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Letter to the Editor #15

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This is in response to Making our Own Entertainment, by Armadyllo, and in a way, It's Not About the Money by Qeltar.

In many games there is a limited demo. Some games like this are WoW, or even those downloadable trial RTS games. They either have a time limit or a set "scenario." There is something thagt makes F2P runescape (in my opinion) even more unique than P2P. Whereas P2P has fairly constant updates for something new to do. Being F2P for most of my runescape career, I have noticed this. People are required to make fun out of everything, as these updates do not occur. Many methods have occured for F2P. Yet again, we see players developing more and more ways to have fun. Skills are a major aspect of this phenomenon. Whereas in MapleStory, another online game, there is about one thing to do; train combat. As we see players in F2P do air crafting runs to mine silver and gold at the crafting guild. This is for money.

This brings us to a new point. In real life money != fun. In Runescape money funds most things that people can do.

But then again what exactly is fun. Advancement in quests, and new updates is advancement in P2P, but in F2P what is it really? Advancement in F2P does not necessarily directly create fun. It is the ability to do new things from these skills. Let us go to a basic example:

I am in Draynor Village cutting willows. This is a boring task, but it in turn allows me, the player to advance in levels until one can make money with Yew logs, which in turn lets one spend money on something they enjoy. Back to the beginning. In P2P there are many methods for getting this level. There are quests to do, places to go etc. It is in F2P, where, in my opinion, the most strange improvisations for fun are made.

Also because this is linear, why does one stay on one task for an extended period? The obvious answer is that it is more efficient. This is correct, though many choose not to do this for the sake of enjoyment. While P2P gets new things to do F2P is improvising on what is already there, and refining it into a more and more efficient game.


Did You Know...
...that there are two major exports from F2P to P2P (sold in F2P and bought in P2P)? Free players have always cut thousands of Yew Logs and sold them to Fletchers who then alched the bows for money. But another, somewhat overlooked product is Gold Ore. Best mined at the Crafters Guild, these sell currently for more then 400 coins per piece and cover the cost of a Falador Teleport nicely. So next time you're mining, mine the Gold. (Thanks to the Tal Shiar Alliance!)

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