smithing sessions. One of his payment options was silver, and he would give that to me.

Meanwhile I was buying rune ores and mining coal, and Musa would make me rune items and I would sell them basically for the amount of rune ores to replace them and 100 silver. I'd mine my own coal, and would repeat the process with Musa.

I use to have a pretty good strength pot business going on the side too... I was selling them in mass amounts for 400 gp each and this cash would help me to buy more silver. Oh all the hours and hours I spent down in the Varrock sewers getting red spider eggs and talking to the apothecary dude in Varrock! So my main methods for getting to 99, back then, would be making holy symbols and providing my free crafting sessions for players, a few times a week.

I cancelled the weekly crafting sessions once the assist system came into place. Currently I am a member of the Runescape clan chat "crafters99" where people can pop in and ask a crafter for assistance. There's usually someone in there most of the time.

Tip.It: What goals do you currently have?

Ltangel: My current goals are to get to 50 million crafting experience and 99 prayer. I have enough dragon bones for 98, I've just been a tad bit lazy and been getting side tracked on fishing a little bit. You can chat to friends while fishing, more enjoyable then going back and forth from altar, lol

Tip.It: Jagex has released quite a few updates that have been loved and hated by players, how do you feel about the recent updates?

Ltangel: They have not affected me much. The addition of the Grand Exchange is a godsend for me. I never liked trying to sell stuff via the RSOF or standing around in a bank saying *Selling such and such*. Now it's easy with the GE. Put your items in to sell and go about your business. As I mentioned before I was never into player killing at all, so the disappearance of Pking did not affect me at all.

Tip.It: What is one thing you would like to see change in RuneScape?

Ltangel: Ahhhh I only get to pick one? I have 3 things I'd like to mention. A better banking system for organizing your items you have in your bank. I'd like to see a better friends list, perhaps with a way to group your friends into different categories. My number one pet peeve is the free loaders at the fishing trawler on world 116 who taunt the players who are working.

Tip.It: Have you tried PvP in RuneScape? If so, what do you like or dislike about it?

Ltangel: I've not tried it.

Tip.It: Do you have any stories or pictures you would like to share with the RuneScape world?

Ltangel: A few memorable moments:

When I finished Dragon Slayer and was so proud to be able to finally go and get my rune plate to wear.

I didn't drop my level three clue and puzzle because I thought I'd never be able to figure out how to do it. Took me only 20 mins, and that was a proud moment for me, lol. Thanks for the wonderful guide!

Going way back now to my early, early days on the game. I needed a blue cape and could not get into the champions guild. A guy said if I gave him the 40 gp he would go and get me one. That was the first and only time I've ever been scammed!

More recent: After all these years, at combat level 133, I finally went and did Desert Treasure quest and when I was done I thought to myself, "what was I scared of?"

Ltangel also left a few pictures behind!

Did You Know...
...that if you walk into the caves south-west of Yanille without either a light source or the skavid map, you get a free teleport to another cave, which can save you a little walking in that area. (Thanks Armadyllo!)

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